Oak Leaf #129


      On June 23, 2016, a people once again took matters into their own hands and, to the shock of their leaders, said, “Enough!” The citizens of the United Kingdom voted by referendum to direct their government to exit the European Union. Five days after that tumultuous grassroots rebellion, the leadership of the world still doesn’t get it.

      Ever since the votes were announced, government leaders have whined and protested expressing selfish, detached concern about what would happen to governments. To this day, not one leader anywhere in the world has asked the simple question—what do the people need? And of course freedom is never considered relevant. Most of the editorial analysis rendered has centered on emotional issues like immigration, economic sluggishness, national security, cultural identity, and a desire to be restored to a past of greater glory and happier times. These issues are on the surface, but tangential, not foundational. What is important that has brought the rebellion to a point of boil is that many families do not have the ability to support themselves and maintain their generational identity.



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