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Oak Leaf #128         The British Revolution and the End of the EU        

The British Revolution and the End of the EU  (By Dr. Tom Barrett)

      For many years I have been predicting the breakup of the European Union. It has begun. A big piece of the foundation of the EU broke off when Great Britain voted decisively (52% to 48%) to leave the European Union.

      Shortly after the vote was announced a Marine le Pin, leader of France's anti-immigration party, called for a similar referendum in that nation. Since polling in France indicates that 61% of its citizens favor a Frexit (French exit from the EU), there is a real possibility that France may be the next to leave the EU.


Oak Leaf #127         Churchill Was Right        

Churchill Was Right (By Author Unknown)

Eight pictures to make you think—and Churchill foresaw it. Be sure to read Churchill's comments at the end. There are no words to add to this!!! But Churchill saw it coming. Read his ending comment—and the very last sentence. Makes you think!

Oak Leaf #126         America's National Security Controlled by the Jihadists        

Officials Reveal America's National Security Controlled by the Jihadists (By John Guandolo)

    Two former U.S. government officials made explosive revelations on national radio this past Friday, including the charge that the U.S. government is a "tool" for the jihadi movement here and that the driving force behind America's domestic counter-terrorism strategies and our foreign policy is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

    The exchange took place on the Sean Hannity radio program between the host Philip Haney, former DHS law enforcement officer with Customs and Border Protection, and Richard Higgins, a former leader inside the Department of Defense who managed programs at the Combating Terrorism and Technical Support Office (CTTSO) and Irregular Warfare Section.

Oak Leaf #125         Hillary Admires the Woman Who Vowed to Exterminate “Inferior People”        

Hillary Admires the Woman Who Vowed to Exterminate “Inferior People”  (By Dr. Tom Barrett)

    Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, stated, “The kindest thing that a large family can do for its youngest member is to kill it.” She founded that evil organization to make her dream of a world without “racially inferior people” possible. But Hillary Clinton has stated that, “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously.”

    Hillary first expressed her admiration for Sanger when she was awarded the “Margaret Sanger Award.” She also defended Sanger in front of a Congressional Committee. (See video below.) Let’s examine who this woman that Hillary adores really was.

    Many have reported hearing Sanger say in speeches the most famous phrase attributed to her: “Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated.” That exact phrase cannot be found in her books and articles, so there is a question in some peoples’ minds about its authenticity. However, there is no controversy about this quote from April 8, 1923 in the NY Times, which expresses the same sentiment.

Oak Leaf #124         CAIR's Violent Assault on Free Speech        

CAIR's Violent Assault on Free Speech (By John Guandolo)

     What does CAIR have in common with ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban? It is a terrorist organization that hates and violently opposes free speech.

    Like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban, CAIR is a jihadi organization. It is Hamas in the United States.

    Don't let the suits fool you.

    CAIR was identified by the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI as a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee, which is Hamas in the United States. See page 5, line 11 of the government's un-indicted co-conspirators list from the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history (U.S. v Holy Land Foundation, Dallas, 2008). 

Oak Leaf #123         Judges and Attorneys Resistant to Linking Barbaric Behavior with Islam        

Judges and Attorneys Resistant to Linking Barbaric Behavior with Islam (By John Guandolo)

    How many Muslims who kill in the name of Allah have to profess their loyalty to the teachings of Islam in open court before judges and attorneys realize Islam mandates violence according to Sharia (Islamic Law)?

    On September 24, 2014, Alton Nolen, a Muslim, sliced the neck of Colleen Hufford—a former co-worker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma—and then proceeded to saw her head off.

Oak Leaf #122         3 Ways Conservative Lawmakers Could Respond to Obama’s Bathroom Directive        

3 Ways Conservative Lawmakers Could Respond to Obama’s Bathroom Directive (By Philip Wegmann)

    The Obama administration’s bathroom directive, ordering local school districts to allow transgender students to use the restrooms of their choice, has caught congressional Republicans off guard.

    The response has been a mix of pessimism, frustration, and a call for the states to defy the directive at the local level.

Oak Leaf #121         Constitutional Conflicts        

The Nuttle Report: Constitutional Conflicts (By Marc Nuttle)

    Recently, the President of the United States directed the Department of Justice to issue a directive to all public schools. This directive was released jointly with the Department of Education to provide joint guidance for the non-discrimination of transgender students. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch quotes Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 as the authoritative basis for facilitating transgender students’ needs.

    No one wants to tolerate discrimination based upon the result of a person’s birth. The common due process phrase is everyone has equal protection under the law regardless of race, creed, color, or sex. But what happens when those rights are in conflict?

Oak Leaf #120         The Nuttle Report: The Revolutionary Decision        

The Nuttle Report: The Revolutionary Decision (By Marc Nuttle)

    On November 8, 2016, every American will be faced with the same election decision: do I vote for business as usual, and therefore no change, or do I vote for the gamble of a risky option for a new government order? It depends partly on how bad you think things are.

    The upcoming choice for President could not be clearer, based on one standard. Hillary Rodham Clinton personifies establishment, an extension of the Obama policies, and business as usual. On the other hand, Donald Trump personifies the ultimate outsider and change in how government does business. The talking heads of the national news media conveniently ignore that 85% of the American public consistently continues to believe the country is on the wrong track. And further, 92% of the same public believes that Congress is ineffective, inefficient, and unlikely to solve our country’s pressing problems. If 85% believe the country is on the wrong track, then that includes a virtual majority of both Republicans and Democrats. For Hillary to win the election, a substantial percent of Americans must vote for her knowing that her administration will continue down the wrong path. Why would they do this? Because the uncertain outcome of a Donald Trump Presidency is a greater fear to them than the certainty of a Clinton Presidency maintaining the status quo. This is not a vote cast in optimism.

Oak Leaf #119         America's Security Facade        

America's Security Facade (By John Guandolo)

    Travelers using U.S. airports are familiar with long lines due to TSA checkpoints, and recent reports indicate lines will get longer in the near future because of new TSA screening procedures, fewer TSA officers, and other related issues.

    Yet, America is not safer since 9/11 because the federal government has thrown bureaucracy at the threat and entrusted our enemy inside our security perimeter instead of understanding the threat and dealing with it.

    R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence, tells the story of being in Israel and speaking with the Director of Security for the Ben Gurion Airport.  When Mr. Woolsey asked him what he thought the difference was between the way the Israelis and Americans handled security at airports, the Israeli replied:  "We are actually trying to catch terrorists." 

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