Oak Special Bulletins




02-2017 A New Season of Government by Mark Gurley – 12/16/2017

Things are different now in government. President Trump is God’s vessel to change what seemed hopeless to many Christians. Whether you love him or hate him, he is a change agent that has exposed what we all knew was problematic. The politicians are corrupt, the media is fake, and the left is violent not tolerant. However, not all politicians are corrupt, not every member of the media is fake, and not every left-leaning Democrat is violent and intolerant, but there are more than enough examples that we often lump them all together. But we are in a new season and with that wind of change comes new hope. ...Read


01-2017 An Open Rebuke to the NFL by unknown – 11/21/2017

To the NFL and its players, If I have brain cancer, I don’t ask my dentist what I should do. If my car has a problem, I don’t seek help from a plumber! Why do you think the public cares what a football player thinks about politics? If we want to know about football, then depending on the information we seek, we might consult with you, but even a quarterback doesn’t seek advice on playing his position from a defensive tackle! ...Read


09-2016 The China Trump Syndrome by Marc Nuttle – 12/13/2016

In 1979 a popular movie based on a book called The China Syndrome, warned of uncertain dangers of new protocol, applied through government services, to provide benefit to the people. The basic premise was that a nuclear meltdown, where a reactor would melt through the containment structures into the underlying earth, could melt all the way to China. The question asked was: What if it happened? ...Read


08-2016 Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice by Wayne Grudem– 08/03/2016

Some of my Christian friends tell me they can’t in good conscience vote for Donald Trump because, when faced with a choice between “the lesser of two evils,” the morally right thing is to choose neither one. They recommend voting for a third-party or write-in candidate.

As a professor who has taught Christian ethics for 39 years, I think their analysis is incorrect. Now that Trump has won the GOP nomination, I think voting for Trump is a morally good choice. ...Read


07-2016 Orlando Attack Is Nothing Compared to What Is Coming by John Guandolo– 06/17/2016 

A jihadi named Omar Mateen armed with a rifle, a handgun, and possibly explosives—who has been identified as an “ISIS soldier”—killed fifty or more Americans on Sunday morning at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This was the largest single loss of life in such an incident in American history..

Thank God for the courageous men of the SWAT team or the loss of life would surely have been even more severe. ...Read


06-2016 Bankrupt the Bullies by Janet (Folger) Porter– 05/25/2016 

When you issue an invitation to predators to walk into women’s private dressing rooms and restrooms, don’t be surprised when they accept.

Less than three weeks after Target’s open door policy, a man walked into the ladies changing room with his camera phone and video-recorded an underage girl trying on clothes. When he is done uploading all that footage onto the internet, he can always go back to Target for more. ...Read


05-2016 A Mexican Invasion by Dr. Tom Barrett– 05/24/2016 

At the current rate of invasion (mostly through Mexico, but also through Canada), the United States could be completely overrun with illegal aliens within two decades. I’m not talking about legal immigrants who follow U.S. law to become citizens. If we do not stop the invasion, ILLEGAL aliens and their offspring could become the dominant population in the United States. ...Read


04-2016 Is Trump the One?  by Rick Joyner– 03/21/2016 

I hear from thousands of Christians each week, and sometimes that many in a day. I also hear from those from other faiths or no faith at all. They are diverse—from almost every denomination and nation. I don’t base the following on scientific polling, but it is a good sampling and may be even more accurate than the polls have been recently. Most seem to think that Trump is either a messenger from the Messiah or from the antichrist, and few are in-between. Some Christians are shocked that other Christians would vote for Trump, yet polls indicate that more than half of evangelical Christians are voting for him. Why? ...Read


03-2016 Critical Threats to U.S. Security by Dave Phelps– 02/27/2016

The USA faces many serious threats, including economic collapse, terrorism, Islamization, socialism, and societal breakdown. None, however, are as immediately devastating as a major attack on our electric supply grid! This has the potential to cripple the whole country for an indefinite period. Moreover, an attack would not be difficult to execute—and we are woefully unprepared. ...Read


02-2016 Is Justice Dead? by Dr. Tom Barrett– 02/19/2016 

Antonin Scalia, the longest serving and best-loved Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, is dead. Known for his love—almost reverence—for the Constitution, belief that the Founding Fathers meant what they said, a great sense of humor, and for consummate patriotism, Justice Scalia is the one Justice whom the Supreme Court cannot do without. But do without him they must. ...Read


01-2016 Five Spiritual Trends That Will Change The World in 2016 by Rick Joyner– 01/21/2016 

The premise of my last Prophetic Bulletin on the five trends that would change the natural world in 2016 began unfolding faster and with more impact than I expected. I wrote that it would happen in the first quarter of this year, but I honestly did not expect it to begin on the first day as it did. My prayer now is that what I’ve been shown that will unfold in the Spirit will likewise come faster and with greater impact. What is coming in the Spirit is the antidote to the troubles of the world. It is far more exciting than anything the world has seen. We all “see in part,” but these are the five most important trends I saw unfolding that we will begin to see emerging this year: ...Read


23-2015 Five Trends That Will Change The World in 2016 by Rick Joyner– 12/14/2015 

A geopolitical shift has taken place at the end of 2015 that could change the world more than we have seen since the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Core beliefs and values are being challenged across the globe. With such a major change of direction happening, where are we headed? ...Read


22-2015 President's Speech Confirms USG Still Cannot Identify Enemy by JG– 12/10/2015 

Sunday night President Obama spoke to the nation about the threat we face from ISIS/ISIL and confirmed for us that our government still cannot identify our enemy or their threat doctrine, and therefore no strategy can be successful. President Obama said we must “counter the vicious ideology ISIL promotes” but he fails to acknowledge what that ideology is. ...Read


21-2015 France Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria But Not In Paris by JG– 11/17/2015

After Friday night’s attack in Paris by Muslim Jihadis, French military airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Syria, yet they left the jihadi network inside of France intact. For approximately forty minutes in Paris on Friday night, beginning at 9:20 p.m. local time, eight Muslim Jihadis conducted numerous assaults across the city. Explosions at the Stadium of France detonated during a soccer game. Gunmen also fired on two restaurants at Le Petit Cambodge, a bar at Le Bonne Biere, a restaurant at Le Belle Equipe, and at a concert hall at Bataclan. ...Read


20-2015 "Interfaith Outreach" Movement Led by Marxists and Jihadis by JG– 11/05/2015

