Special Bulletins

Special Bulletin 03-2010         World Changing Events Part 1        

SB 03-2010  The following are world events now unfolding that have the potential to have a major impact on our times. WikiLeaks complicates U.S. foreign policy. More than 200,000 pages of classified and sensitive U.S. State Department documents being opened to the world by WikiLeaks.

Special Bulletin 02-2010         Remembering Crystal Night        

SB 02-2010 It will always be our responsibility to remember. As Edmond Burke stated, “Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.” What took place on this date, November 10, seventy-three years ago, brings the story of “Crystal Night”. The horrors it released across Europe carried Western Civilization into some of its most uncivilized times. This must never be forgotten so that it may never be repeated.

Special Bulletin 01-2010         The End of the Beginning        

SB 01-2010  On November 2 the people of the United States spoke very loudly and very clearly—refuting the Obama agenda. There is reason to hope again and to expect the kind of changes that most Americans do believe in—freedom, smaller, less intrusive government, lower taxes, and sound management of the people’s trust and resources. It was a very encouraging victory, but by no means the end of the fight—it is the beginning. Too many times Christians have seen their candidates take office, and have gone back to sleep while the slide into the moral and economic mire we are now in continued. We are too close to the precipice to let this happen again.

Special Bulletin Burning The Koran 090910         Burning the Koran        

The Ground Zero mosque controversy has opened up a very important dialog on Islam in America. It is simply not possible to understand these times without understanding Islam. This controversy has sparked such emotions that books on Islam, which had been only modestly distributed in the past few years, are now rising on bestseller lists. This is an important and positive development. 

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