Lance Wallnau

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Dr. Lance Wallnau has been described by People For The American Way as the hidden architect behind the increasingly viral and politically potent seven mountain template for cultural impact. From forums at Harvard, to work with the United Nations, and training and serving on Ken Blanchard's board, Lance has taught and shaped the contemporary worldview and strategy of leaders on a global level. Taking ideas rooted in the life labors of Abraham Kuyper, Francis Shaeffer, Lorren Cunningham and Bill Bright, Lance has reinvigorated and updated their relevance to a new generation of leaders wrestling with the complex business of societal transformation. For this reason Lance's network spans a diversity of nations and spheres of influence including artists, business leaders, government officials and Universities.
By combining 20 years as an entrepreneur in the Oil Industry with 20 years of work with non profits and churches, Lance has produced a unique suite of consulting and coaching resources as well as innovative transformational training experiences that profoundly impact those attending. Lance is unique in that his organization knows how to apply cutting edge tools, technology and training to both Fortune 500 companies and the diverse needs of ministry networks, churches and volunteer organizations. Lance serves as an adjunct professor to the Graduate School of South West Christian University where he earned a Masters degree in Theological studies. The Lance Learning Group was formed in 2001 to help professionals better actualize their careers and to build networks of relationships in and among their spheres of influence.
Lance's research and publications have been codified into an entertaining and fast paced on line training format called "7M University."

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