The Greatest Threat to American Freedom

The following is a bit lengthy for an "Oak Leaf" and could probably be titled an "Oak Tree," but as you read it I think you will agree that it is well worth it. If you can't read this all at once, read a little at a time. It is practical, and very well said. - Rick Joyner


October 9, 2012

The Greatest Threat to American Freedom
Dr. James B. Richards
           Codependency (or codependence) is defined as a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition. Codependency may also be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance, or control patterns.
           Proverbs sets forth the principle that wisdom builds a house and foolishness destroys it. A fool is one who will not learn by instruction. He only learns by consequences. Our country, our politicians and, it seems the church has not learned by God’s instruction. Even more frightening, the country as a whole has not learned by consequences. We continue in the classic definition of insanity: we do the same things over and over expecting different results. 

           God has never wanted His people to go into captivity. God’s people go into captivity by their own hand, their own doing and, often as not, by their lack of doing! History proves that once any people become comfortable, their diligence fades away. Living at ease they forget the cost of freedom, they abandon the values of their forefathers. They seldom wake up before it is too late. God’s word says it like this: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hos. 4:6). “Knowledge” could just as well have been translated as “awareness.” We are losing our God-given rights provided The Greatest Threat to American Freedom vided in the Constitution. The reasons are multiple: a weak church devoid of application of spiritual truth, a corrupt government and special interest groups wanting only their agendas; but more than anything else A GROSS LACK OF AWARENESS!

           We, as a church and as a nation, have fallen prey to the oldest seduction on this planet and this, more than any other single factor, will lead to the destruction of America. We have become codependent. True codependence is when an individual, because of his feelings of lack and inadequacy, looks outside of himself to meet needs that only God can meet in his heart! We have been systematically programmed to become a codependent nation. We expect the government to meet needs that it cannot meet. We expect the government to make us safe, prosperous, educated, healthy and happy. Welfare recipients do not make us a welfare nation! We are a welfare nation because we look to the government to meet a need that can only be met through a meaningful relationship with Jesus! We languish in Spiritual poverty thinking the need can be met socially, economically or politically!


The Threat From Within

           The greatest threat to any family, organization or nation is always from within. Sadly, in the case of our freedoms, the enemies are well meaning but misinformed idealists, the selfish and those with personal agendas they desire to impose on others, blind to the consequences of their actions.

           Through a deliberate process our understanding of freedom has become so warped that in attempting to protect our current ‘freedoms’ we are taken into mass captivity! By redefining our founding fathers’ ideals, those who seek our demise use our ignorance against us. We have been manipulated to defend and finance the very efforts designed to bring about our country’s demise!

           When our founders talked about religious freedom they were talking about Christian freedom. History proves that ‘freedom of religion’ does not mean ‘freedom from religion.’ The founding fathers did not mean to prevent prayer in school, Congress or other public settings. They meant the government could pass no laws preventing or limiting the freedom of religion, which is the opposite of how ‘freedom of religion’ is interpreted today. In its original use it meant the government could not interfere with the church.

           In the United States, the term is an offshoot of the phrase, “wall of separation between church and state,” as written in Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802. The original text reads: “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.” Jefferson reflected his frequent speaking theme that the government is not to interfere with religion. (Wikipedia)

           Since our nation’s birth, forces opposed to both God and freedom have worked to undermine the values that make our nation unique. In time our greatest enemies realized they could overthrow America not by force, but by deception. The great deception at work in our country today is the ignorance of the essential role spiritual values and morality play in maintaining our freedom, the lack of a functional knowledge of our Constitution and an honest interpretation of American History.



           At the root of all anti-God movements is the ideology of Humanism that takes on many forms, from the open opposition to God to a watered-down Christianity. Humanism places man at the center of the equation, and the source of all wisdom. Man becomes a god unto himself. Humanism was born in the Garden of Eden when Adam gained the knowledge of good and evil, seeking to be god of his own world! Every religion that has deviated from the truth of God has done so on the basis of personal revelation … repeating Adam’s original sin and the expression of Humanism.

           Communism (organized humanism) hates God and is called the ‘opiate of the masses.’ When people have an abiding trust in God they experience grace, an internal strength that cannot be conquered by outside forces. It is always the goal of a communist

power to disconnect man from a relationship with the true and living God. This can be done by creating a religion or by infecting Christianity with humanist concepts until it has a form of godliness but no power! When true worship of God is removed through false science, twisted history, the educational system, public humiliation and eventually persecution, the people are disempowered.

           Governments need war, calamity or threat of impending disaster to keep the people dependent on them. Politicians build their election on pointing out or creating a crisis and then offering the solution (a popular saying in politics is, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”). Those who depart from this strategy to deal with the real issues seldom win. Americans have become so detached from an intimate relationship with God that they quickly respond to the codependent tactics of master manipulators much more readily than the simple solutions revealed in God’s Word and historic evidence. 

           Many churches have become so humanistic they have no concept of following Jesus as Lord. They have become so controlling that the average believer has little capacity to hear or follow God from his own heart. These ‘believers’ have fallen into the codependent trap of seeking someone or something else to give them what no one but God can supply!

           Legalism and mysticism are so prevalent that people have no sense of how to apply God’s Word to everyday life. Beyond a list of do’s and don’ts the Bible is pretty much irrelevant to the majority of those who call themselves Christian. Therefore, the wisdom and influence of God’s Word is virtually absent from the political positions of the church! People vote their ‘choice’ with little or no submission to the Lordship of Jesus as expressed in God’s Word!


The Party Spirit and Partisan Politics

           In the book of Galatians the Apostle Paul warned against the works of the flesh. In that list of destructive behaviors was a ‘party spirit.’ This is a person who goes along with his party, group or culture (Democrat or Republican, Baptist or Methodist, Catholic or Charismatic). Paul then warns about the destruction of sowing to the flesh.

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life (Gal 6:7-8).”

           When we vote along party lines with no knowledge of the individual candidates, we are participating in a work of the flesh (a party spirit). If we ignore God’s wisdom on this, the end will be corruption and destruction.


We Are the Government’s Advisors

           Our government needs wise advisors. Lobbyists, special interest groups and corrupt politicians surround it. Washington politicians live in a logic so far removed from Main Street America they have no clue what we want or what makes the country work.

We must be their counselors by voting intelligently. Our right and responsibility to vote makes us ‘as the advisors to the King,’ or in this case, our government. The wisdom of the men around him was one of the factors that made the reign of King David so effective. The first book of Chronicles (12:32) says they had, “understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.” We can restore this wisdom and understanding to our government.

           The poor state America is in today is a result of lies replacing the truth. The special interest groups that counsel Washington (influence political decisions) don’t know and don’t care about the consequences of their passions upon the nation. They just want what they want! Those of us who can make a difference have become complacent and neglected our right and responsibility to manage our freedom! We have trusted others in areas we should never have given our trust. We have asked politicians to lead us when we should be leading them!


Republican, Democrat or Believer

           This is not about Democrats and Republicans; it is about being a believer, committed to the Lordship of Jesus. This means we make all of our life decisions based on God’s Word not our personal preferences. The moral failure of this country and of the world at large has been a failure of the church collectively. But the failure of our government has been the failure of believers individually. We have surrendered our power to those who hate our country, hate our freedoms and hate our God! We didn’t think for ourselves. We hired people to think for us, control our money, education and economy and never checked to see what they were doing. We made excuses for reckless, idiotic decisions. But excuses don’t pay the bills and payment is about to come due!

