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Member Update from Our President


Dear Oak Initiative Member,

      The Oak Initiative was born for the purpose of addressing the major crises of our times from a Christian worldview. A prophetic mandate to be a defender of the Constitution was then added to our purpose. Since then we have continued to address the crises and defend the Constitution by all of the means available to us, particularly by producing and distributing educational materials. We have also helped rally workers and supporters to campaigns and causes with noteworthy affect. As the crises have grown, and the attacks on our Constitution have increased, we too must rise to a new level.

      It has become clear how the attacks on our Constitution and the way it has been circumvented, or ignored, is at the root of virtually every major crisis America is now facing. These have virtually no chance of being remedied without a return to the moorings of the Constitution. This is our specific cause, and we must take it up with increased focus and diligence.  

      The American crisis seems to be deepening by the week. With some, this is an appearance created by the media more than it is a reality, but in some crucial areas it is true. We are facing growing crises that will be our doom if not overcome. People are increasingly asking if we are headed for another American Civil War as the political debate in our country has become so toxic. We should be concerned about what is surfacing in our country now, but Philippians 4:6 commands us to: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

      So our first response to what might cause us to be anxious is to take our requests to God. So what are the things that we want for our country that we should be taking to God? We encourage all our members to talk to their circles of influence, but one moment talking to God can accomplish far more than a lifetime of talking to men. To have influence with God is far better than having influence with men. So, let’s remember that “the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing,” and the main thing is to let our requests be made known to God. Prayer is not our last resort, but rather our first.

      Next, let’s consider what these requests for our country might be. Mine would be 1) righteousness, and 2) justice. This is because we are told that righteousness and justice are the foundations of The Lord’s throne, or authority. Having the right people in office is not nearly as important as having The Lord as our King. That is the only remedy for any nation.

      The issues causing such discord now also come under the two categories of righteousness and justice. He is our Righteousness because of the Atonement of Christ, but righteousness is also doing what is right in the sight of The Lord. Justice is ensuring that all are treated equally and fairly. These are the foundations of any government that would be stable and lasting because they bring the favor of God. In Proverbs 14:34, we are told that “righteousness exalts a nation,” and we can see in our history how our exaltation as a nation has been directly related to how we sought to obey the ways of The Lord.

      This is what our Founding Fathers sought to do with our Constitution. They did not cite chapter and verse from the Scriptures, but it was firmly moored in sound biblical truth and wisdom concerning government and stewardship. The Constitution is not Scripture, but it was divinely inspired. If we know God, we can see His ways and His workmanship in all of our founding documents. His hand was upon our Founding Fathers because He has a purpose for our country. With the exception of The Bible, there has been no other document in human history to promote and release more righteousness, justice, and prosperity than the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The fruit has been great to the degree that we have adhered to it.

      Conversely, virtually all of the discord in our history, including the Civil War, has been the result of departing from the clear tenets of the Constitution. We can trace the many specific issues that have become increasingly bitter political fault-lines today to a specific departure from the Constitution. The only way that they will be resolved is to return to our moorings in the Constitution. The only way that we as a nation are likely to return to the Constitution is to turn back to God as our ultimate Sovereign. As John Adams wrote, the Constitution is wholly inadequate to govern any who are not a religious and moral people. He was right. It will not work for a people that are becoming as immoral and anti-religious, and especially anti-Christian, as America is now becoming.

      So what does this mean? As the saying goes, “If you do not change your direction you will end up where you are headed.” We are headed for a terrible tyranny if we do not have revival and another Great Awakening in America. The Trump Administration is accomplishing some major things, such as with the economy. Regardless of all that continues to be accomplished, even with another term, it can all be lost in a year. We can be in much worse shape than before if we do not have a revival and Great Awakening in America.

      Christians have dual citizenship. We are citizens of the kingdom of God and of the country The Lord placed us in. Our citizenship in heaven should be more real and important to us than our national citizenship, but we must also love and seek the good of the nations that The Lord has placed us in. The Lord even told the captive Israelites in Babylon to seek the good of that nation in which they were captives. A main job we have as Christians is to help bring heaven to earth—the ways of God to the nations. That is the greatest good that we could ever do for our country.

      The Oak Initiative was formed by leaders of the American church, and it is mostly focused on American issues, but we quickly had members from around the world join us. Many said they wanted to do this because they understood how much of what happened in America affected their own nations. Others said they wanted to be a part because they loved America. America won her independence because citizens of other nations joined her in the struggle, and we were able to prevail to a large degree because of them. For this reason we always welcome those who seek to understand and help with our great issues. We also want to always keep in mind that God loves the nations, and we want to love the nations and help others in any way that we can. That too is a part of our calling.

      Because many Oak leaders and members have been so engaged in national and international affairs and causes, we have not had another Oak Summit for a few years, or sponsored other specific initiatives. However, it is time for us to gather again and get clear marching orders going forward. Some of the national and international initiatives our Oak members are now leading have the potential to have a major impact on our times. We need to get behind some of these and some of the other initiatives now emerging. One major thing that The Oak has been, and will continue to be, is an incubator of important, effective initiatives. 

      The Oak continues to have possibly the biggest impact for the buck, or for the effort, of any organization we know of. As the crises that we were born to address are increasing again, and therefore also the opportunities, it is time for The Oak to go to a new level. I think we will come out of the next Oak Summit at a new level. You will want to be a part. You will receive a notice soon of the place and date.

In His Service, 

Rick Joyner
President of The Oak Initiative 


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