OL10-The Eagle Is Molting

September 06, 2011

The Eagle Is Molting
by Rick Joyner

     As Sammy Rodriguez shared in one of our first Oak Summits, we are not following the donkey or the elephant, but we will follow the Lamb. This has been our resolve. Even so, it would be disingenuous to not admit that the majority of Oak members are conservative and Republican. However, we do have many who consider themselves independents, and quite a few who are registered Democrats. For these we are thankful. An eagle needs a right wing and a left wing to fly, and so does America.

     From time to time eagles go through a molting process when they lose their feathers so that new ones can grow. This is a time of weakness and great vulnerability for an eagle. For some of this time they cannot hunt and therefore don’t eat. Even so, when they come through this they are renewed and like a young bird again physically, but having their age and experience they are much better than a young bird. America is going through such a time now, but we will be renewed. We will come through all that we’re dealing with stronger and better than ever.

New American Leadership

     Though it does seem that we are now in times of the most severe lack of leadership in virtually every field from business, to government, to the church, this is also the greatest opportunity for a new breed of leadership to arise. Jesus said that the wise bring forth from their treasures things both old and new (see Matthew 13:52). The new breed that has a strong vision of the future, but also has strong roots in our history and our founding documents, will be the strongest of all.

     The Obama Administration has severely weakened the devotion of many Democrats to their party, but the GOP is not seen as much of an alternative. Many members of the GOP have been discouraged with their party for even longer than Democrats have been with their own, but both parties have been a disappointment. What we need now is not a turning to the GOP (Grand Old Party), but to a GNP (Grand New Party). I am not advocating a third party, but a renewed Republican Party with new leadership and new vision for the future.

     There is need for new vision and leadership in both the Democratic and Republican parties. The Democratic Party thought they were getting this with Obama, and even many Republicans who were discouraged with the GOP thought he should be given a chance. Now President Obama’s approval rating is breaking records in the wrong direction almost weekly. The only reason why his approval rating is still in the 30s is because so many people hate to admit they were wrong, and there are many diehards who are taking a while to follow the rest of the country. Even so, it is likely his approval rating will soon be in the 20s, just like President Bush before him.

     This may be an unprecedented opportunity for the Republican Party if it can truly renew itself with a new leadership and new vision. The Obama Administration may have wasted the powerful terms “change” and “hope” for the Democratic Party for a very long time, but the whole country is still desperate for real change that is in the right direction and a hope that does not disappoint.

The Trap

     I’ve studied leadership and management for nearly 30 years, and President Obama does have some very strong leadership capabilities. However, they are coupled with some very weak ones that virtually assure any leader of ultimate failure. This weakness could be summed up in the saying that “He who is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else.” No great leader is prone to making excuses or blame shifting. The great ones do not shift blame for failures even if they could because they do not want to waste the time or mental energy on it but rather press on.

     Whether people have studied the psychology of leadership or not, they know instinctively that when a leader is prone to making excuses they are void of what it takes to be an effective leader. Blame shifting is a character flaw, and when a leader starts to do it then that leader is in over their heads. For the Obama Administration to still be blaming the Bush Administration for our problems has caused even his base to start drifting away.

     Without a major stumble on the part of the Republican Party, Obama is unlikely to get re-elected. However, both parties have shown themselves capable of such stumbling, so we would be foolish to count Obama out.

     So who should the Republicans nominate? It is still time to evaluate more than just policy positions. Certainly these are important and basic, but there is far more to leadership than just standing on the right side of the issues. To lead requires a strong moral compass that will stay on course through the storms of opposition and setbacks. It takes knowledge, wisdom, courage, endurance, and the resolve to make progress, not excuses.

     It is also not very encouraging to see the candidates try to build a following just by attacking Obama or the congress. As another saying goes, “Any jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a skillful carpenter to build one.” We don’t need a leader who can only see what’s gone wrong, but we need one with a clear and workable vision for what can be done right to get us going again.