           Like any truth that has the power to set you free, there is plenty of opportunity to be offended, whether Republican or Democrat. But I am pleading with Christians everywhere to give up their blind political alliances and vote based on God’s Word, and based on the track record of those who ask for our trust! Be sure of this, their speeches are no indicator of their track record. Their voting record belies their speeches and reveals their true agenda. If you do not know the candidates’ voting record, you are making some of the most important decisions of your life with your eyes closed.


We Are A Republic Not A Democracy

           I heard a caller comment on a radio talk show recently that shook me to my core. The show host was taking comments about what it meant to have ‘freedom.’ The caller said, “We are a democratic nation. Therefore, freedom is what the majority of people want.” I can’t tell you in how many ways this statement is socially, politically and morally incorrect. I was reminded that the ignorance of members of both parties is ultimately responsible for the corruption of our nation - ignorance of our history, of our political process, and why and how our government is organized as it is. Be sure of this, the government of our nation was organized to facilitate the optimal environment for freedom for all men.

           This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue! This is an American citizen issue. This is about a gross ignorance plaguing our country, especially for the last sixty years. This small book addresses important concepts that will help us, as believers and citizens, understand how we should approach political issues.

           The first thing we must understand is this: our country is not a democracy; it is a republic! A republic is governed by a Constitution not by the majority vote. We do have a democratic process for electing officials and passing laws. However, as a republic, we cannot pass laws that violate the Constitution, nor should we allow any politician to hold office or pass laws that violate the Constitution.

           Our Constitution was written to provide us with freedom as citizens. The Constitution was not written to govern the people. The Constitution was written to govern the government! It was written to make it clear that government could not infringe upon our God given rights and freedoms. It was written to protect the citizens from the government.

           There is a movement in both parties called Progressivism. That is such a positive sounding term; after all who would want to be archaic or out of date? The Progressives feel we should update our Constitution to make it more relevant with the times. People ignorantly buy into this concept only because they do not understand the purpose of the Constitution and the freedom it provides.

           I recently heard a politician say, our founders could not have known about the Internet and the types of laws we must pass to protect our people. We nod our heads to this logic because it is obviously true. But the lie is in the fact that the Constitution is not about governing the people, it is about governing the government. Our founders didn’t need to understand the Internet they only needed to understand human nature and its endless desire to rule over others. So the Constitution, which cannot address the Internet, does say, no matter what comes, you cannot pass laws that violate the freedoms of the people.

           Our founding fathers understood the oppression of tyrannical kings and dictatorial rulers. They had seen, first hand, what happens when all power belongs to the state. They realized that if the government had too much power it would always abuse it, and it would always enslave its citizens. Therefore, the idea of limited government was woven throughout our Constitution as the only way to ensure that our nation would remain free.


A New Level of Christian Responsibility

           We have political freedoms that were unheard of in the biblical times and therefore are not directly addressed in Scripture. One thing that is addressed throughout the Bible, especially in the parables of Jesus and in the New Testament epistles is that our ability to experience freedom is in direct proportion to our willingness to accept personal responsibility! In a country that gives us the opportunity to express our political choices, voting is one of our highest forms to personal responsibility. Forsaking personal responsibility and expecting a good outcome is idealistic, naïve and ungodly!

           We not only have the responsibility to vote, we have the responsibility to vote with political intelligence and spiritual congruency with God’s Word. As American citizens we should vote first and foremost in ways that facilitate the opportunity for spiritual freedom and godly values. We cannot violate God’s Word in our political positions. Secondly, as citizens we should always vote in ways that uphold the Constitution of the United States. (I recommend Hillsdale College free Constitution 101 course.)


Free Enterprise

           In the United States, we have systematically been fed misinformation about our founding fathers. In spite of the propaganda, the values of our founders and free enterprise have maintained our freedom. Free enterprise, like any system, is not perfect. It is not always humane. But there is a reason free enterprise is crucial to our individual liberties. When all is said and done, free enterprise keeps money in the hands of the people.

           Some who do not understand economics talk about the corruption of the small percentage of Americans who control the country’s wealth. What they fail to see is this: if the government gets control of the money the country’s wealth will be controlled by an even smaller, more corrupt group of people. The unique feature about this group is that the government does not make any money for the people they only take money from the people. The more money the government gets, the bigger it grows. The bigger it grows the more money it takes to sustain it, which means there is no end to taxes.

           Even when greedy men control the money, their desire to make more money causes them to create more jobs. They may get an unfair share of the money, but at least they create something as a result. Greed is wrong, but so is oppressive government and social programs that produce generations of people with no confidence or dignity. Free enterprise was written into the fabric of our nation, because financial freedom is essential for personal freedom. Our country has always had the largest middle class in the world and it is the middle class that keeps a country working, productive and free. Primarily free enterprise was God’s plan for man from the very beginning. He sent man from the Garden into the world and told him to be fruitful and multiply.


Choose Your Greed

           Most Americans think Wall Street caused the collapse of the housing market - one of the primary factors that led to our current financial crisis. It wasn’t Wall Street; it was government. In the name of social justice to the poor and underprivileged, the government forced banks to lower their standards for home mortgages and up the percentages that could be loaned against the value of the property. In other words, a socialist economic concept that violated free enterprise, biblical concepts of surety, common sense and long standing proven business practices caused the collapse. It wasn’t the absence of government regulation that got us where we are today; it was the involvement of government in free enterprise that collapsed our economy. And it was the same socialist concepts that allowed the Fed to print money for a failed stimulus that further devalued our dollar, pushing us further from a free market recovery! Now it is that same government telling us that if we give them more power, in the form of regulations, they will once and for all free us from the corrupt capitalists!


The Enemy of America

           The true hatred of America is a spiritual issue that has to do with our values and freedoms, and the godly foundation from which they were derived. America is not the beacon of righteousness it once was, but we are a nation that was built on the concept of GOD-GIVEN-FREEDOM, not government given freedom. The nations that hate us embrace an anti-God, anti-Christ world. America’s destruction is necessary for their godless domination of the world to succeed!

           While we may have been led by godless men with corrupt agendas our Constitution has kept us on enough biblically based ground to prove these are the only truths that can produce the level of freedom, prosperity and happiness we experience as a nation. The enemy of God and man wants to destroy any mention of God from the face of the earth.

           Throughout history we have been offered the idea of a utopian world where everyone is happy and all of our needs are met. But this ‘utopia’ always requires surrendering our freedom to some ‘humane’ leader who promises to do for man what only God Himself can do. Anyone who offers us a better world by the rule of man is a deceiver. Anyone who offers utopia denies the biblical concepts of self-rule within a limited government. Utopias deny the basic nature of man. In this generation the utopian promise has come through communism and its subsequent ideologies.

           Those who would sell us the lie of utopia blame our government for our problems. The only solution then, is to change of our government. The problem however is not government, it is corrupt people in government. We don’t need a change of government; we need a change of leaders!

