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Oak Leaf #138         Consequences of an Election        

Consequences of an Election (by Robin Rowan) 

I was sitting in the mess hall at Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq near Mosul with my team from the Inspector General’s office when I saw the election results come in.

The mess hall, called a DFAC for “Dining Facility,” was basically a tent built to serve as a small building. It is fortified to be able to take an incoming rocket, and was the largest tent I had ever seen. On this day the DFAC was half full of Marines thankful to be out of the heat for a while. Everything was clean inside, but it’s hard to get the feel of sand off of you.

Folding metal chairs lined rows of long tables with white plastic tablecloths. Small vases were scattered with red, white, and blue decorations on them. I thought to myself, “It’s not a holiday is it?”

Oak Leaf #137         Message To The Never Trump Voters!        

MESSAGE TO THE NEVER TRUMP VOTERS! (by Rick Warzywak, State Co-Director, Michigan Oak Initiative) 

   I believe these are biblically sound insights regarding this volatile election. Let us begin. What has Donald Trump personally done to you to not vote for him? Have you picked up an offense from someone? Why are you so critical of this man? If even the Supreme Court was the only issue to vote for him that should be enough—the future of your children and grandchildren are at stake. He has given us his pro-life constitutional sound nominations!



   Do you consider him your enemy? Do you believe he hates you; has he cursed you; has he spitefully used you; do you have bitterness in your heart towards him? How should one respond if you are a Christian conservative?

Oak Leaf #136         Ambush of Police Reveals Dangers of Marxist Left in America        

Dallas & Baton Rouge Ambush of Police Reveals Dangers of Marxist Left in America (by John Guandolo) 
(This article was originally published on July 14, 2016)

   On June 12, 2016, UTT published an article after the jihadi attack in Orlando, Florida, making it clear the Marxist/Anarchist movement is working with and in support of the jihadi network and are a threat to the Republic all on their own as well.

“The way is paved for the jihadi organizations by socialist and Marxist collaborators who work daily to push law enforcement back on their heels . . . Everything we are witnessing now is a preparation of the battlefield by our enemy and their collaborators . . . imagine multiple riots similar to the events in Baltimore, Maryland, where uncontrolled thugs burn, loot, shoot, and destroy American towns.”

   Reuters calls Black Lives Matters a “civil rights movement” which is also what it calls Hamas front group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).

Oak Leaf #135         Seeing Information Warfare in the Midst of Media Coverage of Attacks        

Seeing Information Warfare in the Midst of Media Coverage of Attacks (by John Guandolo) 
(This article was originally published on July 14, 2016)

   Last night, a Muslim yelling “Allah u Akbar” drove a truck into a crowd at Bastille Day celebrations (July 14) in Nice, France, killing nearly eighty people and wounding many more.

   The American media responded in lock-step, especially Fox News’ Megan Kelly, who marched suit-wearing jihadis like Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation forward to explain why the attack was not representative of “true Islam” and that the only path forward is for America and its leaders to work with “real Muslims” if we are to find “solutions” to this “problem.”

Oak Leaf #134         United Cry: A Reconciled Church!        

United Cry: A Reconciled Church! (by Will Ford, Dallas, TX)

     This is an update regarding the powerful repentance portion of "United Cry DC 2016" at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. April 9, 2016, will go down as the day God was focusing on "healing a divided nation and uniting the Church." April 9, at different times in history, has been significantly used to address division and bring unity.

     For example, most are familiar with the fact that April 9, 1865, was the day the South surrendered to the North in the Civil War. In 1857, many felt a Supreme Court decision sealed the fate of enslaved African Americans. In Dred Scott v. Sandford, Supreme Court justices ruled by a 7-2 decision that slaves were the property of their masters—with no human rights and no representation in court. However, because of prayer and acts of obedience, hearts changed and eventually this demonic decree was broken over America. Revival was released and justice came in the form of a Civil War, which ended April 9, 1865, ultimately ending slavery in America.

Oak Leaf #133         Who Will Protect Us?        

Who Will Protect Us?  (by Dr. Tom Barrett)

     All across the nation today spouses of police officers are saying, "Honey, you have to quit. We need you." Children are saying, “Daddy, please don’t go to work today.” And many of the officers themselves, brave as they are, are thinking, “Is it worth it? I can’t provide for my family if I’m in a body bag.”

     As a former police officer myself, I can certainly understand the feelings of both the families and the officers. Twelve police officers were shot without warning, many in the back; five of them have died; and others are in critical condition. Police officers and their families certainly have reason to think seriously about their futures, especially in view of the rash of assassinations of police in the last year.

Oak Leaf #132         Libation # 227: The Lesser of Two Evils        

Libation # 227: The Lesser of Two Evils (by Brad Sherman)

"The time has come that Christians must vote for honest men and take consistent ground in politics. Christians have been exceedingly guilty in this matter. But the time has come when they must act differently." – Charles Finney

I have used this quote by Finney in a previous Libation (#194) but felt the general point needs to be made again—along with some extra thoughts.

Oak Leaf #131         VIDEO: Islam And America        

VIDEO: Islam And America (with Nicholas Papanicolaou)

Nicholas Papanicolaou, a Board Member of the Oak Initiative, shares at an Oak Initiative Summit in Michigan on the topic of ‘Islam And America’ with history and modern events discussed. One main thing presented is that many of those who blow themselves up are initially seeking God but get twisted by radical imams that quite often have a different agenda than truthfully seeking to understand the plans of God for both individual and mankind. This message is not anti-Muslimism as much as a presentation of truth with a call to understanding the real issues of Islam in America today.

Oak Leaf #130         UTT Testifies About Jihadi Threat at Senate Hearing        

UTT Testifies About Jihadi Threat at Senate Hearing (By John Guandolo)

UTT's Chris Gaubatz testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday before a U.S. Senate hearing on the use of the term "Radical Islam" in discussing the terrorism threat to the United States.

Mr. Gaubatz set the stage with laying out the threat America faces from the Global Islamic Movement:

"UTT is the only organization in America which trains law enforcement, intelligence professionals, military, and leaders on the threat from the Global Islamic Movement, the doctrine of jihadi groups, and how to identify, investigate, and dismantle them. At UTT, we hold the firm belief that in order to defeat the Global Jihad, we must understand the enemy. U.S. military war fighting doctrine, specifically the 'Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield Manual' states war-planners must begin all analysis of the enemy threat with (1) who the enemy says they are, and (2) why they are fighting us. That becomes the basis for determining the enemy threat doctrine, which, in the case of jihadis, is sharia—Islamic law. Universally, the enemy—jihadis—whether they are ISIS, Al Qaeda, or the Muslim Brotherhood, all state they are Muslims waging jihad in the cause of Allah to establish an Islamic State (Caliphate) under sharia."

Oak Leaf #129         BREXIT        


      On June 23, 2016, a people once again took matters into their own hands and, to the shock of their leaders, said, “Enough!” The citizens of the United Kingdom voted by referendum to direct their government to exit the European Union. Five days after that tumultuous grassroots rebellion, the leadership of the world still doesn’t get it.

      Ever since the votes were announced, government leaders have whined and protested expressing selfish, detached concern about what would happen to governments. To this day, not one leader anywhere in the world has asked the simple question—what do the people need? And of course freedom is never considered relevant. Most of the editorial analysis rendered has centered on emotional issues like immigration, economic sluggishness, national security, cultural identity, and a desire to be restored to a past of greater glory and happier times. These issues are on the surface, but tangential, not foundational. What is important that has brought the rebellion to a point of boil is that many families do not have the ability to support themselves and maintain their generational identity.


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