Special Bulletin 03-2018


United. We Remember Crystal Night


Dear Friends,

      In 2009, the year The Oak Initiative started, a friend shared what I thought was an anointed and brilliant idea of a way we could express our solidarity to the Jewish people. “Crystal Night,” or “The Night of the Broken Glass,” is the infamous night of November 10, 1938 when Hitler ordered German citizens and storm troopers to attack and vandalize Jewish owned businesses, homes, and synagogues. This marked the beginning of a new phase of violence in the persecution of the Jewish people by the Nazis, who ultimately tried to exterminate the Jewish people. Ninety-one Jews were killed that night and 30,000 Jewish men were taken to concentration camps, beginning the atrocity that would eventually lead to the murder of six million Jews—one of the darkest times in human history.

     In light of the recent and tragic events that took place at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, and in remembrance of this evil and incomprehensibly terrible tragedy from 1938, The Oak Initiative is again setting aside the month of November to honor our Jewish neighbors. We are asking all of our friends, Oak Initiative chapters, and members everywhere to contact their Jewish neighbors, Jewish synagogues, or cultural centers and let them know how much we appreciate them and are honored to have them as neighbors. We also want to express our belief that the Jewish people have fulfilled the promise of God to Abraham that his descendants would be a blessing to every family on the face of the earth. If you can, please purchase and give them a gift of crystal as a token of our appreciation for them, and let them know that we are resolved to stand with them and never let the tragedy that befell them in Europe ever be forgotten or happen to them again.  As a special note, do not mail packages for obvious reasons. Through the years we have seen that this works best. Connect individually or as a group—they have always proven to be a most gracious people and we are sure you will be blessed in the experience.  

In His Service, 

Rick Joyner
President of The Oak Initiative 


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