           Most of us believe that the fall of the USSR brought an end to communism and its dream of world domination. Communist ideologues didn’t give up their ideas when the USSR fell, they simply dressed in a different suit of clothes and called themselves by a new name. Their philosophies live on in the hearts of every individual who desires to see a godless world ruled by an elite group that believes they know what is best for mankind. This belief system rejects faith in God and replaces it with trust in the state.

           Because America is more about an idea than a territory, our enemy is not seeking to take away our land as much as it is seeking to destroy our God-based values. Communism and its offshoots are the enemies of the American idea! Communism, extreme socialism, and progressivism in their various forms are America’s enemies and enemies of God. This, by no means, absolves extreme right wing idealism of its demonically inspired ideas. The extreme right seeks to exploit our freedoms to fulfill its own agenda. The extreme left seeks to exploit our freedoms to destroy us. This does not mean every individual in the extreme right or left believes he is an enemy of God or America. Jesus warned of those who would kill and persecute His followers and honestly believe they are doing God a service.


Useful Idiots

           Russian leader Vladimir Lenin used the term, ‘useful idiots’ to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries. The implication was that although the people in question naïvely thought of themselves as an ally of the Soviet Union, they were actually held in contempt and were being cynically used. (Wikipedia)

           On the right and on the left there are extremists who would use others to fulfill their corrupt political, social, spiritual and financial agendas at any cost. A little closer to center, there are devotees to the party that buy-in to the idealism but do not fully embrace the corruption. But the majority of members of both parties are ‘useful idiots’ - people blindly following their party who don’t understand the facts, don’t believe the truth, don’t know the Constitution and certainly don’t know God’s Word. “Daddy was a Democrat, so am I.” “Granddaddy was a Republican, so am I.” Most are blind pawns unaware or refusing to admit the darkness that consumes the world. They have no concept of the deeper more maniacal agendas of both parties’ true movers and shakers.

           Anyone who would bother to read communist writings from the 1950’s knows there has been a systematic plan to overthrow the world primarily through misinformation and chaos. Journalism and the media were the first areas of American society to fall almost completely under the influence of communist thought. Then our universities came under strong communist influence in the 1950’s and 1960’s when extreme leftists and actual card carrying communists infiltrated our institutions of higher learning. Because of media bias, the subsequent infiltration of our judicial system and the bizarre concept of tenure it was all but impossible to rid our schools of the radical idealists who promoted social unrest and outright anarchy. After McCarthy no one dare point out the obvious: “if these educators were shaping our greatest young minds, what would our country be in just a few generations?”

           Today it is rare to find a schoolteacher that hasn’t been influenced in extreme leftist ideals. And those teachers, who embrace constitutional, biblical or spiritual values, are strongly censored to limit their ability to teach the truth. American history has been rewritten to change the mindset of millions of vulnerable students. Intelligent Design which is a much more scientific logic than Evolution is all but outlawed among educators and scientists. All of this became systemic with the birth of the Department of Education (more government).

           The ideas of extreme leftist influencers found their way into mainstream America in the wake of 1960’s corruption. Vietnam was an immoral war that provided the perfect backdrop for revolution against the system. Both parties were so corrupt that trust for government as a whole was all but gone. Chaos, which is never of God is always one of the primary tools of those who wish to mobilize the useful idiots. In chaos, the attacking group creates a ‘straw man.’ The straw man is an imaginary enemy created from a fallacy concerning the opposing position. Today, for example, the left may ask, “Do you want Obamacare or do you want to abandon the elderly?”  Misrepresenting the Republican Party position creates the straw man. No one wants to abandon the elderly, but if the question is asked in a deceptive manner it makes those who do not know the facts think only these two options exist. The left has created an enemy that doesn’t exist. Useful idiots in both parties argue points that have no basis in fact! When the actual facts can never be discussed there is obviously chaos and mass deception!


The Corruption of our Judicial System

           Among the many goals the communists stated they would pursue in order to destroy America was the breakdown of our judicial system. According to their own literature they would so corrupt our judicial system, create so many contradictory laws, and so frustrate the nation that people would give up hope of ever receiving fair treatment in court. The frustration would force people to revolt as the only option to receive fair treatment.

           Today our courts exercise power never given to them by the Constitution. Precedence seems to carry as much weight as the Constitution. Precedence works along an ever-shifting rule that, over time, ends up so far removed from its origin as to be constitutionally unrecognizable.

           Our judges are being trained in international law as our politicians attempt to undermine our autonomy and bring us under the rule of international law. International law violates our sovereignty as a nation and ignores our Constitution. Both parties do it, and we let them! When we vote for a politician who has compromised our sovereignty through international law we are conspirators in treason!

           Our founders stated that the laws must be simple and few, especially our federal laws. All laws that are not addressed in the Constitution fall under the jurisdiction of the states. However, through taxation the federal government rapes the states of money that should be used as the states see fit. It then offers that money back to the states in the form of federal funding; but federal funding always comes with bureaucratic, unconstitutional regulations and stipulations.


Chaos: The Environment of Evil

           Another communist goal is the infiltration of radical groups. Communists don’t care about the groups’ ideas; they just want chaos and conflict. They fund and organize groups with extreme ideologies that destroy traditional American and human values. Then these groups attack via the same failed court systems that they helped to destroy. Today the ACLU, Freedom From Religion and other anti-God, anti-religion groups look for opportunities to take away religious and personal freedoms by suing individuals, cities, states, and the federal government. Most schools are afraid to have prayer, even though it could be done legally. The cost of a lawsuit is more than the average school or municipality can bear.

           Since the time of the Warren court our nation has been flooded with pro-communist, anti-American laws. Frivolous lawsuits overwhelm our courts to such a degree that murders, rapists and embezzlers are free for years before their day in court. In the name of fairness, criminals have more rights and protection than victims. The victim will seldom be recompensed for his or her losses.

           The right to defend yourself or your property, which is provided in the Constitution, has been all but taken away. When we do not have the right to protect our own families and property, that power is given to the state. In some states, if someone broke into your home and you killed him as he was attempting to rape your wife, you could be tried for murder. We have to prove that a burglar has the intent to harm us before we can use deadly force. Anyone who has lived on the streets knows that by the time you figure out their intent, you’re dead!

           This was the early framework for social justice. There would be one law for those who have, but there would be a different law for those who have not. Today it is not unusual for a white-collar criminal to spend more time behind bars than a child molester.

           All of this paved the way for class warfare: those who work and, as a result, have anything, are the oppressors. Those who are poor, regardless of the reason, are the oppressed. It is a classic case of calling evil good and good evil.

           In the name of social fairness those who work for a living and become successful are villains. Those who live irresponsibly are victims of an oppressive society who deserve our financial support. We make special laws for those who are ‘less fortunate,’ so we have multiple standards. With the advent of godless, humanistic psychiatry the idea was introduced into society that individuals are not responsible for their actions. Instead, society is responsible for the wrong actions of the individual. Therefore, society must be changed to facilitate those who do wrong. Sadly, I see this spilling over into the church. Any church that is so out of touch with God’s values supports the humanism that opposes all that Jesus taught and died for, and calls it love!

           To read a list of the 45 declared goals of the Communist Party to overthrow America go to http://rense.com/general32/americ.htm.