Two weeks ago the Parliament of the World's Religions held its annual conference at the Salt Lake City Convention Center boasting "10,000 People. 80 Nations. 50 Faiths." Representing Islam were the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia. That alone tells a story, but the presence of Marxists/Alinskyists and Muslim Brotherhood organizations funded primarily by Saudi Arabia driving the "Interfaith Outreach" efforts in America is a stark reminder that well-intentioned people are being duped by those with a dark agenda using the guise of "togetherness" and "tolerance" to achieve nefarious ends. ...Read


19-2015 Victory for Freedom of Speech by JG– 11/01/2015 

For a time, George Whitefield was one of the most widely recognized names in the world. He was certainly the best-known religious leader of his time and is credited with the spread of the First Great Awakening. This Awakening not only brought profound changes to Christianity, but to Western civilization as well. It is hard to imagine what the world would be like today without Whitefield’s contribution. ...Read


18-2015 America's Awakener- The Greatest Christian Life by Rick Joyner– 10/30/2015 

For a time, George Whitefield was one of the most widely recognized names in the world. He was certainly the best-known religious leader of his time and is credited with the spread of the First Great Awakening. This Awakening not only brought profound changes to Christianity, but to Western civilization as well. It is hard to imagine what the world would be like today without Whitefield’s contribution. ...Read


17-2015 How Far We Have Fallen by Rick Joyner– 10/19/2015

In the core foundations a society is built on, America is in a decline. This includes government, business, education, and security (crime and national defense). Attesting to the warning of Madison above, the slide began over fifty years ago and has gradually but relentlessly picked up speed, mirrored by a continual deterioration spiritually and morally, as well as a steady decoupling from our Constitution. ...Read


16-2015 What's Happening? by Rick Joyner– 09/18/2015 

Who won the recent debate? I watched it with a room full of politically savvy and engaged people. A few were campaign managers, and virtually all were top-level political operatives. Virtually everyone thought Carly Fiorina won, as did I. Rubio, Christie, and even Bush were strong, as were Huckabee and Cruz, but they got so little time they were overshadowed. ...Read


15-2015 NBCI’s 34,000 Black Churches Stand Behind Kim Davis’ Conviction in God’s Authority – 09/09/2015

Washington, DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, is speaking out in strong support of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ steadfast commitment to upholding traditional marriage. Citing “God’s authority,” Davis, elected by the citizens of Kentucky, continues to refuse issuing marriage licenses to two same-sex couples—bucking a U.S. Supreme County action on Monday refusing Davis’ case and leaving her with no legal grounds to defend and uphold her religious beliefs. ...Read


14-2015 Charlie Daniels’ Open Letter to Congress by Charlie Daniels– 09/03/2015 

   I am a proud American who believes that America has held—and still holds—a very sensitive and special place in the affairs of mankind on Planet Earth. I believe that America has been divinely blessed and protected in our two centuries plus of existence. ...Read


13-2015 Saturday August 22 – National Protest Against Planned Parenthood by Robin Rowan– 08/18/2015 

   On Saturday August 22nd there will be protests across the United States at virtually every Planned Parenthood clinic.

   Pro-Life groups around the nation are pulling together for a major outcry against Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and their reported selling of organs and ‘baby parts’. The four primary groups sponsoring the event are Created Equal, the Pro-Life Action League, 40 Days for Life, and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. Many other regional and local pro-life groups have joined in unity. ...Read


12-2015 A Clear Trumpet Call by Rick Joyner– 08/11/2015

   I was talking to a currency trader for a major insurance company recently, and he was sharing how the rules of currency trading have changed. Nobody seems to know how or why. Actions that would result in a certain response in two or three months now bring a much more dramatic reaction almost instantly. He said that even scarier is the fact that no one seems to know what the new rules are, if there are any. ...Read


11-2015 Christian Businesses Under Attack by Tony Perkins– 07/19/2015

   We are following closely the persecution of Christians in the US by the same-sex marriage radicals. Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon, are one of the most visible cases of Christians being attacked for standing for their beliefs not only by the LGBT radicals, but also by the State. ...Read


10-2015 A Fresh Move of God Is Upon Us by Lance Wallnau– 07/14/2015

   “I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness–secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name” (Isaiah 45:3). ...Read


9-2015 The United STATE—Is America ruled by supreme "despots"? Jefferson warned of "judiciary a DESPOTIC branch." by Bill Federer  – 07/02/2015

   Have the fifty States been reduced to one United STATE run by five supreme despots? Popular culture describes America as a democracy. Scholars clarify it is a constitutional republic. But actually, America is neither. It is being run as a despotism. ...Read


8-2015 The Supreme Court vs. The Supreme Being by Rick Joyner  – 06/30/2015

   When the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) declared same-sex marriage to be a constitutional right, it was a slap in the face to the laws of God and man. It was a direct frontal assault on both religious freedom and the Constitution of the United States, undercutting the very foundations on which they stand. This is a brief on the consequences of this momentous decision using “The Three Questions” from the U.S. Army Manual for addressing a crisis.  ...Read


7-2015 The Supreme Court and the Mark of the Beast by Rick Joyner  – 04/30/2015

   In Revelation 13 it is prophesied that at the end of the age there will be a false prophet that arises to prepare for and give power to one called “the beast.” This “beast” deceives the nations and requires all to take a mark, 666. Without this mark no one can “buy, sell, or trade.” This “mark of the beast” has been a dominant subject in eschatology (the study of biblical prophecies of the end of the age) since the first century, and many things have been called this that turned out not to be so. However, we know it will come, and it may be upon us.  ...Read


6-2015 “We will not obey”: Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage by Todd Starnes  – 04/30/2015

   “We will not obey.” That’s the blunt warning a group of prominent religious leaders is sending to the Supreme Court of the United States as they consider same-sex marriage.  ...Read


5-2015 British Home Secretary to Islamic Extremists by Soeren Kern  – 04/13/2015

   When the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the U.S. Congress, it was a rare example of courage, clarity, and candor in a political leader in these times. Here is another example from Theresa May, the Home Secretary for the U.K. - Rick Joyner   ...Read


4-2015 Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Threat by James Robison – 04/09/2015

   This concise and clear statement on the implications of the coming Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage could be the biggest blow in recent history to religious freedom in America. This may truly be what some are calling it--"A Bonhoeffer Moment." This is a must read for every Christian in America. - Rick Joyner   ...Read


3-2015 Pass the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act by Star Parker – 03/23/2015

   The Marriage and Religious Freedom Act was introduced in the last Congress—in the Senate by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) with eleven co-sponsors, and in the House by Representative Raul Labrador (R-ID) with ninety-two co-sponsors.   ...Read


