Oak Leaf #200

August 2017

Racism-The South Gate will Soon Open
by Andy Sanders


Have you ever had a moment when you’re reading along in the Bible and a Scripture jumps off the page like a flash of lightning? I just did, and the Scripture has nothing to do with the context of what I am about to write. When this Scripture leaped from the page, God spoke saying, “The South Gate will soon open.” As sensitive as the topic of racism is, and as short a time I have in just one article, there is no way I can cover all of the groundwork leading up to what I am about to write. Racism can manifest in all forms, through all colors, and in any country. This article isn’t just about one color against another in America. It is about racism of all forms and kinds within the local churches across the globe. Yes, that’s right—inside our churches!

The Bible tells us that nation will rise against nation (see Mark 13:8). This means that ethnic groups will take up arms (fight and kill) other ethnic groups over color and cultural wars. This is one race trying to exterminate another race. But the good news is that we, the church (the bride of Christ), aren’t going to participate in this because we are the light of the world. In order for reconciliation to occur outside the church, it must begin first inside the hearts of those who grace the doors of the church. It is the church leading the way through the love of Christ—the body of Christ learning how to see others through the eyes of Christ without any world-based stereotypes. In reality, as the church moves so does the world. Consequently, Christians cannot blame the world for what they are doing wrong until we have stopped and looked at our own lives. The core of every community is only as pure as the church body within that community. If the communities are rotten, it is potentially due to the lack of the love of Christ flowing through the neighborhoods via the church.


The South Gate Will Soon Open

“The lot for the South Gate fell to Obed-Edom, and the lot for the storehouse fell to his sons” (I Chronicles 26:15 NIV).

This is the Scripture that jumped out. It means nothing about racism, to be exact! I’m not a historian, nor have I ever been to Israel, so I can’t break open some amazing teaching that attempts to tie Obed-Edom, his sons, the South Gate, and modern global racism together. Other than this—there is something special about the South Gate. This is why God strategically placed Obed-Edom and his family over that gate. The Bible tells us that Obed-Edom’s entire house was blessed because of the ark resting within his home (see II Samuel 6:11). It also says that everything Obed-Edom owned was blessed (see I Chronicles 13:14). This included his family and his possessions. Further on, the Bible tells us that his sons were leaders, extremely capable men and strong (see I Chronicles 16:6; 26:8). This is the type of authority, favor, and wisdom that God assured would oversee the South Gate. There are many other Scriptures that tell us this family was highly favored and doubly blessed. The name “Obed” means servant or worshiper. This is reflective of God’s heart and that God takes very seriously the proper positioning of key gates.

I believe God is saying that He is placing key individuals in significant places through the North and South parts of America to bring true closure to the hate and evil this country deals with because of racism. God has been grooming highly favored and capable men and women to take the key gates within our government, cities, churches, and community, and they are soon to come on the scene all across this country. I personally believe the end of racism will start with us—the body of Christ. We may not get along with each part of the body, but we (Christians) are not allowed to hate. Period! 


God is opening the lock to the South Gate, the gate that ends racism in the church. It is swinging open wide right now. The church must put a higher priority on reconciliation than in the past. The body of Christ will not be able to function at even near capacity when some of the body is disjoined due to world-driven opinions, stereotypes, and racial discord. We cannot preach “Jesus saves! Jesus forgives!” behind our pulpits when we don’t allow ourselves to forgive those who have wronged us. There is an unexpected and unprecedented grace that moves upon our lives when we put down the sword of hatred and embrace the hand of fellowship with those in the body of Christ whom we don’t like or understand. More than likely, the ones we dislike the most in our churches are the ones we understand the least.

America’s Government and other Countries

There have been plenty of stones thrown on both sides of the fence within our governments. There will be key leaders placed throughout different aspects of our government where they will have the skill, the passion, and the God-given mandate to bring hatred between colors, ethnicities, and nations to an end within this country.

This is not only the South Gate in America but a “South Gate” into every country on earth. Humans in a fallen world will often fight for temporal kingdoms, and for some reason the color of our skin seems to ignite a motivation to kill each other.


Andy Sanders - In 2017, Andy will have been preaching for twenty-four years. He is also an avid writer who has been involved with the publishing industry since 1999. He is a co-author of the Capturing the Supernatural series, a snapshot of the amazing and incredible works of God on the earth (www.capturingthesupernatural.com), and has written for such venues as Charisma Media, The Elijah List, Morning Star Journal, Identity Network, Spirit Fuel, and the Oak Initiative. Andy carries a masters and doctorate in Christian education from Freedom Seminary, graduating with honors. He is a MorningStar Fellowship member (Fort Mill, South Carolina).  Andy and his family reside in Syracuse, New York. www.5foldmedia.com   andy@5foldmedia.com


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