Vol. 1 No. 13

December 29, 2009

Dear OAK Members,

     Congratulations to all who survived 2009! May 2010 be the best year of your life! It really can be, and we’re expecting it to be. That does not mean that there will not be difficulties, but we know the One who is over all of them, and is the Answer to every human problem. He upholds the universe with His power, and will be glad to help us. The Holy Spirit moved upon the chaos in the beginning, and look what a great place He made out of it. So remember, regardless of how much chaos there is, He can not only deal with it, but make something very beautiful out of it.

     This is the last letter of 2009, and you will notice a change with the next one. As we have just been getting started, these first letters have mostly covered general philosophy, principles, and purposes of The Oak. We’ve been waiting for the New Year to make a shift. In a number of ways this coming year may be the most important in our lifetime. We intend to go into it with clear vision and


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