Special Bulletin 04-2014

Tell the Truth

By Marc Nuttle

     I waited until this time after the President’s State of the Union message to file this report.  I was hopeful that the President would have an honest discussion with the American public about the state of the union.  He did not.  By this, I am not making a statement about his politics.  We can have a difference of opinion, and he can still give an honest answer from his viewpoint.

     On January 28, the President delivered a political speech designed to obfuscate the issues in an attempt to distract from the big issues of the day that are affecting our great nation.  It was a political speech meant to give local Democrats an issue upon which to run besides health care.  It was an attempt to save the mid-term elections for liberals instead of standing above the fray and telling the American public the truth for their own preservation. 

     What do I mean by this? The President is doubling down on his economic policy, even though there is no consensus that the economy is stabilizing.  The number of adults in the workforce, as a percent of the population, is at a 30-year low.  Further, many working adults are now on government subsidies to make ends meet.  Things are not OK, yet the President must believe that the end justifies the means, even if the end is in dispute.  This is not leadership; this is existence by confusion. 

     The national press responded by agreeing that his proposals were underwhelming.  The President cannot course-correct the economy by Executive Order. And, raising the minimum wage for federal employees not only has little impact, but further establishes two classes of citizens (federal workers and other workers). Two economic systems governed by the same constitution will not work.

     The national press also came to the conclusion that Republicans, Democrats and the President agreed on the problem.  This is also not true. We all want more jobs and higher disposable incomes.  Of course, we want equal economic opportunity for women. And everyone is for fairness on the immigration issue.  Those are not problems; they are goals and objectives.  The problem is the debt, the deficits, and the infringement on states’ rights by the federal government.  Until we agree on this problem, no solution can be engineered or negotiated.

     Character has now become a central issue to leadership.  There is a nationally recognized group of non-partisan economists who have asked Congress to just tell the truth about the national debt and its impact on the economy.  The response to this request from certain national leaders is that, if they were to tell the truth, their ability to fund programs for the poor would be jeopardized.  Think about this a minute.  The philosophy is that Congress cannot tell the truth if it impedes their political philosophy.  It should be that the truth is the cornerstone of political philosophy, and dictates government’s direction and program implementation. 

     The President of the United States is using the Presidency to manipulate public understanding for political gain.  It is a denigration of the office.  In the next election for President of the United States, character and morality must be redefined wherein one must:  tell the truth, stand on eternal principles, and trust the American people to make integral decisions to positively impact their future and the future of their children.

     We must bring the American people into the debate for America’s solutions with all the facts on the table. To lead, we must first show that we care about all individuals’ futures, not just our own. Leadership requires building trust with those you wish to lead.  The call for joint sacrifice must be implemented in a spirit of love.  Leading in any direction must be accomplished pursuant to a vision that benefits all people.  To follow, people must understand the vision.  There are many real needs in society today.  They cannot be ignored. It is partly the fault of government that people are in dire straits.  We must first shepherd with a vision in mind through an administrative process that guides us on the journey to a new future.  We must not neglect anyone’s immediate needs as we walk on this journey.

     If we show that we care and we act in love by advocating critical needs, solutions may be produced through inclusion of all peoples, not just the fortunate.

     Rick Joyner has just written a new book entitled The Path.  I encourage each of you to buy it and read it.  Over the next several weeks, it is my intent to engage you in discussions on where this path through the wilderness may take us.  I feel very strongly that the guiding principle for government reform is “this is not business as usual.”  We must completely rethink federal-state relationships, government structure, individual accountability, family order, equal rights, due process, and the pursuit of liberty. The next President of the United States must be committed to these eternal principles, starting with telling the truth.


I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Marc Nuttle




Marc Nuttle is an attorney, based in Norman, Oklahoma, who represents corporations, business projects and political entities nationally and internationally.  He is managing partner of Oklahoma Sovereign Development, LLC (OSD); an Oklahoma based industrial development company.  OSD has members and advisors internationally from Great Britain, China, and Eastern Europe and, in the United States, from Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington, DC, and Oklahoma City.  OSD specializes in research, investment, development and operations of international trade, manufacturing and distribution opportunities.  He is also the author of the recently published book Moment of Truth:  How Our Government’s Addiction to Spending & Power Will Destroy Everything That Makes America Great.

He is also an Oak Initiative Board Member and has a website: Debt Wall. Click on the image or link below to find out more information.


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