Controversy Generated by Shariah Law Discussion is Baffling (by Beth Van Duyne)  - My repeated commitment to uphold the primacy of American law and constitutional protections......
The American National Flight (Author Unknown)  - The pilot was locked out of the cockpit......
SB5-2015: British Home Secretary to Islamic Extremists: "The Game is Up"
SB4-2015: James Dobson, Rick Scarborough, Mat Staver Address Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Threat
Sex Is The New Religion (by Frank Turek)  - Sex is the new religion in America, and it’s a religion of the sword.....
A Nation Without Discrimination (by Jim Buchan)  - Based on recent news reports and political talk shows, I’ve concluded that a growing number of Americans want us to be a nation...



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The Oak Initiative is a grassroots movement to Unite, Mobilize, Equip, and Activate Christians to be the salt and light they are called to be by engaging in the great issues of our time from a sound biblical worldview.

     Started by more than 300 Christian leaders from across the spectrum of the body of Christ, within months of its founding, The Oak Initiative had a presence in all 50...Read More

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