Special Bulletins

Special Bulletin 15-2014         What Bible Says About Illegal Immigration        

The Bible actually has a lot of say about national borders, foreigners, citizenship, and the law. For starters, I challenge anyone to check an exhaustive online or offline concordance for the word “border” or “borders” to get an appreciation of how many times God’s Word references these terms. While not all of them are relevant to our discussion, I count 169 references, most of them making the point that God really cares about them. Is that surprising?

Special Bulletin 14-2014         Hope & Change        

No President has been so resoundingly rebuked by the American people as was done with the Elections of 2014. The House now has its largest majority in history, and it is Republican. Republicans won control of the Senate. There are Republican governors in most states. On every level, Republicans won a huge victory this year.

Special Bulletin 13-2014         Peace That Prevails        

The Oak Initiative was formed when three hundred Christian leaders from over a hundred different denominations, movements, and ministries, as well as Christian leaders of business, government, the military, education, and arts and entertainment came together for three days to address the great crises of our times. It was a remarkable and possibly unprecedented gathering.

Special Bulletin 12-2014         Special Bulletin Correction and News        

The Oak Initiative just received our 501(c) 3 status letter from the IRS. We were one of the organizations targeted by the IRS and have our own story to tell in this frightening abuse of power by our government. Even though this did cripple us for a time, keeping us from being able to raise the resources needed to accomplish our mandate, we have survived! Now we’re ready to move forward with even greater resolve and focus.

Special Bulletin 11-2014         The Second Law of Thermodynamics & Bedlam On The Border        

What could the Second Law of Thermodynamics possibly have to do with the chaos on the U.S./Mexican border? It explains almost everything.

Special Bulletin 10-2014         Iraq - I Told You So        

I hate to say, “I told you so,” but occasionally it is appropriate. The article below was written in 2005. The title was, “Iraq – Three Nations.” In it I predicted that once we left Iraq to its own devices, it would disintegrate. Now, in large part, thanks to the arrogance and shortsightedness of our president, Iraq is in flames.

Special Bulletin 09-2014         Cantor's Victory        

Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat at the hands of a political unknown, David Brat, has been called “a political earthquake.” Earthquakes don’t build things. They do damage. However, earthquakes only damage what is not built strong enough to handle them. In this way, they reveal the true strength and condition of structures. Cantor’s defeat is revealing much about the Republican Party.

Special Bulletin 08-2014         Cantor's Defeat        

SB 08-2014 The news was shocking. Eric Cantor, the second most powerful Republican in Washington, was soundly defeated by a virtual unknown. Cantor is one of the two most visible faces of the Republican establishment. Cantor had vastly superior resources and far outspent his opponent in the Republican primary, Dave Brat.

Special Bulletin 07-2014         Restoring The Republic, Part III        

As we have been covering, the crises in virtually every area have grown beyond human remedy. This is not to imply that we must not do all we can to address them, but it is to acknowledge that we need God.

Special Bulletin 06-2014         Ukraine Crisis Part III        

SB 06-2014: Ukraine Crisis: Part III   The Ukraine Crisis and the Russian takeover of the Crimea continue to dominate the attention of the world and will likely have a big impact on world affairs for the future. It is not the first time this has happened with Crimea. To understand the present crisis

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