Oak Leaders Stand for Life

August 24, 2015
Oak Leaders Stand for Life
By Robin Rowan

On Saturday, August 22nd, groups of The Oak Initiative members in various states joined hundreds, and in some states thousands, in a national protest against Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. They were speaking out against the abortion clinic organization and the selling of ‘baby parts’ as documented in recent undercover videos.

Christianity Today reported totals of over 65,000 protestors at 342 Planned Parenthood locations.

According to a report in the Washington Post, the protests were “aimed at cutting off federal funding for the controversial health-care organization. The demonstrations unfolded at about 320 clinics around the nation, according to organizers, with some gatherings drawing a few dozen protesters and others drawing hundreds and perhaps thousands more.”

The co-leader of Michigan Oak, Mark Gurley,(pictured below) was interviewed by several news media outlets at the protest in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

West Michigan Fox affiliate reported from the Grand Rapids protest:

“The protests come after the Center for Medical Progress released eight undercover videos speaking out against Planned Parenthood, but it’s what they’re suggesting in those videos that sparked the protests Saturday. More than 400 people protested to raise awareness of Planned Parenthood and what they claim are ‘gruesome’ practices.”

“Today is a day of protest against what is happening to babies who can’t think for themselves,” said Mark Gurley, the Director of Michigan Oak Initiative.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel there were 14 protests across the state of Florida. Oak Largo Group Leader, Marsha McArthur, and 10 other Oak members rallied at a protest of over 150 at the Planned Parenthood location in St. Petersburg. She reported that the people were excited to see others in the community come out and have their voice heard, and that “It is time for the church to break its silence.”


Oak Largo attended the St. Petersburg protest

Thirty members of the Fort Mill Oak chapter and others from MorningStar Ministries attended the large protest in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Chapter Leader Larry Byrd reported

“Approximately one thousand demonstrators turned out from different churches and conservative organizations to take a very strong message to citizens and local, state, and national leaders that it is time to stop the atrocity of killing unborn babies and selling their body parts for profit. The protesters called for lawmakers to immediately act to defund state and federal agencies participating in this heart breaking and illegal activity.”

“Key speakers delivered biblically and ethically based messages that it is time for Christians and people of faith to unite and stand up for the unborn who have no way to defend themselves. Repentance and God’s grace are necessary, but these atrocities must be stopped immediately and never be allowed to occur again. Life is a precious gift, and the Church needs to stand up, be heard and take tough action to ensure that righteous behavior is the focal point in protecting life.”


Charlotte NC protest reported 1200 in attendance

The Oak Fort Mill and MorningStar Ministries members joined in

In Washington, as Congress comes back from recess, the bills to defund Planned Parenthood introduced in the House and Senate will be under consideration again. Just before the August recess, the bill failed to meet the 60 votes needed in the Senate, failing by a 53-46 vote, according to a TheHIll.com article.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell voted no on the original bill to preserve the ability to bring it up again. He wants it to not only defund the Planned Parenthood organization, but to transfer the funds to other groups that provide health services, but not abortions.

 TheHill.com article states

“McConnell and other supporters of the defunding bill said it would protect women’s access to medical services because the roughly $500 million in federal funding would be redistributed to other organizations, such as community health centers.”

“Instead of subsidizing a political group, this bill would ensure funds continue to flow to community health centers and hospitals that provide more comprehensive health services — and have many more facilities nationwide,” McConnell said Monday on the Senate floor. 

Republicans noted that there are 21 million people served by community health centers across the country, compare with the 2.7 million people served by Planned Parenthood. 


Robin Rowan is a recipient of the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism. A former Inspector General auditor and analyst in Iraq and Washington, D.C., as well as an eleven-year political activist and ordained minister, she has a unique perspective to government.   Since leaving the Oak Initiative Robin is continuing her work with organizations such as HisEvents, AIPAC, and Church4Israel.


If you would like information on gathering with other Oak Initiative members in your area, please email us at members@theoakinitiative.org.



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