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#13 The Blind Leading the Blind - A Call to Action – 12/21/2017  NEW!
by Bill NeSmith

Many of us may have seen an email or two being passed around since 2013 that conveys the results and concerns stemming from our U.S. Senate and a vote regarding America’s involvement, even embracing, of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2117[1]—more commonly referred to as the UN Small Arms Treaty.  The effort to keep America out of the Treaty was impacted primarily by Republicans who knew the danger and Democrats who did not. Of the forty-six Senators who voted against the Resolution, forty-four were Democrats and two were Independent....More

#12 On Tuesday You Will Vote for a Party - NOT for a Person – 11/07/2016 
by LTG (Ret) Jerry Boykin and Dr. Tom Barrett

Although many Americans don’t know that they exist, party platforms matter. Every four years both parties convene to draft their respective party platforms. These platforms define what each party believes, and lays out the policies that party members holding public office are pledged to execute. Why is this important? Because a large majority of elected officials from both parties vote with their party’s platform: 74% of Democrats and 89% of Republicans do so. What is at stake on November 8?...More

#11 October Surprise and the Stage Two Conflict – 11/07/2016 
by Marc Nuttle

In American Presidential politics, we are aware of and expect October surprises – an oxymoron if you think about it. How can it be a surprise if we expect it? Last Friday, FBI Director James Comey met our expectations by producing a doozie of a surprise. He informed Congress in writing that he was resuming his department’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email debacle. These newly discovered emails were connected to Huma Abedin, a close Clinton aide. Immediately, all partisan leaders and media talking heads denounced his action as questionable and unprecedented...More

#10 Obama, Hillary, and Media Display Bigotry Toward Christians – 11/06/2016 
by Capt. Joseph R. John

For a political party that loves to label their opponents as bigots, it’s remarkable how bigoted the Obama Administration has been for the last eight years against Christian religious teachings and Christians in the U.S. Armed Forces who can’t fight back. Christians who have deep religious convictions also have their well held and sincere religious beliefs with regard to abortion, homosexuality, males using girl’s bathrooms and showers in schools, and have their opposition to teaching very young and innocent grammar school students about homosexuality. According to former counter-terrorism training officer......More

#9 Christians Will Decide this Election – 11/03/2016  
by Dr. Tom Barrett

(Prayer Event via Webinar Nov.3-7 Nightly 9PM EST - See Details Below) 25 million Christian registered voters failed to do their civic duty when they did not vote in the 2012 election. Obama won by a mere 5 million votes. Contrary to popular perception, he did not win in a popular vote landslide; he received 51% of the popular vote. If just 21% of the Christians who didn’t vote had voted for Romney, the last eight years would have been very different for the church. Obama has persecuted the church, pushed through same-sex marriage via the liberal Supreme Court justices he appointed, and moved us closer to Sharia law......More

#8 Hillary's Halloween Horrors – 11/03/2016  
by Dr. Tom Barrett

To say that this has been a horrible week for Hillary Clinton’s campaign would be a significant understatement. To say that I feel sorry for her would be an outright lie. She has used every filthy trick in the book (and some never before seen) to try to claw her way into the White House. It’s about time she experienced some of the pain she has inflicted on others for three decades......More

#7 Election Alert:  Dualing Scandals – 11/03/2016
by Dr. Tom Barrett

When the Clinton campaign learned how damaging the latest batch of emails released by WikiLeaks would be, it arranged for the release of a tape in which Donald Trump made lewd remarks about women. How do I know her campaign was behind the release? I don’t know that the campaign was responsible, but I am certain it was. Both NBC and the Washington Post are part of Clinton’s media department. The story NBC has put out is that—just by coincidence—one of their producers was searching through the hundreds ......More

#6 Clinton’s VP pick Kaine: Promoting jihadis in America in Exchange for Cash – 10/14/2016  
by Karin McQuillan

Breitbart has reported that Clinton’s V.P. pick Tim Kaine is among the top anti-Israel senators. He is the top recipient of PAC funds from George Soros’s anti-Israel group, J Street. He distinguished himself as one of eight senators to walk out on Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic speech to a joint session of Congress warning against the so-called Iran deal. Kaine’s record on the Islamic threat here in America is far, far worse than that...More

#5 Regarding Tim Kaine: Scary ... – 10/07/2016  
From Leigh Valentine

Regarding Tim Kaine: This man is a bad, bad, bad guy masquerading as a "Catholic."  Breitbart has reported that Clintons' V.P. pick Tim Kaine is among the top anti-Israel senators. He is the top recipient of PAC funds from George Soros's anti-Israel group, J Street.  He distinguished himself as one of eight senators to walk out on Benjamin Netanyahu's historic speech to a joint session of Congress warning against the Iran nuclear deal. Kaine's record on the Islamic threat here in America is far, far worse than that.he Heartbeat Bill is NOT dead...More

#4 The Heartbeat Bill is NOT dead ... – 09/27/2016
From Faith2Action

   The Heartbeat Bill is NOT dead ...More

#3 Things to Remember: McCain and FBI – 09/06/2016  
By John Guandolo

   This kind of crazy stuff only happens at the highest levels of the United States government. In different decades people would call it “treason,” but in today’s world—nothing.

A look back at some news that matters in this war...More

#2 Clinton VP Pick Tim Kaine's Islamic Ties – 08/18/2016  
By Ryan Mauro

   Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s newly-announced running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, has a history of embracing Islamists. He appointed a Hamas supporter to a state immigration commission; spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect; and received donations from well-known Islamist groups.

Appointing a Muslim Brotherhood Front Leader Who Supports Hamas

In 2007, Kaine was the Governor of Virginia and, of all people, chose Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam Omeish to the state’s Immigration Commission. A Muslim organization against Islamism criticized the appointment and reckless lack of vetting....Read

#1 ISIS Genocide Victims Do Not Include Christians, the State Department Is Poised to Rule – 11/19/2015
By Nina Shea

   A report by a renowned journalist states that Christians are to be excluded from an impending official United States government declaration of ISIS genocide. If true, it would reflect a familiar pattern within the administration of a politically correct bias that views Christians — even non-Western congregations such as those in Iraq and Syria — never as victims but always as Inquisition-style oppressors. (That a State Department genocide designation for ISIS may be imminent was acknowledged last week in congressional testimony, by Ambassador Anne Patterson, the assistant secretary of the State Department’s Near East Bureau.)...Read



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