Protection against Government

           One of the great aims of the leftist agenda is the disarming of our nation. It is nearly impossible to overthrow a well-armed nation. The only reason the Constitution gives us the right to bear arms is for personal protection: protection from those who would harm you and PROTECTION FROM AN OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT.

           Those who would disarm you want to make you believe gun control is for your protection. That’s why when someone breaks into a movie theater with a gun and kills twelve innocent people there is a movement to take guns away from innocent people. Why isn’t there an outcry for a speedy trial and severe punishment? God’s Word never indicated that leniency toward those who do harm would reduce crime or protect the innocent!

           If people are marching in the streets for a speedy trial and an assurance that such a person will NEVER be free to repeat those same crimes we could solve the criminal problems that plague our country. If people in that theater had been exercising their right to bear arms and protect themselves there would have been a dead murderer and fewer, if any, innocent dead. But if that happened, these same human rights groups would have been outraged that you protected the innocent and took the life of a murderer. They are not interested in protecting anyone, they are interested in controversy and chaos; they are interested in disarming America.

           Regardless of how you feel about the right to own a personal firearm, you should remember, it is nearly impossible to overthrow a country where the citizens are armed. I am deeply convinced that if the laws gave citizens more of a right to defend themselves against criminals, provided proper training, and did thorough background checks, crime in our country would be lower than any place in the world. The right to defend yourself, to protect your family and your property is biblical and God-given. Statistics show that in the cities with the strictest gun laws, crime is the highest. Statistics also show that the more we give into these unbiblical, ungodly ideas the more crime and destruction abound in our nation. The harsh laws of the Bible were not as much about punishing the offender as they were about protecting the innocent. In this socialistic, anti-God political world the innocent are not protected!

           After Katrina, the police went into areas disarming the citizens. The story you will never hear is that criminals followed the police robbing the people who had surrendered their weapons. Because it is impossible for law enforcement to protect everyone, businesses were looted, and homes and individuals were robbed. But thankfully, no criminals were injured in the process!

           Contrast that story with a time Huntsville, AL was riddled with tornadoes and there was no power for days. There were a few robberies and the local officials publically reminded the people that Alabama was a ‘stand your ground’ state. Criminals were put on notice; if you break into a home, the residents are well within their rights to shoot you. Amazingly, break-ins came to a mystifying halt!

           Because we don’t understand the Constitution, the entire country is going into captivity. Because, as Christians, our lack of commitment to God’s Word and our failure to bear His light, we have lost the biblical and constitutional standard our country was founded upon. We have been lulled into the social fairness doctrine with no regard for its complete incongruence with God’s Word or the Constitution. We, the Church, are so ignorant and uncommitted to Jesus as Lord that we trade His Word for the philosophies of men.


Spend More Than You Make To Get Ahead

           I will never forget the words of then president George Bush when, after 9/11 and our already failing economy, he told people to go out and spend money to keep our economy growing. You have to wonder if politicians really believe the stuff they’re saying.

           To add to the unproven, unworkable theories of socialist influence is the bizarre concept of Keynesian economics. This form of economic theory was developed in a leftist, socialist school that seemed more committed to the idealism of socialism than to actual workable economics. Advocates of Keynesian economics argue that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes which require active policy responses by the public sector, particularly monetary policy actions by the central bank and fiscal policy actions by the government to stabilize output over the business cycle (Wikipedia). In other words, the government should control the economy. This form of economics has never been proven and has never worked anywhere in the world.

           Keynesian economics violates God’s Word concerning debt. It tells us we can spend our way out of debt, the government can create a false economy and the central bank can create false lowered interest rates. By the way, nobody mentions that these low interest rates designed to get our economy going are destroying the retirement of our seniors. All it would take to recover our economy would be to allow the free enterprise system to work. Get the government out of it.

           The Word of God is very clear that irresponsible people will be poor and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. The humanist that exalts man’s ideas over the wisdom of God believes man can abandon God and create a utopian world where all men live equally. Anyone who offers the hope of a utopian society is delusional beyond any scope of reality, or they are a deceiver playing on the fears and moral corruption of man. All men who hope to have abundance apart from hard work are quick to acquiesce to the utopian dream. They want a dream that someone else finances!


Kill the People Who Know the Answers

           Part of the communist plan to overthrow a country is to eliminate those who have experienced freedom and free enterprise. If you’re old enough you’ll remember the slogan touted by hippies caught up in the revolution of the 1960s. “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” There’s a reason they don’t want people over thirty. We are the ones who know how to build an economy. We’ve experienced freedom. Our values are more biblically based. Right now the extreme left, who openly associate with this current administration say that they will have to exterminate tens of millions of people to accomplish their goals, and they feel justified in doing so. After all, people who murder millions of unborn babies every year will have no problem euthanizing the elderly or eliminating those who dissent. It is a small sacrifice to establish a ‘fair and just’ society. Trust me; these millions of people, who will first pay the price with their lives, will be the elderly, spiritual leaders, political leaders, and, eventually, anyone who does not endorse their social agenda. It doesn’t take but a quick overview of recent history to see that over a billion people have died in the attempts of sounding communists, socialists, and other humanists acting on behalf of the poor worker to establish their idea of a utopian society. The communist concept of propaganda teaches: “say anything you need to say, agree with anyone, stand for any cause, but never reveal your true goals until you have the power.”

           Finally, it will be the goal of the extreme left to eradicate Christianity and, ultimately, all religion other than the religion of the state. You cannot overthrow a country with godly values of human dignity, self-worth, trust in God and self-reliance, especially if the citizens of that country possess the ability to protect themselves. As a pastor involved in the Christian school battle of the 1970s I faced arrest. During the course of the conflict, a state official said to me, “Only the State has the right to teach. We only let you Christians teach the Bible on Sunday out of the goodness of our heart. But we could take that away from you any time we choose!” This was spoken in the United States of America, not in Russia or China. Not many years later a man in my church was discharged from a military career because he would not pledge a higher loyalty to the army than he gave to Jesus.

           The average believer is lulled into a slumber and made to feel he is powerless to make a difference! Right now, you are the only one who can make a difference. But to do so you must vote intelligently, scripturally and constitutionally! Democrat or Republican, every time you support passing a law that violates God’s Word you are voting to move away from God. 


Is Jesus Lord of Your Politics?

           God’s people have the solutions, the only solutions, but we don’t trust in God or His Word in our own lives enough to stand up for the only social and political solutions that have ever worked. For the church to stand up and change the world we must allow the change to start first in us.

           Socialism, communism or any of their watered down derivatives have never worked anywhere in the world. Any nation that has cast away godly values has always ultimately failed. It is time for the Church to open its eyes and be responsible. We don’t need to be legalistic, religious or mean spirited. We need to first live our lives committed to the Lordship of Jesus and the Word of God. Then we need to vote ONLY FOR THOSE WHOSE VOTING RECORD SUPPORTS THE WORD OF GOD. When we don’t feel we have choice, we must choose the one that is least damaging to our biblical values and our constitutional freedoms.


They All Lie

           Democrats vainly celebrate Clinton and Republicans refuse to admit that Bush sold us out; we miss so many of the facts. It was during the Clinton administration that the housing bubble was created. The economy was made to look good by forcing the housing industry to make bad loans. While we could factually vilify Clinton, I have to ask, “Why didn’t Bush make the changes when he was in office that could have stopped the coming collapse?” Like so many Republicans he talked a conservative game, but really did nothing significant to implement sound fiscal policy or to overturn destructive policies.

