Oak Leaf #113

The Nuttle Report: Third Party Healing (By Marc Nuttle)
  -  Today, Republicans and Democrats hold primaries for the nomination of President of the United States in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri. It is possible that Hillary Rodham Clinton will secure her party’s nomination at the end of today’s voting. However, it is very unlikely that the Republican Party will accomplish the same. Even if Donald Trump sweeps all states, he still will need over 50% of the remaining delegates to be selected as the GOP nominee. What is just as likely is that Governor John Kasich will win his home state of Ohio. If this occurs, Donald Trump will need 63% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination. Either result could take the GOP down the valley to a brokered convention. The current debate among activists of different persuasions is whether it is time for a third party. The answer may be yes, but not for the reasons of conventional wisdom.


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