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     Our goal is to provide an ever growing list or information that alleviates concerns, resolves anxiety, and leaves our readers feeling prepared and equipped for a healthy and sound response to the unexpected events of life.

     Following are a list of resources for further review on matters related to a sound response:



Red Cross Disaster Safety Library

     The American Red Cross has created this Disaster and Safety Library to assist you in preparing your home, school and workplace in the event of a disaster or emergency. Here you will find fact sheets, preparedness checklists, recovery guides and other helpful information to keep you informed and safe.



NOAA: National Hurricane Center



From READY.gov

     The first step when developing an emergency response plan is to conduct a risk assessment to identify potential emergency scenarios. An understanding of what can happen will enable you to determine resource requirements and to develop plans and procedures to prepare your business (, family and surroundings).



Essential Guide to Flood Preparation and Planning​

    (A helpful set of resources put together by a company in the UK)



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