           Every President in my adult life has known Social Security was going broke, yet neither party has done anything to protect it! Entitlement programs are passed by both parties to make it look like a particular party cares about the people. The very administration and Congress that passes these programs knows full well there is no possible way to fund them. They play with the numbers, give us irrelevant facts and falsified projections to convince us that it can be done. They promise what they know they cannot deliver to buy the votes and then hope it doesn’t fall apart until the opposing party is in office.

           We look toward the future and are mystified about why we have these problems. But there’s no mystery to it. We have departed from the Constitution and we have no practical knowledge of God’s Word. Therefore, we have no political freedom and we will soon have no spiritual freedoms. We are abandoning free enterprise - the thing that made our country the richest in the world with a strong middle class. We have abandoned simple biblical principles for managing finances. Therefore we are broke.

           We believe there is no reaping what we have sown.


Greed on Every Level

           Greed and lust for power is the ultimate driving force behind the extremes of both political parties. Sadly, the useful idiots are only capable of seeing the ‘other’ party’s greed. It is easy to point out the greed of capitalist right. But even a casual study of the left’s own writings, reveal a more sinister, but subtle greed! Capitalists are open about their desire to make money. The left, however, hides its plots behind the mask of human compassion. True socialists feel the accomplishment of their goals is noble enough to justify lying and deception. Therefore, deception and attrition are their two most consistent tools of conquest.

           To activate the useful idiots they use words like social justice, equality and other common humanitarian terminology. They create non-profits and other organizations that serve as fronts for their true objectives. They carry pictures of the poor and working class on their placards but don’t seek their benefit. The communist/socialist revolution is not for the benefit of the working class, it is for the benefit of the elite. But pawns are needed to fight the battles, do the work, and finance their own demise. Ironically, the very people who fight, protest, and sacrifice for such a ‘just cause’ will be the ones who will lose the most.

           Famous playwright and socialist, George Bernard Shaw and other leftists supported Hitler’s rise to power specifically because they knew he would eliminate those whom they considered to be unworthy of life. “I appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly. Deadly by all means, but humane, not cruel.” For those who believe it is humane to kill unborn babies for the good of society, it is only a small step to rationalize killing the elderly, criminals of the state and, ultimately, the non-productive ... as long as it is done in a humane manner! In the name of social justice, fairness and racial equality, those who fight against the death penalty today will kill millions of people for their cause tomorrow … their predecessors have proven this fact! They are not opposed to the death penalty because it is humane. They are opposed to the death penalty because murderers are a great source of chaos.


Special Treatment for Special Classes

           Class warfare is a primary strategy of Communism. Humanists present themselves to be more righteous and more merciful than God. Under the cloak of social justice, fairness and humanity they resist punishing the evil and seek to establish special laws for different classes of people.

           The book of Leviticus made it clear that people’s gifts to the priesthood were to be on the basis of percentages, therefore all people were giving equally, relative to their resources.

           Today the left wants to tax people based on their income. The only truly fair tax is a flat tax for all!

           The poor are given special consideration in the courts, in paying taxes and in being accountable for personal responsibility - because they are poor. But Leviticus 19:15 states: “You shall do no injustice in judgment. You shall not be partial to the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty.” According to God’s Word showing partiality to the poor is just as wicked as showing honor to the rich. But the church fails to make its political, social or civic choices based on the Bible, because it doesn’t apply biblical principles to real life.

           Both sides are robbing the people. The right wants fewer taxes on investment. The left wants the poor to pay no taxes and to receive benefits. Both sides use their positions to buy votes. It is true that the wealthy build business, the poor and the government DO NOTHING FOR THE ECONOMY. But according to God’s Word neither should get any type of special treatment.


The Lesser of Evils

           The next time you vote you may feel like you’re choosing between the lesser of two evils. But that does not give you, as a believer, the right to do nothing. Nor does it justify voting for someone who has openly and publicly made it clear that he is anti-American, pro-Marxist, pro-Muslim, anti-constitutional and, by his own words, committed to destroying America’s economy as a way to create fairness for the rest of the world. I am talking about our President Barack Obama. I have prayed for him, and I encourage all of you to pray for him and to support him as President, even though we do not embrace his values. However, with an election coming we have a responsibility as believers to make the decisions that will protect our freedoms or we will soon have no freedoms. Obama has already told Russia he will have more flexibility to do what he wants after this election. His extreme leftist plans are already written. He has committed and shown his support to Muslims ahead of Israel, and Christianity.

           This administration has accumulated more debt than any in history. Obama embraces the leftist theories that destroy countries. The voices that speak in his ear are openly communist, anti-American and anti-God. Bush’s policies may have contributed to our current financial mess, but those policies began under Jimmy Carter, became federal requirements by the Clinton administration, in league with attorney Barack Obama and were expanded by the Bush administration. The housing crash was only the beginning of this conspiracy. Obama’s current fiscal policies are the final effort to destroy America. He intends to make America ‘equal’ to the rest of the world. He feels it is wrong for us to have this degree of wealth and influence. Obama’s every vote and presidential decision has screamed “Socialism!”

           One of Obama’s supporters and influencers, George Soros has said, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” George Soros, one of the mega-wealthy, mysteriously profits from the decisions of our current administration.

           Those who would profit from a one-world economy need for America to fall. They don’t really care if we become communists, moderates or anything else. They need our economy to falter so they can buy our resources for pennies on the dollar.

           The greatest single threat to national security may well be our national debt. If our country continues to add to its debt our fate should be obvious. The Bible is clear that the borrower is servant to the lender. Regardless of the cause, it is reckless and morally wrong to borrow what you cannot repay. The Bible is also clear about the role that finances play in maintaining personal freedom. Abraham was able to maintain his family’s freedom because of his wealth. He financed a personal army that was trained well enough to overthrow the kings who had taken Lot and others into captivity.


Lyndon Johnson: The Great White Hype

           One of the greatest lies of the left was born in the 1960’s. The Democratic Party had fought against the freedom and equal treatment of blacks for over one hundred years. The Republicans had passed the legislation that gave birth to racial equality. All the while the Democrats supported segregation and opposed civil rights on most fronts. Then, as blacks began to vote, they realized that without the black vote they would forever lose political power in America.

           At the same time the communists realized that blacks were much more deeply entrenched in their Christian faith than whites. Statistics indicated that more black women were marrying than white women. Blacks were more committed to their families than whites and an incredibly positive transformation was occurring in the black community. They were moving toward equality but their history of slavery, intimidation and injustice could be the means to halting their progress while creating major social upheaval.

           With typical socialist propaganda genius, the left exposed that sore, created anger and then offered hope. The left would use the tragic history of blacks in America to make them slaves to an ideology of codependency! (Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama, Ann Coulter)

           In the 1960s Lyndon Johnson, who according to accurate history was an extreme racist, became President. In the name of racial equality he did more to create a welfare state than possibly any president in our nation’s history. He didn’t do it because he loved blacks or social justice; he did it to purchase the votes of both blacks and whites that would become slaves to the welfare state.

