Vol. 2 No. 10

April 02, 2010

Dear Oak Member,

     If you enjoy the intensity of living in perpetual crisis, we are certainly living in a “target rich environment” now. Hardly a week goes by in which something does not arise that threatens our way of life, or our life itself. When it did not seem that it could get much worse after the passage of the Healthcare Reform Bill that threatens many of our basic freedoms as Americans, a major crisis arises in our foreign policy that has the potential to threaten world peace. That is the crisis in relations between America and one of our most loyal, and strategically important allies—Israel.

     The unprecedented and disgracefully bad treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister by our President in the White House highlights just how bad these relations have gotten. The President not only made unconscionable demands of Israel to start a new peace process, but actually left the Prime Minister and his aides alone to work on the demanded concessions while he went upstairs to eat

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