Oak Leaves

Oak Leaf #8         PRO-LIFERS VERSUS A RUNAWAY DIESEL        

PRO-LIFERS VERSUS A RUNAWAY DIESEL (by Tony Perkins) - The economy was recently declared to have emerged from recession in 2009. Those familiar with small boat operations know what happens when a diesel engine malfunctions and begins to suck in fuel and oxygen uncontrollably. It accelerates beyond all control. This runaway diesel has to be stopped. Unless it is stopped, it explodes. Boating safety courses teach us to take a life jacket, a towel, even a T-shirt, and jam it into the diesel’s air intake to avoid catastrophe.

Oak Leaf #7         THE ECONOMY        

THE ECONOMY (by Rick Joyner) - The economy was recently declared to have emerged from recession in 2009. Funny that no one knew it. A recent IMF report was much more honest, acknowledging that the world economy was stuck in something very near to a depression.

Oak Leaf #6         ISLAM IN AMERICA - Part 3        

ISLAM IN AMERICA - Part 3 (by Rick Joyner) - The charge of intolerance against Americans about their reaction to The Cordoba Mosque simply does not hold water. It is a distortion to call Americans Islamaphobic because they oppose the mosque at ground zero or even if they would oppose them everywhere. Such shallow and immediate attempts to intimidate with such charges are so overused that thinking Americans are losing their respect for those who make them, as it should.

Oak Leaf #5         ISLAM IN AMERICA - Part 2        

ISLAM IN AMERICA - Part 2 (by Rick Joyner) - When studies show that atheists and agnostics know more about religions than their adherents we have a big problem. This was one of the major purposes for the founding of The Oak Initiative—to help believers to become what Is.61 calls “oaks of righteousness.” A healthy oak tree has a root system just as extensive underground as it has branches above the ground. Those who are the pillars of the faith, the oaks of righteousness, will not be shallow in their understanding.

Oak Leaf #4         ISLAM IN AMERICA        

ISLAM IN AMERICA (by Rick Joyner) - The continuing controversy over “The Ground Zero Mosque,” which is officially named “The Cordoba House Mosque”, or “Park51 Mosque” after recently changing its name, is bringing to light profound and important truths about Islam, and about America. These are both crucial for understanding the times.

Oak Leaf #3         The Ground Zero Mosque        

by Rick Joyner - The proposed “Ground Zero Mosque” has again placed Islam at the forefront of issues in America, and the world is watching with great interest to see how we handle this. One of the first and most striking results of this controversy has been giving Americans a new impetus to understand Islam. This controversy is also teaching us a lot about America.

Oak Leaf #2         Jobs Report and The Census        

by Rick Joyner - Evidence mounts that the Jobs Report is grossly inflated by a Census Bureau that can’t count. After “Maria,” a census worker who did not want her last name revealed, exposed how she had been hired, laid off, and hired again five times in an interview with Fox news anchor Neil Cavuto, other census workers have begun to surface claiming the same experience. Because these new hires had not worked long enough to be able to file for unemployment after each layoff, the only seemingly reasonable explanation given for why the Census Bureau would do this is to inflate the new hire numbers for the jobs report. This leads to some of the most sobering conclusions about how accurate the jobs report now is, the true state of the economy, as well as how deceitful the government has become.

Oak Leaf #1         The Gulf Crisis        

by Rick Joyner - Crisis in the Gulf grows along with outrage at government inaction. After more than a month of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate some have estimated to be 100,000 barrels a day, outrage is growing at how the Obama Administration continues to leave BP officials in charge of trying to stop what is almost certainly the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. The Bush Administration was dogged for the rest of its time by accusations of incompetence at their slow response to the Katrina Disaster, but that response now seems like a heroic effort by comparison.

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