Special Bulletins

Special Bulletin 03-2012         The Summit        

SB 03-2012   On February 9-11, we hosted the 2012 Oak Initiative Summit. It was an exceptional gathering with many calling it the best yet. It began with a stunning presentation by Kevin Freeman, the author of Secret Weapon, which well deserves its present rise on the New York Times bestseller list. It is a brilliant and scholarly work on one of the greatest threats to America in these times—economic terrorism.

Special Bulletin 02-2012         Campaign 2012        

SB 02-2012  The response to my evaluation of the candidates on our TV show and in a previous Bulletin was far more than I was expecting. After having received many requests for an update, this is it.  Of course, these are my personal perspectives, and we “see in part, and know in part,” so I do not claim to have the complete picture. The following is what I see at this time concerning the 2012 Presidential candidates, and then I will address the campaign itself.

Special Bulletin 01-2012         A Year Like No Other        

SB 01-2012  This could be the best year of our lives. It will also likely be the most challenging. It’s not either/or, but both. Many ultimate issues will be determined this year. They can be determined in a way that gets us back on the path of greater peace, stability, and prosperity. They could also be determined in a way that leads to the worst economic and political meltdown in history. Even if this is the case, if we’re prepared to resist the tyranny that always seeks to gain entrance in such times, this could be a reset, a kind of jubilee that enables us to return to the foundations of our greatness and strength.

Special Bulletin 16-2011         The End is Near        

SB 16-2011  The end of America as we know it is near. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. We are at the place where we will return to the remarkable and wise foundations on which the nation was built, or we will cease to be a Republic at all. Which it will be will likely be determined in 2012.  This is not to say that this will happen next year, 

Special Bulletin 15-2011         Brain Freeze        

SB 15-2011   There never may have been a brain freeze in history more extraordinary or embarrassing than Gov. Rick Perry’s at the November 9 Republican Presidential Debate when he could not remember the third department of the Federal Government he would eliminate as President. It is very likely that this clip will be played over and over for as long as we have Presidential campaigns. It is already being assumed that it cost Perry any hope of capturing the Republican nomination. Has it?

Special Bulletin 14-2011         A Teaching Moment        

SB 14-2011   I received a good number of emails with questions about Herman Cain’s recent statement, or misstatement, on abortion. In an interview he claimed to be prolife, but then took the basic pro-choice position that it is the right of the person and the family who is involved to decide whether to have an abortion, not the government. This implies that there should be no laws made by the government restricting the taking of human life. This is a very wrong position on a most crucial issue, but it did not come as a big surprise to me. Why?

Special Bulletin 13-2011         There is Hope        

SB 13-2011   The debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night obviously caused significant alarm among Republicans. The bickering and fighting among most of the candidates hit a new, and very discouraging low. As David Gergen said afterwards, President Obama was the biggest winner of that debate. There was no doubt much rejoicing in the White House as they watched this one.

Special Bulletin 12-2011         Crystal Night Remembered        

SB 12-2011   In just over a month from now, on November 10, 2011, many of our neighbors will remember a painful day from their past – to them it is known as 'Kristallnacht' or 'Crystal Night'. As Edmond Burke stated, “Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.” What took place on November 9-10, 1938 brings the story of Crystal Night into our present and it is now our responsibility to remember. The horrors it released across Europe carried Western Civilization into some of its most uncivilized times. This must never be forgotten so that it may never be repeated.

Special Bulletin 11-2011         The Candidates        

SB 11-2011  The most frequently asked question that I receive is for my opinion of the Republican Presidential candidates. There is much evidence that people are more engaged in the process this time and have a resolve to know the candidates. Many believe that President Obama did not get vetted by the media or even his challengers, and there is good evidence the citizens of the U.S. will not allow that to happen again. This engagement is cause for hope.

Special Bulletin 10-2011         Suspend the Elections - Blow the Trumpets        

SB 10-2011  It was Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, the day I first heard North Carolina Democratic Governor Bev Perdue suggest that constitutional elections should be suspended. The reason being floated for suspending the elections was so that politicians could concentrate on the seriousness of the national problems rather than putting effort into being reelected. Even to suggest such an idea is chilling and ought to be sobering. While it is not unexpected, considering the people who are currently in power, it is nonetheless disturbing.

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