2-2015 Taking Back Our Land by Rick Joyner – 02/17/2015

   I recently had the unexpected experience of leaving Washington, D.C. encouraged. I saw change, and in the right direction. I have never given up hope on the prevailing of the American Republic or the ultimate preservation of the Constitution, but I admit I had begun to lose hope that any fundamental solutions would come from Washington. For decades, every visit I made to Washington left me more concerned about our Federal Government. So to leave Washington encouraged was a new experience for me. How did it happen?  ...Read


1-2015 Jihadis Strike in Paris - US Response Demonstrates Continued Cluelessness by JG – 01/11/2015

   In another offensive against the West, two Muslim jihadis killed twelve (12) people in Paris yesterday at the offices of the satirical media outlet Charlie Hebdo. American Leaders responded by calling the attacks anything but Islamic jihad (or even terrorism).  ...Read


17-2014 The Oak Initiative 2.0: New Initiative with a Renewed Strategy? by Rick Joyner – 12/19/2014

   The Oak Initiative is poised to enter 2015 with serious traction. Even though we were hamstrung by the IRS’ illegal delay in granting our tax-exempt status, we did not waste our time, but laid the groundwork for being a force for the future. Now we’re ready to engage on a broad front with a new resolve and a renewed strategy. Our goals are lofty, but the great challenges of our times require boldness  ...Read


16-2014 What Are We Thinking? by Rick Joyner – 11/14/2014

   For some, including Rev. Robert H. Stewart, pastor of St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, that verse in Exodus tells us pretty much all we need to know about national borders, immigration policy, and the controversy over Barack Obama’s threat to use executive orders to provide 30 million green cards to illegal aliens living in the U.S. Father Stewart told his flock it’s time to look upon those spilling over into the U.S. from across the southern border with compassion. And who could argue with compassion and mercy?  ...Read


15-2014 What Bible Says About Illegal Immigration by Joseph Farah, Between the Lines – 11/06/2014

   For some, including Rev. Robert H. Stewart, pastor of St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, that verse in Exodus tells us pretty much all we need to know about national borders, immigration policy, and the controversy over Barack Obama’s threat to use executive orders to provide 30 million green cards to illegal aliens living in the U.S. Father Stewart told his flock it’s time to look upon those spilling over into the U.S. from across the southern border with compassion. And who could argue with compassion and mercy?  ...Read


14-2014 Hope & Change by Rick Joyner -11/05/2014

   No President has been so resoundingly rebuked by the American people as was done with the Elections of 2014. The House now has its largest majority in history, and its Republican. Republicans won control of the Senate. There are Republican governors in most states. On every level Republicans won a huge victory this year.   ...Read


13-2014 Peace That Prevails  by Rick Joyner – 10/29/2014

   The Oak Initiative was formed when three hundred Christian leaders from over a hundred different denominations, movements, and ministries, as well as Christian leaders of business, government, the military, education, and arts and entertainment came together for three days to address the great crises of our times. It was a remarkable and possibly unprecedented gathering. The level of wisdom and insight that flowed during this meeting was remarkable, as was our prediction accurate that we were entering a time of continuous and increasing crisis. The goal of that meeting was to determine how to prepare believers for these times, and how we could become the light we are called to be in the increasing darkness. In response to this, The Oak Initiative was formed.   ...Read


12-2014 Special Bulletin Correction and News by Rick Joyner– 7/18/2014

   Thanks for the comments I’ve been receiving on the more recent Oak Bulletin, The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Bedlam on the Border. They are very encouraging.  ...Read


11-2014 The Second Law of Thermodynamics & Bedlam On the Border by Rick Joyner– 7/16/2014

   What could the Second Law of Thermodynamics possibly have to do with the chaos on the U.S./Mexican border? It explains almost everything.  ...Read


10-2014 Iraq - I Told You So by Dr. Tom Barrett– 6/25/2014

   I hate to say, “I told you so,” but occasionally it is appropriate. The article below was written in 2005. The title was, “Iraq – Three Nations.” In it I predicted that once we left Iraq to its own devices, it would disintegrate. Now, in large part, thanks to the arrogance and shortsightedness of our president, Iraq is in flames.  ...Read


9-2014 Cantor's Victory by Rick Joyner– 6/17/2014

   Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat at the hands of a political unknown, David Brat, has been called “a political earthquake.” Earthquakes don’t build things. They do damage. However, earthquakes only damage what is not built strong enough to handle them. In this way, they reveal the true strength and condition of structures. Cantor’s defeat is revealing much about the Republican Party.  ...Read


8-2014 Cantor's Defeat by Rick Joyner– 6/11/2014 

    The news was shocking. Eric Cantor, the second most powerful Republican in Washington, was soundly defeated by a virtual unknown. Cantor is one of the two most visible faces of the Republican establishment. Cantor had vastly superior resources and far outspent his opponent in the Republican primary, Dave Brat.  ...Read


7-2014 Restoring The Republic - Part III by Rick Joyner– 5/27/2014

    Memorial Day Weekend is more than a special and important holiday—it is a key to restoring the Republic.

    As we have been covering, the crises in virtually every area have grown beyond human remedy. This is not to imply that we must not do all we can to address them, but it is to acknowledge that we need God. The Holy Spirit is “the Helper” not “the Doer,” so He expects us to do our part before He does His part. ...Read


6-2014 Ukraine Crisis: Part III by Rick Joyner– 3/12/2014

    The Ukraine Crisis and the Russian takeover of the Crimea continue to dominate the attention of the world and will likely have a big impact on world affairs for the future. It is not the first time this has happened with Crimea. To understand the present crisis and its potential impact on the future, a study of the impact of the Crimean War of 1853-1856 should be done. One of the main factors of this war was the conflict of the religions in the region, which will prove to be a major factor for the present conflict as well.

    The Crimean War is remembered most due to Florence Nightingale and the founding of modern nursing. However, as Philip Jenkins, Professor of History at Baylor University states. ...Read


5-2014 Ukraine Crisis: Part I and II by Rick Joyner– 3/6/2014

    I thought I'd give a quick update before going to bed. We arrived in Kiev late afternoon here and literally "hit the ground running."

    We walked down from our hotel to Maidan Square, where all the riots, demonstrations, and killings by government SWAT teams happened a couple of weeks ago. Peace and calm have been restored there now, since the former president has fled and a new acting president, a strong Christian, is in place. ...Read


4-2014 Tell the Truth Marc Nuttle– 2/11/2014

    I waited until this time after the President’s State of the Union message to file this report. I was hopeful that the President would have an honest discussion with the American public about the state of the union. He did not. By this, I am not making a statement about his politics. We can have a difference of opinion, and he can still give an honest answer from his viewpoint.

