Special Bulletin 07-2011

SB 07-2011   The events of this past week make the Oak Initiative’s Board Resolution to publish a position on Israel even more timely and imperative. We would not be too dramatic to say that a Rubicon has been crossed and that we are at a major demarcation point in our history.   In a most shocking and reprehensible way, America betrayed one of its most faithful and important allies, Israel. Not only has our President placed one of America’s best friends in the world in jeopardy of her very survival...


A Resolution for Israel

by Rick Joyner

     The events of this past week make the Oak Initiative’s Board Resolution to publish a position on Israel even more timely and imperative. We would not be too dramatic to say that a Rubicon has been crossed and that we are at a major demarcation point in our history.

     In a most shocking and reprehensible way, America betrayed one of its most faithful and important allies, Israel. Not only has our President placed one of America’s best friends in the world in jeopardy of her very survival, stating that as a basis for peace in the Middle East Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders, but as history testifies, what we do to Israel comes back on us for good or evil just as the Lord promised. Those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. If this proposal stands, we have no doubt put our own nation in jeopardy as well.

     This may sound a little extreme, but the sure testimony of history corroborates it. Consider these factors:

President Obama stated that a condition of peace be the formation of a Palestinian state and that Israel return to the pre-1967 borders. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of present military realities knows this is a death sentence for Israel, that those borders are simply not defensible with the weapons and forces now possessed by her hostile neighbors. Without question, President Obama knows this.
At this time, President Obama is trying to backtrack and say that he meant something else by this statement. Won’t this help resolve the situation?  
  o What President Obama said on the eve of his meetings with the Israeli Prime Minister was clear, and his backtracking is only making him look more devious or foolish. Just by saying what no previous President had ever proposed has fortified the Palestinian resolve to insist on these borders from which they know Israel may then be wiped off the map completely. At the very least, this statement has likely made another major Middle Eastern war inevitable.
By international law, when a nation is attacked and responds, and ends up conquering territory from the attacker, that territory belongs to the attacked nation,  
  o The principle our President is trying to impose on Israel is the equivalent of the U.S. being forced to give Texas and California back to Mexico.
The President also inferred that Israel would have to negotiate with Hamas.  
  o Hamas is a declared terrorist organization by our own government. Why would we demand that Israel do what we ourselves have a national policy not to do—negotiate with terrorists? As Prime Minister Netanyahu rightly pointed out, this would be the equivalent of the U.S. being compelled to negotiate with Al Qaeda.
In basic diplomacy in negotiations, you never demand terms before the negotiations begin.  
  o Our President has demanded that nearly one-third of Israeli territory be given to those who have sworn to destroy Israel, displacing hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens.  
  o In return, he asks nothing from the Palestinians but words. The Palestinians have proven repeatedly that their words mean nothing to them, and that they will break any agreement just as soon as it is expedient to do so.  
  o The end result of the President’s proposal would be nothing but the unimaginable weakening of Israel to the point where it could easily be destroyed.
To date, Israel has made many concessions and given up large territories without gaining anything in return.  
  o The last territory it gave up to the Palestinians, The Gaza, quickly became a base for launching over 6,000 rockets into Israel, as well as other terrorist attacks into Israel.  
  o To consider just how restrained and magnanimous Israel has remained in this situation, think about how we would want to respond if 6,000+ rockets had been fired into the U.S. from one of our neighbors.  

     If there was ever an example of Einstein’s definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result), this is one. That it would even be proposed reflects either the most shocking naïveté since Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Britain declared that his negotiations with Hitler had resulted in “peace in our time.” At worst, it is too diabolical to even comprehend, a virtual modern “Final Solution” for Israel as a nation.

     President Obama had gained a lot of political capital for the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden, and probably a lot more was spent on this proposal that threw one of our best friends in the world under the bus. Many who had considered that the President’s bumbling foreign policy was just due to naïveté and inexperience have by this become convinced that it is in fact evil intent. Though there is no doubt abundant and increasing evidence that would point to this, great damage is being done to our relations around the world and the future of our own country as well, regardless of the motives.

     Even if this is naïveté on the part of our President, just as a teenager may be naïve to think that they can drink and drive, and sincerely never want to hurt anyone, many have died because of this. Naïveté in foreign policy can result in as much death and destruction as evil intent.

The Arab Spring?

     The President attached this proposal for his Middle East peace plan to his idealistic, obviously naive view of what he is calling “the Arab spring”—the uprisings across the Middle East demanding democracy. There simply is no evidence that this is actually going to end up in a real democracy in any of the nations where the uprising has taken place. On the contrary, there is abundant evidence that this is being orchestrated by radical jihadists and will end up being used for this.

     Certainly our President had available to him an abundance of intelligence, which foretold the impending “democratic” uprisings in the region, and that they were intended to be used by the Muslim Brotherhood to set up a new caliphate and new national base for jihad. This intelligence was even published in The Team B II Report on Shariah. This report was compiled by an impressive group of top intelligence professionals and widely distributed to the public. It has unfolded just like they warned.

     Certainly it would be a most wonderful thing to see democracy spread like this in the Middle East, but democracy has not been the result of a single such uprising. Like in Iran, democracy is often used as a motive to mobilize for revolution, but the result has always been another more radical dictator. This is just a set up for the basic strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood, “One man, one vote, one time,” and then they take over. To think that these will turn out any other way is just another example of Einstein’s definition of insanity.

     Is it not possible that it be different this time? No. We can see this in Egypt already. Those who were truly seeking democracy in Egypt were shut out of the process immediately. In foreign policy, you must look at the way things are and what is really happening, not what you hope is happening. The evidence is already clear where these movements are leading.

     Consider our own history. Look at the struggle democracy has had in the U.S. even with the extraordinary leadership we had in the beginning, who were rich and deep in a vision and understanding of their devotion to freedom. After 250 years, we are still facing major challenges and threats to our freedom. Where are the Jeffersons, the Franklins, or the Washingtons in the Middle East today? Their leaders have a very different vision, and the result of these uprisings is unquestionably headed in a very different direction than democracy.

     British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s name is now synonymous with naïve leadership. He thought he could give Hitler the little country of Czechoslovakia and the Nazis would be appeased. It had been estimated that it could cost up to ten thousand lives to defend the little Czech nation from the Nazis, a price deemed by Chamberlain far too high to pay. By not taking their stand and protecting the Czech people at that point, in just two more years the Nazis were so powerful that an estimated 100 million would die in World War II.

     When the German generals saw the fortresses the Czechs had made for their defense, they admitted that in 1938 they were not yet strong enough to have taken the Czech’s militarily. Israel has been just such a fortress that has stood as a bulwark against a force no less sinister than Germany was then, and whose stated purpose is to conquer and dominate the world in the name of their religion. They have proven over and over that these are words we can count on them to keep since their resolve is to fulfill their religious obligation to conquer the world for Allah. Like the foolish Chamberlain, some think that by being nice to them they’ll change. Like we should have learned once and for all from World War II, the price for that kind of naïveté will likely cost many more lives than was necessary. A bully spirit will never be appeased, it must be stood up to with unrelenting resolve if there is ever going to be peace.

     For this reason, we signed and support the following ad that was taken out in The Wall Street Journal, and was picked up by The Jerusalem Post and other papers. This ad was prepared before President Obama’s speech that has so imperiled Israel, which in the light of that speech is even more poignant and crucial. The President prefaced his tragic proposal with “America believes…” but he will now find out just how many Americans do not believe as he does. We are resolved to stand with this tiny little nation that has such huge significance to our faith, the very integrity of the word of God and His promises, and is possibly the ultimate test of the true character of the other nations of the world.

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