Vol. 2 No. 7

March 02, 2010

Dear Oak Member

     I waited to write this letter after the President's Healthcare Summit was over. Both sides did well at expressing their positions on the issue, and both sides made some good points. However, neither side addressed one of the main reasons why the nation has risen in protest of this billgovernment incompetence to manage anything at this time, much less something as complicated as healthcare. There are other important issues, but this is a big one that it does not seem either side is seeing.

     To trust the government to run something as complicated as our healthcare system would no doubt result in one of biggest tragedies of our times, and could quickly begin to cause more suffering and death than any war we have fought as a nation. That is no exaggeration. That is what is at stake in this debate. Do we want to trust our healthcare system to the ones who could not even run Cash for Clunkers?

     Nevertheless, we do need healthcare reform. As was covered at this summit, tort reform, and eliminating the present fraud in the system would lower healthcare costs by at least

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