Oak Leaf #120

The Nuttle Report: The Revolutionary Decision (By Marc Nuttle)

    On November 8, 2016, every American will be faced with the same election decision: do I vote for business as usual, and therefore no change, or do I vote for the gamble of a risky option for a new government order? It depends partly on how bad you think things are.

    The upcoming choice for President could not be clearer, based on one standard. Hillary Rodham Clinton personifies establishment, an extension of the Obama policies, and business as usual. On the other hand, Donald Trump personifies the ultimate outsider and change in how government does business. The talking heads of the national news media conveniently ignore that 85% of the American public consistently continues to believe the country is on the wrong track. And further, 92% of the same public believes that Congress is ineffective, inefficient, and unlikely to solve our country’s pressing problems. If 85% believe the country is on the wrong track, then that includes a virtual majority of both Republicans and Democrats. For Hillary to win the election, a substantial percent of Americans must vote for her knowing that her administration will continue down the wrong path. Why would they do this? Because the uncertain outcome of a Donald Trump Presidency is a greater fear to them than the certainty of a Clinton Presidency maintaining the status quo. This is not a vote cast in optimism.


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