     To look for the perfect candidate is also dangerous. That’s what the White Star Line did when they sought a captain for the Titanic. They chose Captain Smith because he had never had an accident at sea. As both Scripture and history teach, the greatest leaders are forged in the fires of adversity, and a lot of that adversity was caused by their own mistakes. The Book of Proverbs says, “A righteous man falls seven times, but rises yet again” (see Proverbs 24:16).The courage and resolve of one who has experienced failure, defeat, falling on their face, but gets back up and keeps pressing on, is the righteous, or the right one.


     A primary goal of The Oak Initiative is to inspire and help equip Christians to be the salt and light that we are called to be. The Oak was born out of a concern by Christian leaders for the growing crises in America and we really were not expecting many in other nations to be interested. We were wrong. The Oak has now spread to 164 other countries.

     We too are very thankful for these Oak Members and friends from around the world, and though The Oak is presently American centric because of the great and rising crises here, The Great Commission was to disciple nations not just individuals. We do want to have a love and concern for all nations. Many are in even greater crises than America. As The Oak matures, I think you will see a greater international flavor to it. We would also like to hear more about how The Oak has helped you in your country if you are not American and how we might help you more in the future.

     Our primary goal to inspire and equip is one reason why we decided to circulate the Team B II Report: Shariah, The Threat to America chapter by chapter as the main communication to our members for a time. We cannot understand some of the most basic issues and crises of our times without understanding Islam and Shariah law. This is now a major issue virtually around the world.

     The Team B II Report is the most professional, accurate, and comprehensive study of the subject that we have found. It was compiled by some of our top intelligence professionals who did not have a religious agenda. It is balanced and fair, and to date without a single peer level challenge to its accuracy and fairness. I hope that you have all taken advantage and read the sections we sent out each week. If you did you now have a very good basic knowledge of what is already one of the most important issues of the times and will only become more so in the future.

     We have other resources that we want to distribute on the important issues of our times. We will usually send them at a very digestible rate of one chapter a week. We also send out other Special Bulletins and communications that we think are timely and important, but we’re also trying to be sensitive not to overload you. There is a lot going on in the world on any given day, and we know we can’t all keep up with everything. For this reason, we are trying to send only the most high quality and brief material that is easy to understand and can be quickly absorbed.

     We’ve also let a few things go out to our Oak members that slipped through our filters. They may have been true but did not meet the high standards for credibility or the class and dignity we are seeking to uphold. One of these was my fault, which was the diatribe on Michelle Obama’s extravagant spending of taxpayer money on her vacations. I would not have sent it if I did not think this was true, and I still do think that the Obama’s extravagant lifestyle at the expense of taxpayers is far out of bounds, especially with the hard times so many are going through now. Even so, the piece that was sent out was also out of bounds in being too disrespectful, and I apologize for subjecting you to this.


     The Christian Information Service is still in its formative and planning stages, but it is already becoming a source of vital information. This will take much more definition after the first of the year.

     The Power Communications Seminar we hosted with Lance Wallnau was a great success, and we have received great feedback from the two Writer’s Seminars we hosted. We are in the planning stages of adding a Leadership Seminar with Gen. Boykin and Marc Nuttle. These are all small, limited to about 30 people so there can be a lot of personal interaction, and to date they have all been even better than we were hoping. These are all a part of The Oak Institute that we are developing, but could already be some of the best training of this type that can be found anywhere. You’ll be hearing more about this too.

     Please also check out all of the resources on our new Oak Channel at http://www.morningstartv.com/oak-initiative . We are constantly posting new ones and a fair percentage has gone viral. Some of the Republican Presidential candidates have expressed an interest in speaking at our home church and these messages can be seen live at http://www.morningstartv.com. They will also be posted on our Oak site. Both our Oak Channel and Morningstar TV are IPTV protocols so that you can find and look at any program when it is convenient for you.

Coming Attractions

     We decided not to have the Oak Summit last month because there were so many other events we felt would be beneficial to our members that we did not want to detract from. We also only want to hold a Summit when we feel we need to mobilize for a significant initiative. The next one will likely be the biggest and most important yet, and we will give you the dates just as soon as we have them.

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