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Dear Friends,

       Thank you for standing with us in our crucial mandate to understand and confront the great issues of our time as salt and light. One of our main goals this past year was to educate Christians on the crucial issues of our time. Because the 2016 elections were some of the most important in our lifetime, we focused on the issues surrounding them and impacted millions through our publications, bulletins, memos, and especially through our Social Media outlets.

       The outcome of those elections was more favorable than we expected. We now have a President who is pro-life, resolved to respect the Constitution, will appoint justices that do, and who will stop the globalization and liberalization sapping our wealth and strength. We also saw more conservatives elected as governors and legislators across the country than at any other time in our history. For this we are thankful, but our work is far from done. If we do not have another Great Awakening, it will not take the country long to fall back to the same level of deterioration that we suffered over the last eight years.

       The Oak was founded by a broad spectrum of Christian leaders to illuminate and seek sound, biblical solutions for the most threatening crises of our times. There were initially five major crises we felt especially called to address, and then two more were added. They are:

                                    1) Spiritual & Moral
                                    2) Economic
                                    3) Government
                                    4) Media
                                    5) The Environment
                                    6) The Constitution
                                    7) Islamic Extremism

       Every one of these is a major crisis, and any one of them threatens not only our Republic, but our most basic liberties and way of life. Through videos and articles, The Oak has done much to illuminate these crises, with considerable impact. However, every one of these crises has gotten worse, and some much worse, since The Oak was founded. WE CAN RETREAT NO FURTHER!

       As an Oak Initiative financial supporter, I will be sending you a regular newsletters filled with updates on the ministry and reports on how the Oak is growing and making an impact.   In these updates I will be giving you personal and prophetic insights, reports, and stories about members of our leadership team, and the reasons behind what we are doing. You also have the opportunity to connect with us and each other online in our Oak Member Area and here at H.I.M. in our Oak Members Hospitality Suite, which you can visit at any conference.

Thank you for helping us equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner

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