The Criminalization Of Christianity

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The Criminalization Of Christianity

The Criminalization Of Christianity
By Janet Folger (Porter)

Book Description
There is a war going on for the future of our country. Most people know that. What they may not know is that if Christians lose, the result won’t merely be enduring public policy we disagree with—it will be a prison sentence for those who oppose it. We’ve all seen the attack coming. First the Supreme Court said kids can’t pray in school. Then the Ten Commandments were ripped from the classrooms. Now pastors are being removed from their pulpits and put in jail for speaking out against homosexuality (Sweden). And things are only getting worse. How in the world did we get to this place? And why is it that Christians are singled out in this assault on morality? Serving as a wake-up call for America, this book will expose the truth that Christianity is being criminalized—and that we must stand up against it now .

As a Christian in this country, you may be understandably reluctant to speak out on moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, or pornography. But while we have the right to remain silent, that’s not what God calls us to do. Because if the world can silence the truth, it will silence the gospel.

288 pages (Hardcover)

About the Author

Janet L. Folger is the president of Faith2Action, which works together with the most effective organizations in America to win the cultural war for faith and family. She also served as the national director of the Center for Reclaiming America, founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy, where she launched an online effort that resulted in one of the largest pro-family grassroots armies in the nation—more than five hundred thousand strong. One of her previous books, True to Life, describes her experiences as a pro-life advocate who successfully lobbied for the passage of the nation’s first partial-birth abortion ban.

Price: $15.00


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