    On January 28th, the President delivered a political speech designed to obfuscate the issues in an attempt to distract from the big issues of the day that are affecting our great nation. It was a political speech meant to give local Democrats an issue upon which to run besides health care. It was an attempt to save the mid-term elections for liberals instead of standing above the fray and telling the American public the truth for their own preservation. ...Read


3-2014 Restoring The Republic - Part II by Rick Joyner– 2/5/2014

    In the first part of this series, we addressed how the most basic principle of democracy has been eroded in America: the value, sanctity, and integrity of the vote. Without the integrity of the vote, we no longer have democracy.

    We can have the best form of government and still have bad government, if we have people without integrity running it. We cannot expect those who would gain their position falsely to govern fairly, honestly, or without corruption. We will not rid our government of growing corruption without restoring the integrity of the vote. ...Read


2-2014 Confirmed: U.S. Chief Facilitator of Christian Persecution by Raymond Ibrahim– 1/24/2014

Prominent indicators confirm that the U.S. is the chief facilitator of the persecution of Christians around the world today.

According to the recently released 2014 World Watch List, which ranks the 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted, Syria is the third worst nation in the world in which to be Christian, Iraq is fourth, Afghanistan fifth, and Libya 13th. All four countries receive the strongest designation, “extreme persecution” (other designations are “severe,” “moderate,” and “sparse” persecution). ...Read


1-2014 Restoring The Republic - Part I by Rick Joyner – 1/21/2014

    For many years now we have been saying that each year would be more challenging than the last. I don’t think we have been wrong yet. What can we expect for 2014? It will be even more challenging too, but that does not mean it will not be a great year. Keeping in mind that victories don’t come without battles, and no great victories without great battles, this is the year we can expect some breakthroughs and a turning. Now is the time to see these crises/opportunities and prepare for them....Read


12-2013 The Straw That Breaks The Camel’s Back by Rick Joyner – 10/8/2013

    My warning about martial law coming to America has created many questions that deserve answers. I will address some of these here, as well as further clarifying what I am predicting, and what I am not predicting that some have assumed that I am. I will then address what is causing this crisis, and what we need to do to be prepared for it....Read


11-2013 Martial Law by Rick Joyner – 10/3/2013

    A recent MorningStar TV Prophetic Perspectives program that I did on how martial law is coming to America has created quite a stir. Some were outraged and some glad that the obvious had been stated. Both of these responses are understandable. The stir that was created by this is encouraging. I obviously touched a nerve, as even the national news picked it up. At least for a moment, a lot of people are alert and listening.

    In the New Testament, it is recorded over twenty times that Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” He also said, “Be careful how you hear” (see Mark 4:24). More often than most of us realize, what we hear passes through a mental filter that changes the message from what was actually said to what we think was said. In some of the responses I received about this program, it is obvious that this happened with many viewers, and that is understandable. I’m just thankful that they care enough to get mad about this....Read


10-2013 Freedom: Another Casualty of the Gay Agenda by Frank Turek, CP OP-ED Contributor – 08/29/2013

    If you think that same sex marriage and "non-discrimination" laws are all about love and tolerance, you couldn't be more wrong. A decision out of the New Mexico Supreme Court last week clearly shows why. The decision is itself intolerant and discriminatory.

   According to the Court, Christian photographer Elane Huguenin violated New Mexico's "non-discrimination" law by politely declining to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony. Although the lesbian couple that brought the complaint easily found another photographer, Elane Photography now must pay nearly $7,000 in court costs for merely exercising her First Amendment rights. ...Read


9-2013 The Oak Tree by Rick Joyner – 07/27/2013      

    Dear Oak Members: I want to give you a brief update on The Oak Initiative. You may have heard The Oak Initiative being mentioned in the news as one of the organizations targeted by the IRS. It is true that we filed for 501(c) 3 status years ago, and the IRS has not, to this day, taken action on it. This is a serious violation of their own rules. Of course, this had consequences in our being able to raise the resources to accomplish our purpose. However, we have resolved to just keep doing all that we can with what we have, and we have still be able to accomplish a lot.

    In Acts 2:17-18, we are told that “in the last days” the Lord will pour out His Spirit and the result will be prophetic revelation in the form of visions, dreams, and prophecies. The fact that these are increasing so dramatically in our time is being viewed by many as one of the signs that we are truly coming to the end of this age ...Read


8-2013 Understanding by Rick Joyner – 07/23/2013

    The word understanding came from the merging of two words, standing and under. The inference is that we cannot understand someone else until we stand in his or her place. To understand another, we must try to stop seeing from our perspective to see from theirs. With the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman tragedy, we have one of the greatest opportunities for understanding and a significant opportunity to gain a victory over racism.

    Racism is one of the ultimate evils of the human heart. This is because racism is rooted in two of the worst evils: fear and pride. We become a racist when we start seeing ourselves as superior because of our race or other external, superficial reasons. ...Read


7-2013 Too Big To See by Rick Joyner – 07/8/2013      

    At this writing, the saga of Edward Snowden still dominates the news. There may have never been a more poignant example of how easily our media and our elected representatives can take their eyes off the ball and begin to major on minors. Snowden may be a traitor, or he may be a hero, but he is not the real story here. Chasing after the story of Snowden’s plight is like trying to swat a gnat when there is a lion in the room about to pounce.

    No doubt Snowden revealed secret information illegally. That makes him a criminal, but the real issue is what he exposed: the truth that there has never been a more expansive and intrusive spying on its own citizens by a government in history, as ours is now doing to us. ...Read


6-2013 A Time For Courage by Rick Joyner – 06/12/2013      

    As the revelations of the last few weeks now make abundantly clear, our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and our freedom of religion may have never been in greater jeopardy than they are right now. The remainder of this year will likely determine whether we will remain a free people or succumb to a terrible tyranny.

    The scandals around Benghazi, the attacks on the press, and the IRS being used to target political enemies are some of the most shocking Federal Government overreaches in our history. Now we find these are only “the tip of the iceberg” of the assault on our ...Read


5-2013 The Boston Bombing-Coming to your Neighborhood by Rick Joyner – 04/30/2013      

    "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Will we learn from it or will it be repeated over and over? If we do not learn from this one in Boston, we can be sure we will get a chance to see it again, and again and again, and probably near us. ...Read


4-2013 Ineptocracy by Rick Joyner – 04/16/2013

    We think in words. For this reason, words have been the most powerful social force on earth, changing nations, forming cultures, and dismantling them. Dictionaries help establish the definitions of words, and a friend sent me this one that had recently been added to one of America’s foremost word authorities. ...Read


3-2013 Too Important Not To Investigate  – 02/12/2013     

    Former FBI special agent and Marine officer John Guandolo reports that CIA Director nominee John Brennan converted to Islam while serving in Saudi Arabia years ago. After watching the video and reading this Special Bulletin, please consider contacting your representatives and letting them know...Read


2-2013 The Demise of the Boy Scouts?  – 1/31/2013

     On June 28, 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the BSA has the legal right to “bar homosexuals from being troop leaders. The justices by a 5-4 vote overturned a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that the dismissal of a gay Scout leader had been illegal under the state's anti-discrimination law.”

