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WE NEED YOUR HELP!   We, at the Oak Initiative, along with our partners and members, subscribers and contributors, are addressing the challenges head on.  Join with us as we work to make this year a great year!  Let this be the year that we take back our country and reacquire the freedoms that God has destined all mankind to experience.



Step 1: Review our Ready and Available Resources and Online Store.  The Oak initiative continues to develop and distribute resources that we believe will prepare you to be an effective witness to those around you. 

Many resources START HERE.  and our Online Store has great items HERE.   

These can then help you with Step 2.



Step 2:  Learn and Share with others.  As you explore our site you will find online articles, videos, webinars, and much more. 

What is your background? Perhaps you can have a writing or creative workshop as a connection to share the vision of The Oak Initiative.
You will become more effective in your efforts to learn and then share helpful information with others around you. 

With all you learn, tell your family and friends, coworkers and peer.  

This gives you practice for Step 3



Step 3: Connect and Expand.  As you connect with those in your community, attend conferences and summits that we present and expand your influence.

You can also continue to have social events such as cookouts, workshops, training events held at your church.   There are many creative ways to get people connected and then formed for the task at hand in your community.





Say YES, you will join us in taking a stand to raise up a standard and make a difference.   Many help in many ways.  From prayers to caring about our future. 

Become a Member Today!  Partner With The Oak Initiative!  

Any Amount, Any Tax Deductible Contribution will Help and you will Become a Member of the Oak Initiative.   WIll you Give all you can and help make a difference?  



Already a Member?  Consider how you can connect what you are received, learned, and become a part of with those around you.

Tell others, develop a local group, we'll get behind you and help you.  Because you are a member, you are not alone.

Our work is supported by our Members and Partners around the world!  Please consider setting up a One-Time or Monthly Contribution.  


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America and the world are at a crossroads of decision.  Nations are changing and countless people are being impacted with great harm and hardship.  It is critical that we face the challenges of today with courage, unity and active engagement. 



Join or Donate Today - There is Much Work to Be Done

Become a Member, Start A Group, Make a Donation - All Are Important!

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