Oak Leaf #207

The Midterms, Psychological Warfare 
and the Heart of David
by David White


“I will sing of You, the One who gives victory to kings-the One who rescues David, Your loving servant, from the fatal sword.

“Deliver me and save me from these dark powers who speak nothing but lies. Their words are pure deceit and you can’t trust anything they say” (Psalm 144:10-11 The Passion Translation).

   History records how in A.D. 64 Emperor Nero burned the city of Rome and then blamed it on the Christians. The result was more than effective as it launched a horrendous wave of terror and persecution against those who had nothing to do with what they were being accused of. Nero was unopposed as the media of his day successfully used his influence to sway the beliefs and behavior of the masses.

   Psychological warfare, also known as Psy Ops, political warfare, or plain ole propaganda, has been around since the days of Nero and even long before. Its purpose is to target a specific group of people so as to influence their value system, emotions, and behavior. It can be used to launch persecution against a certain group, derail a nomination or support of a certain policy, and damage or destroy the morale of an enemy.

   This type of secretive political warfare can be most effective in influencing elections. In fact, using the techniques of psychological warfare have worked almost every time they have been used throughout history.

   Two recent examples where using these techniques actually failed were the 2016 Presidential election and the recent Supreme Court confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. (Because of the prayers of the saints, I might add!)

   The enemies of America, our constitution and freedoms, and as King David described in the Psalms, “these dark powers,” have turned their attention to the 2018 mid-term elections and far beyond. Their goal is to create as much chaos and confusion as possible.

   In his second letter to the Corinthian Christians, the Apostle Paul was greatly concerned about the people being exploited (ignorant or unaware) by the clever schemes, (devices) of their adversary, Satan. This is why he urged them to use the weapons of warfare that were “mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God (the truth)” (see II Corinthians 10:4-5). Paul challenged them to bring “every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ” (see II Corinthians 10:5) because the battle they were facing would mostly take place in their minds. Years earlier David defined and prescribed a strategy for defeating those who were secretly planning his demise.

   In Psalm 144, David first confesses and acknowledges how the Lord had “trained his hands for war and his fingers for battle” (see Psalm 144:1). To train means to be accustomed or expert!

   To be accustomed to warfare reminds us how spiritual warfare is part of our calling as believers. It comes with the territory. The devil does not flee because we want him to, but because we draw near to God and resist him in Jesus' name.

   Milton Green, a man with only a ninth grade education, who God raised up and greatly used in the 1980s, would often say how so much of the church is in a war they haven’t shown up for. Sadly that statement was true, but it can’t be that way anymore. There is too much at stake, mainly our children and grandchildren’s future, the soul of a nation and the souls living in this nation. There is unfulfilled destiny and purpose that is worth risking everything and contending for.

   After confessing how God had prepared him for the hour, David turned his attention above. Even though he was a warrior, his hope was in God who alone is mighty in battle and mighty to save. David then gives us some keys in fighting the battles we are facing in our hour.

   Take some time to again read Psalm 144 and then the familiar story found in I Samuel 17. Then notice the bullet points below that relate to the battles we are now facing as a nation. This should encourage our intercession and reconfirm to each of us that we are fighting a battle we are called to and can win!

  • David acknowledged he was facing a life and death struggle in referring to the fatal sword (see Psalm 144:10). When we examine the specific points as listed in verses 12-15, we get a glimpse of what is at stake in the battles we now face and that in many ways is a life and death struggle. The verses refer to our children’s future, the economy, a breach in the wall, an invasion, mob rule, and how it’s only the nation whose God is the Lord that is assured of God’s protection and blessings.
  • David acknowledged he was facing dark powers. Likewise, we must keep in mind we too are ultimately facing principalities and powers in the heavenly places who are using those taken captive to do the will of their father, the devil. This is clearly explained in the Scriptures (see II Timothy 2:26; John 8:44; Ephesians 2:2).
  • David knew he could not trust anything he heard coming from the mouths of those who had made him their enemy. They spoke nothing but lies and pure deceit. Nothing they said could be trusted (see Psalm 144:11).
  • David knew that even though he was trained and made ready for the battles he would face, his confidence was in God alone. This is why he often and repeatedly called and cried out to the One in whom his help came from.
  • David was not swayed or drawn into fear and unbelief when the men of Israel, while fleeing from Goliath said to him, “Have you seen this man who has come up” (I Samuel 17:25)? David was not shaken by the overwhelming odds, news reports, and poll results that seemed to confirm and solidify his defeat.
  • David was being trained when he faced and killed the lion and the bear in the past and used these experiences as a confidence booster when staring into the face of Goliath (see I Samuel 17:33-37).
  • David understood that he, and not Goliath, had a covenant with God that assured him of victory regardless of the odds against him! David boldly shouted, “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (see I Samuel 17:26).
  • David used the weapons God had given him and what was before him to fight Goliath. There was more than enough grace for David to defeat the giant he was about to face (see I Samuel 17:40).
  • David saw the sword, the spear, and the javelin (the propaganda, the financial advantage, lies, and deception from the media and leftist politicians, etc.) in the hands of Goliath but was never intimidated. David declared, “But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel (the church in America), whom you have defied” (see I Samuel 17:45).
  • While everyone else had their doubts, David only confessed victory. There was no plan B. David knew his God was with him and that it would become known for all to see. “This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand . . . that all the earth (the nations) may know that there is a God in Israel (America)” (see I Samuel 17:46).
  • The most important thing about David that will be most remembered is not that he was a perfect man, but that he was a man after God’s own heart. The reason God called David this was because he was someone, “who will do all My will” (see Acts 13:22). The Lord is again looking for those who simply will do His will, nothing more and nothing less, regardless of the costs.


David White has been in ministry for over thirty-five years and is currently the Lead Pastor of The Gathering Church in Moravian Falls, NC. He authored the book, The Times to Come Have Come—Hope and Help in Troubled Times which can be purchased from Amazon.com, and numerous booklets and articles. Part of MorningStar since the mid-nineties, David’s passion is to see another Great Awakening take place in America. He and his wife Shirley have two grown children and live near Moravian Falls.


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