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Oak Leaf #98         What Is Sharia?        

WHAT IS SHARIA? (By John Guandolo)
  - Earlier this week, UTT published the first in a series of articles about sharia (Islamic law) entitled “Understanding the Threat” which amplified the fact that sharia is the focal point and driving force behind everything jihadis across the globe are doing.

Oak Leaf #97         Moment of Reality Revisited        

Moment of Reality Revisited (By Marc Nuttle)
  - Over the holidays of 2007, I penned a book entitled Moment of Truth. In that book, I predicted that if we did not course correct the basic philosophy and direction of our country, then we would start to slip into more government regulation, a managed economy, and socialized medicine that would leave the country desperate for new leadership.”

Oak Leaf #96         The Intentional Obama Administration        

The Intentional Obama Administration (By John Guandolo)
  - The most frequent question Understanding the Threat’s (UTT) President John Guandolo receives when he speaks in the media or during public presentations these days is: “Are our leaders THIS stupid, or are they intentionally advocating for, aiding and abetting, and directly supporting our enemies?”

Oak Leaf #95         Final Republican Presidential Debate of 2015        

UTT Reviews Final Republican Presidential Debate of 2015 (By John Guandolo)
  - Last night (Tuesday) in Las Vegas, Nevada the Republican candidates for President met for their last debate of 2015. The focus of the debate was national security with a large portion of the discussion dedicated to ISIS and the jihadi threat.”

Oak Leaf #94         Americanism        

Americanism (By Marc Nuttle)
  - For 395 years since the Pilgrims first sought political asylum in a new land, people have sought opportunity in a new world. This seeking was based on inherent instincts deep within their souls desiring freedom to implement their God-given authority over their own families. This emotion was so pervasive they were willing to risk everything in their journey, even recognizing that the forces of nature were a tremendous threat.

Oak Leaf #93         The Fifth Crucible        

The Fifth Crucible (By Marc Nuttle)
  - Webster’s definition of a crucible is a severe, searching test or trial. There are many biblical references to the refining of the Lord’s word or a society’s character through the purification process of a crucible. The United States of America, four times in its history, has gone through a challenge of circumstances that tested who we were as a people. In the process, our ancestors were forced to explore their core beliefs. In surviving the crucible, they were required to determine the extent of sacrifice they were willing to render for the munificence of the generations. Those were our times of a crucible. There have been four of them.

Oak Leaf #92         Heaven Is Coming To A Theater Near You!        

  - Something different is happening this month.........

Oak Leaf #91         Cultural Solidarity        

Cultural Solidarity (By Marc Nuttle)
  - Following the unspeakable horror committed against France by and through ISIS operatives, French President Francois Hollande called for unity among all nations to confront the ISIS threat.........

Oak Leaf #90         Where ISIS Came From—The Simple Truth.        

Where ISIS Came From—The Simple Truth. (By Robin Rowan)
  - On November 13, 2015, a horrific scene unfolded in Paris. Eight terrorists associated with ISIS carried out a well-planned, coordinated, and multi-location attack ........

Oak Leaf #89         The Principle of Integrated Principled Policy        

The Principle of Integrated Principled Policy (By Marc Nuttle)
  - In dealing with complex multi-faceted systems, organizations, and biological processes, the protocol most often requires and includes a universal, comprehensive consideration of all factors and forces involved.......

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