           Welfare is a biblical concept, if it is handled in a biblical way. The biblical form of welfare is that work is provided for the person who is able to work. The poor were allowed to glean the fields. But they had to do the work themselves. Resources were only ‘given’ to those who were incapable of working. But American welfare is not designed to give a hand up to get the poor out of their problems; it is designed to give a hand out that makes them dependent on the system.

           A recent study suggested that if any group of people live in poverty for three generations, it is virtually impossible for future generations to break free of that poverty. We understand now, by cellular biology and by the God’s Word that once three generations do or believe anything the fourth generation comes into the world hardwired to embrace those behaviors or beliefs. That’s why the Bible says that iniquity is visited upon the third and fourth generations. That isn’t God making it happen, it is mankind making it happen because of continuing in the failures of previous generations.

           While I am a strong believer in welfare, I am completely opposed to anything that would make people captive to welfare and slip into the codependent mindset. Welfare - money without responsibility - makes people feel powerless. It makes them a slave to their provider. Eventually they lose belief in themselves; they will surrender their dignity for a handout! When that happens they will always vote to get what they do not believe they’re able to get for themselves, even if it means utter destruction for the country.

           The extreme left has always known that if enough people were dependent upon the government for their livelihood, they would control the votes of those people. So here we are 50 years after these programs were initiated and we find that half of the people in America don’t pay a penny in taxes and over 40% receive some type of government assistance.

           In this current mindset of class warfare, those who don’t pay a penny in taxes and are receiving resources, feel that they have the right to ask even more from those who actually pay for their support. Entitlement is one of the key attitudes in an inbred logic of social justice.

           The logic is pure insanity. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend.”

           Those who have become dependent on welfare are like addicts. They are fearfully focused on their needs with no awareness of what it does to the country as a whole. For some it is their legitimate need for survival that blinds them. For others it is a greed that equals that of the richest capitalist. They just want what they want and they don’t really want to work to get it. The question no one is asking is this: “How can we ever pay for this without destroying our freedoms?” Right or wrong our current policies will bankrupt the country. There are not enough rich people in the country to pay for our entitlement programs no matter how much they are taxed! Studies show that if the government were to take every single penny created by every single business in America we could still not sustain the debt being created by social programs.

           Regardless of where you stand on these issues we know that our country cannot even sustain the current debt load of Medicare and Medicaid. Those systems, along with Social Security will be completely bankrupt within just a few years. So why are we doing it? Simple! To break our economy and reduce us to a second world nation. That would be fair to the rest of the world! If Obama believes what his radical father taught and openly stated and if he means what he has said his entire life, there is no other explanation. There is no plan to recover the economy. There is no budget. There is nothing that makes sense to a sane person who can add and subtract. There is only a world here the VERY-VERY RICH control and profit from all that happens. The population will be reduced to a mass of fearful codependent people who exist for the will of the elite!


Social Justice: Leading Sheep to the Slaughter

           Some research has shown that if we were to get just our illegal immigration under control, we could wipe out our entire national debt. While the great minds of the world have an incredibly difficult time immigrating into the United States, an illegal alien can come here, live on welfare and get an education we pay for by simply walking across the border. They can go to the hospital and get free treatment, but a tax paying citizen often cannot. While it seems incredibly humane to provide care for these people, this is bankrupting our nation and betraying those who have worked their entire life to pay into the system. Even worse, this will bring a new generation of anti-Americans into our country that are dependent upon a welfare state, whose vote will be bought with the dollars of the working class. The working middle class is financing the revolution that is destroying its freedom! At the same time great achievers are leaving America to work in other countries because we are no longer a country that supports innovation, success, and development. Overregulation is destroying free enterprise. Inventors and investors are looking to other countries to escape our impending downfall.

           Then there is the battle for healthcare. The FDA is a corrupt system that puts drugs on the market that poison our people and have deadly side-effects. Yet they have systematically, opposed proven natural treatments. Those who develop natural cures have been destroyed financially, harassed legally, and imprisoned or died prematurely. There is big money in keeping people sick and on drugs. If we put our healthcare in the hands of the government that is financed by big pharma we will have sickness and disease on the scale of the book of Revelation. In fact, the global plagues of the End may well be man-made!

           I have talked with many physicians who say the same thing. Government’s involvement has already made it nearly impossible for the family practitioner to exist. The paperwork, insurance forms, delayed payments and Medicare/Medicaid fixed payments, cause doctors to lose money. Obamacare will drive thousands of doctors out of practice. It will put treatment in the hands of bureaucrats, not doctors. Communist writing indicates that long lines and extreme waits for proper health care are preferable. It is just another part of overwhelming the system, and frustrating the population.

           Planned Parenthood, an organization that claims to fight for human rights and the dignity of women, is one of the most hypocritical of organizations. Planned Parenthood was started to eliminate the children of minorities. If our country follows the present trend we will move from abortion on demand to abortion required. Very soon the government we have trusted to protect us will not only kill babies without discretion but will soon kill the elderly, then the unproductive, then the enemies of the state.


Let’s Demand Laws That Make Sense

           The idea of bigger Government is common to both parties. They each have their reasons, but big government always equals oppression. If our government wasn’t taking so much money out of our economy we wouldn’t even be having a debate about raising taxes. If the right didn’t have us in wars that are usually just covert operations for some financial agenda, we wouldn’t need massive military budgets. Both parties are using taxpayers to finance their agendas. Being a Republican or Democrat is just a question of whom you prefer to steal from you!

           The only role our government should have is protecting the freedoms of its citizens

           The government, whether Republican or Democrat, that keeps telling us why it needs more power to protect us, is lying. It needs more power to control us. Even if we change the laws, we will still have corrupt, maniacal, narcissists seeking and abusing power. Power hungry people seek positions of power. Creating more laws doesn’t change anything for the better, it just reduces our freedoms. History proves the wisdom of an ancient proverb: too many laws corrupt the people. Our founders felt that laws should be simple, easy to understand and few.

           Our government can do nothing without our money and our vote. Why do you want to give your money to people you don’t even know, people who lie to you, cheat on their spouses, spend your money on alcohol binging ‘business trips,’ and who make the worst business decisions in the world? The bigger they get, the farther removed they are from the real needs of real people. Government is government whether Republican or Democrat. This is not about party it is about people; their lust for power, and their secret agendas that need our money to expand their control. We should all be opposed to bigger government whether Republican or Democrat.

           We should oppose American financial and military involvement in other countries, whether to establish democracy or military alliances. If countries want to be our ally let it be because they embrace our values and our way of life. Massive funding to other governments does not make them our ally. Why do we give money to China and then borrow from them? Why do we give money and weapons to Islamic countries that kill our people and vow to destroy us? Better yet, why are we giving away money when we have to borrow to pay our own bills? We have created regimes and dictators that oppose all that we value. If we don’t do this will the Russians or the Chinese fill the vacuum? The fact is, countries not aligned with our values are already connected covertly to our enemies.

           Why aren’t we spending money securing our national borders before attempting nation building in the Middle-East? If we can’t or won’t solve the problems in our own country what qualifies us to be the advisor to the nations?


Common Sense Solutions

           Turning our country into a thriving, safe, financially strong nation would require little more than applying common sense.