    On July 17, 2012, the BSA announced it would retain its policy of prohibiting professed homosexuals to serve as Scouts or Scout leaders. This decision follows a nearly two- year-long examination, started in 2010, of the policy commissioned by the Chief Scout Executive and national president.   ...Read


1-2013 Has Democracy Failed? by Rick Joyner – 1/3/2013      

    “If you do not change your direction, you will end up where you are headed,” and America is now headed toward the end of democracy as we know it. It is not necessary and could still be avoided, but that is where we will soon end up if we do not change our direction.

    Our democracy has been tested many times and has prevailed. This has many feeling secure about our present crises, but never before have we faced the two main issues our Founders warned we could not survive as a Republic. Our democracy is now failing because we removed the firewalls the Founders put in place to keep from happening what is now happening.   ...Read


16-2012 A New Day by Rick Joyner – 11/8/2012      

    Why was it “the best of times and the worst of times?” We are living in precisely that situation now, and the best will get better, and the worst will get worse. Both are preparing this world for the age to come, and we are here to be the messengers, so we must understand our times.

    Every new day is filled with potential and challenges. When we learn that the challenges are where some of the greatest potential is, we are on the path to a great and truly victorious life. The Apostle Paul went “strengthening and encouraging the churches, declaring to them that it was through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God” (see Acts 14:22). Basically, he was saying that in every trial there is a door to the kingdom. That’s how we must approach the trials that come our way, looking at them as a door for us to enter the kingdom in an even greater way. This is why “the great tribulation” is the door through which the whole earth will enter the kingdom of God.   ...Read


15-2012 Let God’s People Go! by Bishop E.W Jackson – 09/20/2012      

       Jackson, a Marine Corps veteran, graduate of Harvard Law School and adjunct professor of law, is echoing the words of Moses in a campaign to persuade Christians of all races that the time has come for a wholesale exodus of Christians from the Democrat Party.

     The former candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia points to what he calls the Democrat party's “cult-like devotion” to abortion; the rejection of the traditional biblical model of family; the hostility hurled at those who express a Christian viewpoint such as Chick-fil-A president and Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy; the actions of organizations such as the ACLU and the Foundation For Freedom From Religion in suing cities and towns for displaying crosses at memorials or mentioning the name Jesus in prayer at official events.   ...Read


14-2012 Signs of A Great Awakening by Rick Joyner – 09/4/2012      

     For the next three months the eyes of the nation and much of the world will be on the U.S. elections. Seldom has there been a more clear distinction between the candidates for President or our two main political parties. This election will be the most important in our lifetime, but there is something even greater on the radar screen—the signs of another Great Awakening can now be seen. We do not want to distract from such an important election, but what is building will trump any election in importance.

     An eagle must have a left and right wing to fly, and so must America. Over the last four years we have been pulled hard to the left, and the country is going to swing back to the right now. This is shaping up to be the most brutal U.S. election in a century, but who would have thought one of the defining moments would be centered around a fast food restaurant chain owner?   ...Read


13-2012 A National Check-Up Part IV by Rick Joyner – 07/24/2012  

     If we were just judging this on the traditional, institutional media it would be a 2 with the trend going down. The reason for the higher rating with the positive trend is because the meltdown of credibility of the traditional media has opened the door wide for new media sources. These new sources continue to gain market share, especially those that are devoted to integrity and resist political bias. These are not only getting better at their craft, they are also bringing more accountability to all media. It is not surprising that “alternative” news sources are now the number one source of news and information for Americans. There are few countries in the world where their national news media is the main source of the people’s news and information because of obvious bias.

     In the golden age of journalism, reporters and anchors were expected to keep their own prejudices out of the story, but now spin is the norm. As this has progressed the credibility of journalism has spun downward. This indicates an important fact traditional media has been slow to grasp—with all of the information sources available like the Internet, people are far more informed  ...Read


12-2012 Dazed & Confused by Rick Joyner – 06/29/2012    

     The title of this old Led Zeppelin song seems appropriate for the way many took the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare. The immediate comments I heard when the ruling came down, were “shocked,” “betrayed,” “scary.”  Is there any part of our government that we can trust anymore? 
    The decision itself was a shock, but the rationale behind it written by Chief Justice Roberts was even more incomprehensible. No one expected Roberts to side with the liberals on the court, but if he, or any of the other conservatives did one would expect there to be some profound and previously unforeseen wisdom behind it. There was not. In fact, the reasoning is so flawed that it baffled conservatives and liberals alike. This is no small matter, but this reasoning could potentially open the biggest gate of hell into our nation and culture by the Supreme Court since Roe v. Wade. ...Read

11-2012 A National Check-Up Part III by Rick Joyner – 05/22/2012     

    This is a brief on the third of seven main crises threatening our country. As a reminder, the Health Meter goes from 1 being the lowest and most dangerous, to 10 being the highest and healthiest. The Trend Arrow is for a quick reference rating with UP for getting healthier, and DOWN for getting worse. These will be followed by a commentary to explain the ratings. 
    Our economy may have never been in a weaker and more vulnerable state than it is now, but in this state it has been revealed just how remarkably strong and resilient it is. In spite of all the blows that it has taken and the incomprehensible burdens our government has put on it, it is still chugging along. Even so, we should not presume that this will last. It is vulnerable and little is being done to lead it to a more stable and safe place....Read

10-2012 A National Check-Up Part II by Rick Joyner – 05/22/2012     

    This is a brief on the second of seven main crises threatening our country. As a reminder, the Health Meter goes from 1 being the lowest and most dangerous, to 10 being the highest and healthiest. The Trend Arrow is for a quick reference rating with UP for getting healthier, and DOWN for getting worse. These will be followed by a commentary to explain the ratings. 

    Our economy may have never been in a weaker and more vulnerable state than it is now, but in this state it has been revealed just how remarkably strong and resilient it is. In spite of all the blows that it has taken and the incomprehensible burdens our government has put on it, it is still chugging along. Even so, we should not presume that this will last. It is vulnerable and little is being done to lead it to a more stable and safe place....Read


09-2012 A National Check-Up by Rick Joyner – 05/8/2012   

    This Bulletin is the first of regular evaluation check-ups on each of these. We’ll lay a foundation by making a separate report for each one, beginning with the Spiritual/Moral and continuing in the order listed above. We’ll then make follow-up reports that will be much briefer but especially addressing current events and trends.

