Chapter Update 1

(This is the first of a series of samples from our chapter leaders. These will serve to share ideas and give examples that others can follow as they work to make an impact in their own communities.)

{email sent in March 2011}

Fellow Texans,
About two weeks Rep. Harvey Hilderbran contacted me to further discuss the details of the model legislation that we proposed to him earlier.  He asked if I could arrange a meeting with himself and two other Rep's as well as Chris Holton from Center for Security Policy.  He wanted to bring the other two Rep's up to speed on the proposed bill.  We met with them on Thursday March 10th at 9:30 AM.  Within an hour after our meeting, we received word that they were going to introduce the bill.
About 2:00 PM we received word that Rep Harvey Hilderbran, Rep Randy Weber and Rep Warren Chisum co-authored and filed the bill known as, "American Laws for American Courts".  This bill has passed in two states already and has been filed in several other states.  In Texas the bill number is HB3027.  This bill, if passed, will effectively keep Shariah law out of the courts systems in Texas. 
Presently there are approximately 140 cases in American Courts involving Shariah law.  Over 130 of those cases are family court cases.  Islam, under shariah law gives the right to a man to marry up to four wives (polygamy)  instructs him to beat his wife and allows for him to rape her at will.  Most of you are aware of the honor killings that took place in Houston recently where the father killed his teenage daughters for becoming to westernized.  His defense was that it was his right under shariah law to kill his daughters for dishonoring him.  Thankfully this man was convicted.
You might ask, why do we need a law in Texas keeping Shariah out of our courts?  Thankfully, in Texas, most of our judges have enough sense not to allow someone to use shariah as their defense for breaking our laws.  But just in case we ever get a judge sympathetic to Islam, this bill will help head it off before Shariah is considered a viable defense for someone breaking our laws.  This bill prevents foreign laws and doctrines from being used in our court system that violates the constitution.  
I have attached a link to the legislation proposed by the above Texas Representatives.
Please take the time to call or write these three representatives and thank them for their bold and courageous stance.  They need to know that you support this bill.
While in Austin Thursday, Chris Holton from Center for Security Policy, Pat Carlson from Eagle Forum and myself talked to staff members of the Republican Rep's who sit on the Judiciary committee to brief them on the bill.  This bill must pass through Judiciary committee before going to the floor for a vote.
Our recommended strategy for making sure this bill passes is this:
1).  Call or write the three Rep's sponsoring the bill, thank them and let them know you support bill HB3027
2).  Call or write members of the Judiciary committee and let them know you support bill HB3027
3).  Call or write your State Rep and ask him to vote for bill HB3027
4).  Email and call your friends and family an ask them to do the same. Send this email to all your contacts and networks around the state.
MOST important pray for your leaders and those who are in authority over you. 
Randy Simmons
Texas Coordinator
Oak Initiative

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