Equipping Christians to speak boldly in the current cultural war.
EMP Attack: No common sense!  Our nation and its' citizens need the security of law enforcement.
Liberals are Hampering Police and Military: No common sense!  Our nation and its' citizens need the security of law enforcement.
Brief on Current Events - Nancy Pelosi: The speaker of the house is ruling with an iron fist to squelch debate!
Brief on Current Events - What if Joe Biden wins?: Today's democrats, including Biden, will bring about socialism. Not good!
Brief on Current Events - Law and Order: We need to support and keep our police funded. The people hurt most by anarchy are the poor and minorities.
Brief on Current Events-Part 8: Proxy Voting: Not Constitutional!  - Considering how much of our country’s government revolves around voting and elections, it is...

What can I do now?:  Hosea 4:6 says, 'my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge'.  It is simple. Be Ready and Available, Learn and Share, Connect and Expand, Sow and Reap.  Many of our members are making impact in their communities. We need your help!   We, at the Oak Initiative, along with our partners and members, subscribers and contributors, are addressing the challenges head on.  Join with us as we work to Read more

The Oak Initiative is a ever growing movement to Unite, Mobilize, Equip, and Activate Christians to be the salt and light they are called to be by engaging in the great issues of our time from a sound biblical worldview.  Started by more than 300 Christian leaders from across the spectrum of the body of Christ, within months of its founding, The Oak Initiative had a presence in all 50...Read More


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