Brilliance in Three Parts  - James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal pointed out years ago that the majority of abortions resulted in fewer Democrats.......
“Islam is the Religion of War” (by JG)  - When the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS), al Baghdadi, said “Islam is not the religion of peace......."
Three Pledges Every Christian Should Make in These Last Days (By Larry Tomczak)  - "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people..."
Where is Nadir Soofi Buried? (by JG)  - Foremost to understanding one of the greatest threats to the world in these times is understanding the Muslim Brotherhood ......
Light Wins! (by Janet Porter and Mark Gurley)  - Despite how the Supreme Court decides today in the privacy of their own chambers – Light Wins!......
SB7-2015: The Supreme Court and the Mark of the Beast - by Rick Joyner



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