    The Health Meter goes from 1 being the lowest and most dangerous, to 10 being the highest and healthiest. The Trend Arrow is for a quick reference rating with UP for getting healthier, and DOWN for getting worse. These will be followed by a commentary to explain the ratings. 

    The Oak Initiative now has members in over 160 nations. As reporting stations are developed in these nations, we will include those reports, but we will begin with the United States where we have the most information. However, many of the trends in the U.S. can be applied to many other nations, but this should not be assumed. ...Read


08-2012 The Heartbeat Bill by Janet Porter – 04/27/2012    

    Most of you have heart about the ‘HeartBeat Bill’ currently being presented in Ohio, USA. In the same manner that Virginia has challenged the NDAA resulting in other states following their lead, we believe that a Win in Ohio against Abortion will pave the way for victories across America.  For more details on the HeartBeat Bill and what you can do, click the links below.

    The following is from one of our Oak Initiative Board Members, Janet Porter – founder of Faith2Action.org

    We are making an impact! and are getting the Senate’s attention after our first ad generated massive response. The pressure is building on them to bring this to a vote. Don’t let up now! We ask you to call: ask what steps are being taken to bring the Heartbeat Bill to a vote. Let them know you are concerned that they might gut the bill by removing key aspects of it that protect the baby’s life and turn it into an “informed consent” bill. ...Read


07-2012 Obama's Attack On The Church by Craig Bannister – 04/20/2012    

    In a homily last Saturday, Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, warned Catholics that Pres. Obama “seems intent on following a similar path” as Hitler and Stalin – and that Obama’s “radical, pro-abortion, secularist agenda could shut down “all our public ministries.”

    In his homily, “A Call to Catholic Men of Faith,” Peoria, Ill., Bishop Jenky explains that government attacks against Christians have been going on for centuries, even in countries like Italy, Germany, and France:

    “Remember that in past history other governments have tried to force Christians to huddle and hide only within the confines of their churches like the first disciples locked up in the Upper Room. ...Read


06-2012 Death by Paper Cuts by Rick Joyner – 03/16/2012    

   When Europeans start chiding America for our overregulation, we should know we’ve crossed a Rubicon. A recent article in The Economist about the suffocating of the U.S. economy by overregulation was brilliant, insightful, and true. It begins with a few examples of how ridiculous the micromanaging of our lives by government has now become, such as:

The Florida law that requires vending machine labels with a phone number for the public to call to report if the label is not there.
The Federal Railroad Admin that requires an “F” to be painted on the front of trains so you can tell which end it is.
The Bethesda, Maryland Ordinance to shut down children’s lemonade stands that do not have a license.
   These are just a few of the thousands of laws that are now stacked on top of each other and codified into choking red tape that is grinding the most powerful economic engine ever created to a crawl...Read

05-2012 The President & The Prophet: Obama’s Unusual Encounter with Eric Metaxas – 03/02/2012    

   If the organizers of the national prayer breakfast ever want a sitting president to attend their event again, they need to expect that any leader in his right mind is going to ask — no, demand — that he be allowed to see a copy of the keynote address that is traditionally given immediately before the president’s.

  That’s how devastating was the speech given by a little known historical biographer named Eric Metaxas, whose clever wit and punchy humor barely disguised a series of heat-seeking missiles that were sent, intentionally or not, in the commander-in-chief’s direction.

Although Obama began his address directly after Metaxas by saying, “I’m not going to be as funny as Eric but I’m grateful that he shared his message with us,” both his tone and speech itself were flat, and he looked as though he wished he could either crawl into a hole or have a different speech in front of him...Read


04-2012 A New Breed of Leader – 02/28/2012

   What would the perfect President be like? What would the perfect Senator or Congressman be like? Of course, we do not have perfect people to choose from for these positions, but if we set the standard of what we're looking for, and then start looking for the right people to fill the positions, we would likely end up with much better leaders than we have now.    This is how Ronald Reagan was found. Conservative movements began looking for what they needed in a candidate rather than just looking at the available pool, who at the time, were clamoring to be chosen. Reagan was not a perfect President, but he seemed to be the perfect one for the times. Under his leadership, the nation not only emerged from its worst economic problems in half a century, but vision and hope for an even greater future were restored. It was this faith that ultimately unraveled the power of our greatest enemy-the Soviet Union. Nearly two decades of prosperity followed until the recipe for this was forgotten....Read


03-2012 The Summit – 02/15/2012  

     On February 9-11, we hosted the 2012 Oak Initiative Summit. It was an exceptional gathering with many calling it the best yet. It began with a stunning presentation by Kevin Freeman, the author of Secret Weapon, which well deserves its present rise on the New York Times bestseller list. It is a brilliant and scholarly work on one of the greatest threats to America in these times—economic terrorism.

     It is well-known that events like the 2008 stock market crash were caused by someone trying to do great harm to America. On an otherwise normal day, suddenly more than five hundred and fifty billion dollars was pulled out within just one hour, and the ensuing cascade led to the Fed declaring an emergency and shutting the trading down after estimating that five trillion would be pulled out in just a matter of hours. Congressman Jankowski related the following about the briefing Congress was given on the event, “We almost lost our entire economy and government.”...Read


02-2012 Campaign 2012 – 01/12/2012    

   The response to my evaluation of the candidates on our TV show and in a previous Bulletin was far more than I was expecting. After having received many requests for an update, this is it.

   Of course, these are my personal perspectives, and we “see in part, and know in part,” so I do not claim to have the complete picture. The following is what I see at this time concerning the 2012 Presidential candidates, and then I will address the campaign itself. 

Michele Bachmann

    Even though she has dropped out of the race, her campaign offers some important insights into the political landscape of this time. She is brilliant and insightful. She is a strong, tenacious, and uncompromising leader with a strong moral compass who could be an effective President one day, and maybe even a great one. I think the war between she and Pawlenty killed both of their chances for this time, though it took the tenacious Bachmann a lot...Read


01-2012 'A Year Like No Other' – 01/11/2012   

   This could be the best year of our lives. It will also likely be the most challenging. It’s not either/or, but both. Many ultimate issues will be determined this year. They can be determined in a way that gets us back on the path of greater peace, stability, and prosperity. They could also be determined in a way that leads to the worst economic and political meltdown in history. Even if this is the case, if we’re prepared to resist the tyranny that always seeks to gain entrance in such times, this could be a reset, a kind of jubilee that enables us to return to the foundations of our greatness and strength.

