Membership Policy

The Oak Initiative Membership Policy

Basic Membership Responsibilities:

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  1. Members are expected to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, always seeking to know Him and His ways better, and to view the world from His perspective, which is to have “a Christian world view.”

  2. Members are expected to be informed and engaged in the important issues of our times in order to be the salt and light we are called to be.

  3. Annual dues for membership in The Oak Initiative is either a one time donation of any amount, or a monthly donation of any amount. This is to help cover the cost of resources and materials provided to members, national initiatives, and the basic administration of The Oak Initiative.

Membership in The Oak Initiative is open to all Christians who affirm:

  1. that The Bible is the word of God, and that its teaching on the person of Jesus assert that He is the Son of God who preexisted with God, who emptied Himself to become a man to make atonement for mankind, who died and was buried, and rose again from the dead, and who will return to establish His kingdom on earth.

  2. who are resolved to obey the biblical standards of morality and integrity

  3. who are resolved to keep the first commandment first, which is to love God above all.

  4. Who are resolved to keep the second commandment to love our neighbors, which will be evidenced by treating them with dignity and respect regardless of their beliefs.

  5. who are resolved be the salt and light in this world that we are commanded to be, seeking the well being of our nations and communities by influencing them to comply with the standards of righteousness and justice that God asserts in His word that He will bless, and by turning from the behavior He asserts will bring His judgment.

  6. promoting and holding to the truth that the answer to every human problem is reconciliation to God through His Son Jesus Christ, and that the “common grace of God” provides positive and practical answers to every human problem.

  7. who agree to not use the name or resources of The Oak Initiative to promote any single denomination, movement, doctrine other than the above on the person and purpose of Jesus.

Basic Leadership Responsibilities:

  1. Proven leaders who are members of the Oak in good standing can be recognized as community, city, county, or state directors for The Oak Initiative. Those who hold such offices will be expected to comply with the biblical standards required of leaders in the church (i.e. elders and deacons).

  2. Each level of promotion in the leadership of The Oak Initiative will require higher levels of devotion, training, and in some cases, certification.


    • For example, a Community Director will be expected to have relationships with local law enforcement, government, and business for the sake of serving them, as well as CERT training (Community Emergency Response Team). A City Director would expect to have a working relationship with the city government, business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, as well as city-wide church organizations. A State Director will expect to have a working relationship with the state government, business, and statewide church organizations, etc. For each level of a Directorship there will be training required, and aid provided by The Oak Initiative.

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