Special Bulletins

Special Bulletin 18-2015         America's Awakener - The Greatest Christian Life        

America's Awakener - The Greatest Christian Life (By Rick Joyner) -  For a time, George Whitefield was one of the most widely recognized names in the world. ....

Special Bulletin 17-2015         How Far We Have Fallen        

How Far We Have Fallen (By Rick Joyner) - In the core foundations a society is built on, America is in a decline. ....


Special Bulletin 16-2015         What’s Happening?        

What’s Happening? (By Rick Joyner) - Who won the recent debate? I watched it with a room full of politically savvy and engaged people....

Special Bulletin 15-2015         Black Churches Stand Behind Kim Davis        

NBCI’s 34,000 Black Churches Stand Behind Kim Davis’ Conviction in God’s Authority (Press Release)The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI)is speaking out in strong support of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis...

Special Bulletin 14-2015         Charlie Daniels’ Open Letter to Congress        

Charlie Daniels’ Open Letter to Congress (by Charlie Daniels)  -  I am a proud American who believes that America has held—and still holds—a very sensitive and special place in the affairs of mankind on Planet Earth.

Special Bulletin 13-2015         National Protest Against Planned Parenthood        

Saturday August 22 – National Protest against Planned Parenthood - On Saturday August 22nd there will be protests across the United States at virtually every Planned Parenthood clinic.

Special Bulletin 12-2015         A Clear Trumpet Call        

A Clear Trumpet Call (by Rick Joyner)  -  I was talking to a currency trader for a major insurance company recently, and he was sharing how the rules of currency trading have changed.

Special Bulletin 11-2015         Updates on Businesses Under Fire        

Tony Perkins gives and update on two businesses under fire for their Christian stance on marriage.

Special Bulletin 10-2015         A Fresh Move of God Is Upon Us        

"I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness-secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name." (Isaiah 45:3)

Special Bulletin 09-2015         Is America ruled by supreme "despots"?        

Have the fifty States been reduced to one United STATE run by five supreme despots? Popular culture describes America as a democracy. Scholars clarify it is a constitutional republic. But actually, America is neither. It is being run as a despotism.

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