   One thing is for sure: We may die of a lot of things, but boredom will not be one of them! The Mayans saw 2012 as the end of the world. In a way they may be right—it could be the end of the world as we know it. Key civilization markers are pointing to this year being one of the great demarcation points in history.  ...Read


16-2011 The End if Near – 11/28/2011   

   The end of America as we know it is near. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. We are at the place where we will return to the remarkable and wise foundations on which the nation was built, or we will cease to be a Republic at all. Which it will be will likely be determined in 2012.

   This is not to say that this will happen next year, but the choices we make over the next year will determine how we end up, and then we will get there very fast. Remember the saying, “If you do not change your direction, you will end up where you are headed”? We are now headed toward an ultimate collapse and meltdown of America as we know it. If this happens, we will not just morph into some European style socialism. As we can see, that is failing too. The alternative is the worst kind of totalitarian tyranny.

   The 2012 elections will no doubt be the most important of our lifetime and maybe our history. Even so, all of the choices that will determine our future are not just about the elections. Our government is in crisis, and if radical change does not come next year, we will not survive as a Republic much longer.  ...Read


15-2011 Brain Freeze – 11/11/2011 

    It was a historic brain freeze. It was so dramatic that it eclipsed the sexual harassment allegations being made against Herman Cain and child sex abuse charges that have rocked Penn State University.

   There never may have been a brain freeze in history more extraordinary or embarrassing than Gov. Rick Perry's at the November 9 Republican Presidential Debate when he could not remember the third department of the Federal Government he would eliminate as President. It is very likely that this clip will be played over and over for as long as we have Presidential campaigns. It is already being assumed that it cost Perry any hope of capturing the Republican nomination. Has it?  ...Read


14-2011 A Teaching Moment – 10/27/2011     

   I received a good number of emails with questions about Herman Cain’s recent statement, or misstatement, on abortion. In an interview he claimed to be prolife, but then took the basic pro-choice position that it is the right of the person and the family who is involved to decide whether to have an abortion, not the government. This implies that there should be no laws made by the government restricting the taking of human life. This is a very wrong position on a most crucial issue, but it did not come as a big surprise to me. Why?

   I’m not surprised because I had such a superficial and misguided understanding of abortion myself for a long time. Even after I had been a pastor for more than a decade, I still held the same position and did not see the contradiction in it. I’m not justifying this, but using this to illuminate something that could be the key to turning the whole tide to the prolife cause. ...Read


13-2011 There is Hope – 10/21/2011

   The debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night obviously caused significant alarm among Republicans. The bickering and fighting among most of the candidates hit a new, and very discouraging low. As David Gergen said afterwards, President Obama was the biggest winner of that debate. There was no doubt much rejoicing in the White House as they watched this one.

   Though this debate may not have been fatal to any one candidate, it was no doubt a major setback to all of them, and to the Republican Party. As a conservative, and a Republican, I was deeply grieved by this debate, and I do not doubt that we will be seeing video clips of this debate from the Democratic Party and Obama campaign in ads through the election. Even so, there is hope! ...Read


12-2011 Crystal Night Remembered – 10/07/2011

   In just over a month from now, on November 10, 2011, many of our neighbors will remember a painful day from their past – to them it is known as 'Kristallnacht' or 'Crystal Night'. As Edmond Burke stated, “Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.” What took place on November 9-10, 1938 brings the story of Crystal Night into our present and it is now our responsibility to remember. The horrors it released across Europe carried Western Civilization into some of its most uncivilized times. This must never be forgotten so that it may never be repeated.

   On "Crystal Night," or "The Night of the Broken Glass," Jewish homes, shops and synagogues were ransacked across Germany, and many were burned, as storm troopers and civilians attacked Jewish property with sledgehammers, rocks and anything with which they could cause damage. Ninety-one Jews were killed and 30,000 Jewish men were taken to concentration camps, beginning the atrocity that would eventually lead to the murder of six million Jews - one of the darkest times in human history....    ...Read


11-2011 The Candidates – 10/04/2011

   The most frequently asked question that I receive is for my opinion of the Republican Presidential candidates. There is much evidence that people are more engaged in the process this time and have a resolve to know the candidates. Many believe that President Obama did not get vetted by the media or even his challengers, and there is good evidence the citizens of the U.S. will not allow that to happen again. This engagement is cause for hope.

   The following is a brief personal perspective of the present candidates. This is personal, and may or may not be the view of the other leaders or members of The Oak Initiative. I hope you find them useful, and I will give them in alphabetical order.

Michele Bachmann

   I first met Michele Bachmann at a lunch that Gen. Boykin and I had with about twenty conservative congressional leaders in early 2009. At the time, I had never seen or heard of her, but after the lunch I told Gen. Boykin that she and Mary Fallin (now Governor of Oklahoma) had more leadership than...    ...Read


10-2011 Suspend the Elections - Blow the Trumpets – 10/02/2011     

   It was Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, and the day I first heard North Carolina Democratic Governor Bev Perdue suggest that constitutional elections should be suspended. The reason being floated for suspending the elections was so that politicians could concentrate on the seriousness of the national problems rather than putting effort into being reelected. Even to suggest such an idea is chilling and ought to be sobering. While it is not unexpected considering the people who are currently in power, it is none the less disturbing.

I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover, I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.” Governor Bev Perdue. (article)

This is nothing to joke about. In the first few months of the present administration many conversations were already being held about the next election and the presidential election of 2012. I recall hearing one prophetic voice,    ...Read

  9-2011 House On The Rock or House On Fire – 08/15/2011     
  "But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." Luke 21:28  

“These things” that the Lord referenced here all seem to all be unfolding now. As declared in Hebrews 12:26-27, “everything that can be shaken will be shaken,” and everything is now being shaken. Even the most powerful, stable, and wealthy nation on earth is tottering on the edge of collapse. According to the verse above, our response should be the following: 1) “straighten up”, and 2) “lift up our heads” because our redemption is near.

To “straighten up” is what our parents used to tell us when we were getting out of line. It means the same thing here. We must put off the sin, dissipation and lukewarm spirit to walk uprightly before the Lord.