• We should not pay people to do ‘nothing.’ People on welfare need the dignity of earning their own money. People who cannot provide for themselves should be taken care of and treated with dignity not just enough of a handout to get by!

• Taxes should be equal and fair. There should be one tax for ALL PEOPLE, regardless of how much money they do or don’t make. A consumption tax would get the revenues from drug dealers, prostitutes, smugglers as well as hard workers. Those that have buy, those that buy would pay more taxes. NO ONE should be exempt from paying taxes.

• We should demand a fair immigration program that makes sense, that attracts those who want to find opportunity, and repels those looking for a hand out. Any immigrant who has been in this country for a long time, having raised children, worked and paid taxes, should be required to learn the Constitution and become a citizen. Any illegal alien involved in crime should be permanently deported or imprisoned. Any legal alien involved in anti-constitutional or terrorist activities should be tried and punished for treason or terrorism.

• Politicians should be required to abide by the same rules as other citizens. Their retirement plan should be Social Security like all other Americans who do not have a personal retirement plan. A government worker should not be given a better retirement plan than a military veteran.

• Politicians should be bound to live by the laws they pass. Congress passed the healthcare bill that they said was so good for America, so why are they able to opt out?

• Politicians should be restricted from making investments or being involved in conflicting business interests while in office. If they are involved in any legislation that affects a company, they should not be allowed to work for or receive compensation from that company during or after leaving office.

• Politicians should be liable for false advertising in their political campaigns and fund raising. Citizens should have the right to impeach politicians who knowingly violated their campaign promises or broke the law. Impeachment should not be an action limited to other politicians.

• Politicians should be personally liable and made ineligible for office should they slander opponents by falsifying information or twisting facts. Should they misuse information while in office to garner support for their agendas, they should be impeached.

• As one person suggested, anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP all sitting members of Congress who voted to raise the deficit or spending should be ineligible for reelection.

• There should be term limits. No single politician should be allowed to create too much personal influence in government.

• No bill should be allowed on the floor for discussion unless a direct reference to Constitutional congruence is cited for such bill.

• Communism and any other anti-Constitutional factions should be outlawed in the US.

• Each bill should be presented on its own merit with no other laws, policies, attachments or riders: one law, one vote, no package deals.

• The Congressional requirement that the Constitution be taught to all Americans once each year should be upheld.

• No school or organization promoting anti-constitutional ideas should receive government funding of any kind.

• No President should be able enact an executive order that is not supported by the Constitution, and executive orders should only be allowed in times of national emergency.

• Other than matters of the highest national security all administrative and political meetings should be a matter of public record.

• No President should be allowed to involve our soldiers in ANY military action without the full approval of congress.

• Retirement and other benefits packages should be placed in funds to insure that no disabled veteran or the family of any veteran killed in action is ever abandoned.

• Rules and policies of all bureaucratic agencies should be evaluated to determine their constitutionality. No U.S. citizen should be subject to any departmental policy without a fair and open trial and should not be restricted in any activity until he or she is proven to be in violation of an ACTUAL LAW passed by Congress.

• Any politician, judge, or bureaucrat should be impeached when there is a consistent record toward violating the Constitution.

• All Citizens should have a photo ID to be used for all legal proceedings, voting and receiving any government benefits.

• The Department of Education should be dissolved. Education should be given back to the states and the communities. No central power should have enough influence to control what the entire nation is being taught.

• The IRS should be completely abolished. A new simple tax code and a new agency with no bureaucratic powers over the citizens should be created!

• All cabinet level departments of the government should be regularly evaluated to determine their performance their adherence to the goals they set out to accomplish, their constitutionality and their relevance. Every department that doesn’t show productive, constitutional relevance should be closed.

• Public sector unions should be outlawed. Unions should not be allowed to give to any political campaign. Union money should be spent only for the direct wellbeing of its members. Unions having ties to communists and other anti-American organizations should be dissolved!

• No corporation should be allowed to contribute to a political election campaign. No one individual should be allowed to give more than a set amount. Public offices should not be for sale. No campaign contribution should be allowed from any non-US citizen or entity.

• Politicians should not be allowed to vote to determine their pay.

• All federal, state, county or city employees should be paid based on the average pay in their community for similar skills and would only have a retirement package comparable to their community. ALL civil employees should be subject to regular performance evaluations available to the public.

           These are all laws we could pass if we had the will to do it. If we do not take control of the government, which is completely within our rights, power, and responsibility the government will take control of us in ways that are not within the rights and powers granted in the Constitution or the Bible. If we do not act soon, we lose the freedom to take such action!

           America is not the problem. America is not its people or its politicians. America is the ideals and values written in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Those who do not embrace those ideals are anti-American; they are the problem! We have allowed these sinister forces to undermine our nation and force us into economic, social and political upheaval. The groups that promote the problems, and then promote the rebellion against America as the solution aren’t attacking the problem, they are attacking the Constitution. They want us to surrender our God-given rights as expressed in the Constitution so they can be our god!

           The only thing that makes America not work is the abandonment of the ideas that made it great. We are too ignorant, selfish or apathetic to hold those in government responsible to the Constitution. So after they destroy our nation by violating the Constitution they will tell us that the Constitution is the problem. In our codependent need for the government to save us we will throw away our Constitution and be enslaved by humanist ideologies because the idea of freedom that was America is gone!


God’s People Have the Only Workable Solutions

           It is not our job to force everyone to accept our faith. But it has been our job to live, model and vote the values of our faith! We have miserably failed! The church has abandoned the Lordship of Jesus. Instead of accepting the Bible for what it says, we have chosen the parts we like and twisted the parts we don’t like. We think we are more righteous than God (Job 34:5). We reject the Creator’s insight into the creation and then, in our pride and unbelief, we can’t imagine why our world is not working! Like Proverbs says, we ruin our lives by our own foolishness and then get angry with God (Pr 19:3). Calling on God is a meaningless, religious, deceitful endeavor unless we are willing to follow His Word for the solution! Our ‘brilliant’ solutions contrived independent of His Word are proud and self-righteous! If Jesus is our Lord, we look to the Word of God for ALL solutions to ALL problems!

           Ronald Reagan came to power pretty much as a result of the Christian vote. But today Christians are disempowered through unbelief, apathy, ignorance and division, but mostly through a lack of trust in God’s wisdom for governing life and governments.

           Christians can change the fate of the nation. According to a recent article, Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election by 10 million votes. According to the same article 30 million evangelical Christians did not vote in that election. We could have been the deciding factor but we weren’t! We stood on the sidelines! If we do that again, we will lose our country and our freedoms.

           I understand the frustration of those 30 million voters. I felt in the last election that we had a decision between an idealistic egomaniac that was fully committed to changing America into his father’s dream of an extremely socialist country, or an idealist right-wing warmonger who believed America should be the world’s police force. It wasn’t much of a choice, but the choice that was made has plunged our country into the deepest debt imaginable, betrayed our allies and put us in alliance with those who hate us and hate God!

           If you are a Christian and you vote for your party above God’s clearly expressed values, you have denied the faith. If you are a Republican or Democrat before being a disciple of Jesus you are the problem!

           If we stay on this path America will cease to exist as we know it. That was the promise of this administration, “We will fundamentally change America.” Because we did not look into Obama’s past we didn’t realize what he meant by that statement. We didn’t realize that Obama’s dream would transform us into an extremely leftist, humanistic anti-God nation that had abandoned its laws and its people.

