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Shariah--Threat To America- It is not possible to understand the present world and the times we live in without understanding Islam. As part of our devotion to have all Oak Members as informed as possible about these times, we have made this most important report, "Shariah--Threat To America," available to our members.

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Rick Joyner's Letter and Special Reports- Rick shares vision and insight along with current events and strategic plans for response to key issues of our times.

His unique insights and strength of words allows many to understand current issues from a Biblical perspective as well as to see themselves as Salt and Light in a world needing both.



High Impact Workbook - Members have access to the High Impact Workbook via the members area. The workbook is for developing and facilitating group activities, for addressing community issues and developing team based solutions for action and change.

This current version was field tested by our members and those working in small groups and chapters around the world.

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