To “lift up our heads” implies walking in encouragement, and boldness. Where does this boldness and encouragement come from? We’re told in Proverbs 28:1 that “…. the righteous are bold as a lion.” Again, “the righteous” are those who do what is right in the sight of the Lord. There is no greater peace, joy, or confidence that we can have more than knowing that we are right with the Lord.    ...Read


8-2011 The House Is On Fire – 06/12/2011

   When I opened one of my news apps this past Sunday morning, these headlines jumped out at me:
          The Dow Has Longest Weekly Slump Since 2004
          Housing Prices Fall Beats Great Depression Slide
          Florida Couple Forecloses on Bank
          China Divests 97% of Holdings in U.S. Treasuries
          More Americans Think Economy Will Never Recover

   We predicted at our New Year’s Conference that 2011 would be one of the most intense and dangerous years of our lifetime, but I did not think it would qualify for this by April. One friend said that he lived in a town that had been so devastated by the economy that when a tornado recently hit, it did 6 million dollars worth of improvements!

   Certainly we are in troubled times, and though there will be respites, we must be prepared for the times or we will be consumed by them. If we are prepared for them, every crisis can be an opportunity. In spite of the seemingly overwhelming challenges we are now facing as a nation, and the prevailing sense that America is in decline, this could be our best chance to return    ...Read


7-2011 A Resolution for Israel – 05/23/2011

   The events of this past week make the Oak Initiative’s Board Resolution to publish a position on Israel even more timely and imperative. We would not be too dramatic to say that a Rubicon has been crossed and that we are at a major demarcation point in our history.

   In a most shocking and reprehensible way, America betrayed one of its most faithful and important allies, Israel. Not only has our President placed one of America’s best friends in the world in jeopardy of her very survival, stating that as a basis for peace in the Middle East Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders, but as history testifies, what we do to Israel comes back on us for good or evil just as the Lord promised. Those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. If this proposal stands, we have no doubt put our own nation in jeopardy as well.    ...Read


6-2011 Dollars and Sense – 04/08/2011     

   For months now, we have lingered on the edge of either a government shutdown or another stopgap measure to keep the government going for another few weeks of indecision on the part of our leaders. They are haggling over somewhere between $10 and $30 billion in cuts. The higher number is what our government runs up in deficits about every five days! This is even worse than trying to use an aspirin to cure brain cancer.

  The basic responsibility of Congress is to provide the Federal government a budget. For the last two years, Congress passed just about every kind of bill but a budget. Now the Democrats are trying to pin the needed cuts on Republicans, and the Republicans are trying to avoid the political fallout from it. While they box so as to beat the air, a far more devastating problem is creeping up that none of our leaders seem to see coming.    ...Read


5-2011 The Middle East and the Midwest – 02/23/2011     

  The Middle East has erupted like a chain of volcanoes with dissent pouring forth in nearly every Muslim country in the region. Mubarak’s regime in Egypt fell faster than seemed possible, encouraged by the regime change that protestors were able to accomplish in Tunisia. Other regimes will likely fall in coming weeks, if not days.

  The Middle East has been the source of unending trouble for the world with its many religious, political, and economic challenges. Even though there is presently so much confusion and turmoil,    ...Read


4-2011 "Triumph of Democracy" in Egypt? – 02/16/2011     

   It is easy to fall in with the euphoria that now has taken hold in the aftermath of Hosni Mubarak's resignation yesterday. Already people in America and in the Middle East are exulting over the "triumph of democracy" in Egypt.

   So it is perhaps not popular for some like me, to sound the alarm bell. Doing so does not mean I applaud the Mubarak government and its thirty years in power. It foes mean that I see plenty of dangers ahead    ...Read


3-2011 Terrorism and Liberty – 02/12/2011     

   At the conclusion of World War II American citizens demanded and received a return to normalcy that included lifting all restrictions upon their rights and choices. This was also the case in every previous declared war. In order to win in war citizens understand the need for sacrifice which sometimes includes temporary limitations on the normal rights of individuals, but when the war ends so do those limitations. Our fathers and mothers as part of what has been called the Greatest Generation    ...Read


2-2011 What is Wrong with Sharia Law? – 02/04/2011     

   With the massive demonstrations threatening to topple the government in Egypt and several other Muslim nations in the Middle East, a great concern for the rest of the world has been the potential for The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) to seize power. Until recently little was known or understood about the shadowy MB in America and much of the west, but in the last few years it has been the subject of so many articles, books, and lectures that it is now becoming very well known, and understood. This awareness has gone up very dramatically in just the last couple of weeks with its almost constant mention on the news in relation to the meltdown    ...Read


1-2011 Our Devotion and Resolve – 01/19/2011

   I began saying in 2006 that every election from now on will be more important than the previous elections. This includes mid-terms. I think this has proven accurate. I have also been saying that each year would get even more intense, and I think this has been true, and will continue to be. I am not saying this to vindicate myself, but to affirm how important it is for us to know the times, and to be prepared for them. Those who have been drawn to The Oak Initiative have tended to be mature enough to face the reality of the times and issues, and also have the resolve and courage to do what they   ...Read


World Changing Events – 12/14/2010

The following are world events now unfolding that have the potential to have a major impact on our times.

The message of the 2010 elections not heard by Obama or Congress. If the deal worked out between the Republican leadership in congress and President Obama is an indication of the kind of change that the 2010 elections are going to result in then it appears not to be much.

  ANALYSIS: Tea Party leaders are already blasting both the President and the Republican leadership for not hearing the people last month. If this bill is any indication of the change so many went to the polls to see, it does not appear that much will come from the effort...     ...Read  

World Changing Events – 11/30/2010

The following are world events now unfolding that have the potential to have a major impact on our times.

WikiLeaks complicates U.S. foreign policy. More than 200,000 pages of classified and sensitive U.S. State Department documents being opened to the world by WikiLeaks.

  ANALYSIS: This will no doubt complicate U.S. foreign policy, and insult a number of foreign leaders, but will likely not do any permanent or deep damage to our foreign relations. Worse than what is in these documents is the embarrassment that there...     ...Read  

Remembering Crystal Night – 11/10/2010     

   It will always be our responsibility to remember. As Edmond Burke stated, “Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.” What took place on this date, November 10, seventy-three years ago, brings the story of “Crystal Night”. The horrors it released across Europe carried Western Civilization into some of its most uncivilized times. This must never be forgotten so that it may never be repeated.     ...Read


The End of The Beginning:   "The Cabin Dream" – 11/04/2010

   On November 2 the people of the United States spoke very loudly and very clearly—refuting the Obama agenda. There is reason to hope again and to expect the kind of changes that most Americans do believe in—freedom, smaller, less intrusive government, lower taxes, and sound management of the people’s trust and resources. It was a very encouraging victory, but by no means the end of the fight—it is the beginning. Too many times Christians have seen their candidates take office, and have gone back to sleep while the slide into the moral and economic mire we are now in continued. We are too close to the precipice to let this happen again.   ...Read


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