           Does this make the ‘Right’ in the right? No! But it makes the right the lesser of the two evils and buys us a little more time and freedom with which we could bring about change for everyone except the extremists on either side. They will only be satisfied when they control our world and our minds. Do your homework! Get the facts! Then get out and vote! Failure to do the right thing when it is within our power is just as much a sin as doing the wrong thing!

           Today, the government and the media, make us feel incapable of managing our own lives. They are using the strategy introduced in the Garden and used by the destroyer ever since. They need for us to feel that we are facing such a crisis that we could never survive without the government’s help. They are making us codependent! They make us feel disempowered, then create a false crisis and, just like the serpent, they offer us a solution that does not involve God! No one can rule over you unless you succumb to the feelings of lack and inadequacy that give rise to codependency! That’s why we think we need more government, more programs, less freedom of choice, more regulations! The one consistent message of government is you can’t survive unless we do it for you!


Media Propaganda

           Regardless of which candidate you favor in the upcoming election you have to wonder: Why does the media investigate and discuss Romney’s Mormon faith, but never talk about Obama’s long personal relationship with his mentor and pastor, Jeremiah Wright? Why, during the 2008 campaign, when Obama was pitching his hype about a new openness and full disclosure, was the press wanting John McCain’s tax records but not asking questions about Obama’s 2008 disbarring by the Illinois State Bar? Why, when McCain’s voting record was being discussed by the press, was it only Hillary Clinton pointing out Senator Obama’s record of simply voting ‘present’ without taking a clear stand on many issues that he claimed such passion? When McCain’s past was used to make him look like a warmonger, why wasn’t Obama’s long involvement with Marxist Communism, American terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn ever brought into the discussion? Why, before a recent press conference were reporters conspiring how to ask questions to make Romney look bad? The role of a journalist, theoretically, is to report the facts so the people can make informed choices. It is not a journalist’s role to shape the information and lead the public to make the choices preferred by the media.

           The mainstream media is the propaganda machine of the left. They shape the news and our view of the candidates. Proverbs warns of how foolish and dangerous it is to believe something or form an opinion when we have only heard one side of the story.

           Sadly, we have become so complacent, so biased, so out of touch with God’s Word that we think we can vote our preferences and not suffer destructive consequences. The person who acts without seeking out both sides of a story is an accomplice to the lie.

           The Bible also teaches that when it is within our power to deliver someone from harm and we fail to do it we are as guilty as the perpetrator of the crime.

           We are accomplices in the crimes against our nation when we fail to vote responsibly. Voting without knowing the facts says, “I believed the lie and never did my own homework.” It says, “I am a useful idiot.” Or it could say, “I am more committed to my party than I am to the Lord Jesus.” As a disciple of the Lord Jesus I must be willing to put aside my personal preferences, search for truth and, as a citizen, to vote based on which candidate’s life and record upholds the values in God’s Word. As an American I must understand, believe and vote, based on the candidate’s track record, not his promises. Does his voting record uphold the Constitution and the values of God’s Word?

That’s all I need to know!


The Idealism of the Church

           Paul’s admonition to pray for “Kings and all who are in authority.” (1 Tim 2:2) is for the benefit of peace. It is only in peace that we can serve God, spread the gospel and most effectively be about the Father’s business.

           Paul was not so foolish as to claim that all rulers were godly. But he still encouraged us to pray for them. In Paul’s day the people couldn’t vote; praying was all they could do. Voting gives us a power that few Christians have ever known, but the idealism of the church actually makes us much like a special interest group.

           Special interest groups pick their candidate based on one key factor and close their eyes to other relevant factors. As such, we will put someone into office that supports a doctrine or idea that is important to us, although every other aspect of his political history says he will take away our freedoms. So, like a special interest group, we preserve our interests while destroying our country.

           To my knowledge, there has never been a President that could satisfy all the interests of the church. So our only choice is to choose what we will overlook and what we will over emphasize. It is time for us to see the bigger picture. WE ARE ALWAYS VOTING FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS. We must realize that in many instances, not voting means putting someone into office by default who may be a much greater risk to our beliefs and freedoms.

           Many will not vote for Obama because he is in favor of gay marriage and abortion. However, those same people oppose Romney on the basis of his Mormon background. Many Christians will feel they have no choice and not vote. But we must remember, in 2008 the 30 million Christian evangelicals that didn’t vote decided the election by default.

           We are not attempting to get a perfect man in office. We are attempting the get the least damaging man in office. As such we have peace, something the early church could only pray for, but we can vote for. If we can get a man in office who is not a socialist committed to the reduction of America and extreme leftist agendas, we will buy the time to make changes in Congress, and eventually at the State level. But most importantly, we can get people in office who will uphold God’s values and the Constitution. Based on the words and the track record of the extreme left, in four more years we may be too far gone to make a difference. YOU ARE NOT VOTING FOR THE MAN, YOU ARE VOTING FOR THE TIME TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE!

           The church has abdicated its moral leadership to government. Righteousness cannot be legislated. In the past our legalistic attempts to condemn evil failed miserably. It is time that Christians win the respect of the world by our character and integrity, become the influence in our communities and then, through the influence of our lives, bring others to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus. The very notion that government can solve the moral problems of our nation is a testimony of our lack of trust in God, our naivety of man’s fallen nature and our complacency toward our responsibility in the world.


Take Control of Your Own Life

           Reform starts with the individual not the nation. If you can’t take control of your own life you will forever fall into the trap of looking to and trusting the wrong people! Your archenemy, the devil, has just one trick. He uses lies to make you feel you are not who God says you are.

           Codependency starts with the feeling of lack. It is exaggerated as we move to the victim’s mentality; it is consummated with the idea of entitlement. Entitlement is a mentality that permeates the right and the left. It looks different in each party and is created with a different narrative, but you know your party has stolen your soul when you feel they have the only answers and they are your only hope.

           As a pastor, substance abuse counselor and success coach I have spent my life helping people overcome codependency. Until codependence can be identified and eradicated, others will control your life. The first and most important thing you can do is vote intelligently. Then use the time you’ve been given to free yourself from the bonds of codependent thinking. My book Take Control of Your Life helps people conquer this life-dominating struggle. It is a must read for every person that is finished with being enslaved by the system, by the government, by religion and by failure! Freedom from codependency is the first phase of power for personal development.

           In light of the decision America is about to make in the coming election and beyond, this book is crucial to regaining the power and freedom given to us by God and protected by our Constitution. For the sake of your family, order a copy for yourself and one for each of your children. For the sake of your church, give a copy to your pastor. Corrupt ideologies and governments can only take control of your life if you let them. Only codependent people, unaware of who they are in Jesus can be taken captive by anything or anyone. It is of little benefit to vote intelligently and then continue to live in ignorance. It is vain to buy time, but not use it to renew our minds! When we know and believe who we are in Jesus we can begin to know the difference between the truth and a lie.

           Please forward this free e-book to every believer, pastor and politician you know. Do it now! We must have rational Bible-based, constitutionally committed, thinking people voting for a free America!


To learn more about Dr. James B. Richards’ book Take Control of Your Life please visit www.impactministries.com

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