Special Bulletin 09-2014

Cantor's Victory

by Rick Joyner

     Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat at the hands of a political unknown, David Brat, has been called “a political earthquake.” Earthquakes don’t build things. They do damage. However, earthquakes only damage what is not built strong enough to handle them. In this way, they reveal the true strength and condition of structures. Cantor’s defeat is revealing much about the Republican Party.


     As stated in the last Bulletin, “if the (Republican) establishment distances itself from Dave Brat and fails to support his race against his Democratic opponent in November, more devastating earthquakes are likely. If they do the right thing, hear the message, and start listening to the base instead of attacking it, this could be the beginning of a victorious unity.”


     Did the Republican Party establishment get the message?


     Will they do the right thing? Will they do what is necessary to unify the Republican Party and energize their base?


     Now, after a week, we can see indications that the establishment may have gotten a little bit of the message, so there is hope they will get the rest of it. Eric Cantor’s remarkable grace in acknowledging his defeat, and his exhortation for the Republican Party to hear the message of the Tea Party and its conservative base was certainly encouraging. However, it remains doubtful that many in the Republican establishment really understand the seriousness of what this reveals. This could very well determine the life or death of the Republican Party.


     Eric Cantor was a conservative and espoused core conservative values. His defeat is, therefore, a most important message. As one voter explained why he voted for Brat instead of Cantor: “It is not what Eric Cantor stands for or stands against, but that he did not stand.” This articulates the key revelation of the entire matter.


     It is about more than our words and even our sincere beliefs—but who will stand for their beliefs. The present Republican leadership is being held as responsible as the Democrats for the meltdown the country is experiencing, because they did not stand for what they espoused. They repeatedly caved in and retreated before the opposition.


     Lying has become such a way of life by those in our government that the American people are finally getting fed up and now seem ready to do something about it. The only hope for our Republic to actually save itself through a democratic process is if the American people reject those who may say the right things, but do not do them.


     Eric Cantor’s candor about his defeat was refreshing and encouraging. He was more than candid. He was noble and magnanimous. However, we are in times that require more than true and noble ideals. It is a time for courage, endurance, and the resolve to stand for what we believe, even when it does not seem politically expedient.


     Leadership requires much more than just believing the right things. It requires doing what is right. Will the Republican Party now do the right thing? If not, it is time for another party. In such times of crisis as these, we cannot bear more politics, we need leadership.


     America will not last much longer without leadership, and the Republican Party cannot win the future without such leadership. If the Republican Party continues with the strategy of winning the mid-terms by doing nothing and just expecting the debacles and unpopularity of Obamacare or the continuing unprecedented cascading scandals to win elections for them, then they are not leaders but followers, allowing circumstances to lead. We need leadership with a plan and with the strength, wisdom, and decisiveness to see it through.


     Churchill once said that politicians think of the next election, but statesmen think of the next generation. We can no longer bear those who are more concerned about the next election than for the future of the country. Politicians are a species that we should hope becomes extinct in the very near future, so that leadership would emerge once again in our nation.


     No nation will survive long without good leadership. However, any nation that is a superpower is even more quickly doomed without it. The United States is still the most powerful nation in the world in all of the key areas that dictate the course of the world. This also makes the U.S. the biggest target in the world for those who have different values or interests. We won’t survive much longer without leadership that leads by the sure compass of knowing and exhibiting the core values that America was built on and can alone sustain us.


     America is not the New Jerusalem, or the kingdom of God. Yet, it is likely that America has been the best and most noble nation in history. Name another that has fought the kind of devastating wars we have fought throughout the twentieth century until now and then immediately, upon victory, begins to rebuild the nations they defeated. Then we set those nations free to chart their own course again! That is an unprecedented devotion to freedom above special interests.


     Freedom is the most basic, core value of America. It is the oxygen that we cannot live without. Our liberty is more threatened now than it has ever been. It is threatened by the maddening incompetence that could lead to a program like “Fast and Furious,” and it is threatened by the kind of totalitarian tyranny manifested in the IRS and NSA scandals. That incompetence, combined with the trend toward totalitarian control, are both wrapped up in the core elements of Obamacare.


     If Obamacare was really about giving us better healthcare, then why does it have the IRS as the controlling agency instead of the Department of Health and Human Services? Why would a healthcare bill require a domestic military force, as well as access to all of the accounts of all Americans and the authority to withdraw from them? Why does it contain provisions that authorize the seizing of inheritances to pay the final medical expenses of those who die? Wasn’t it supposed to be insurance that paid those expenses? Why has the House of Representatives that controls the purse strings, which is controlled by Republicans, funded such diabolical legislation?


     We have to be incredibly blind not to see what this legislation is really all about. Where are the leaders who will stand against these most deadly threats to our freedom? It will not be those who are more concerned about their re-election than keeping their oath to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Obamacare is the greatest attack yet to come upon America, our Constitution, and our liberty, and it is coming from within. It is a domestic attack that our elected officials and all other officers swore an oath to protect us from.


     I am considered an extremist for saying these things, but it is not true. I am actually a political moderate. I am as concerned about right-wing extremism as I am the leftist agenda. I have stated for years that an eagle needs both a right wing and a left wing to fly. The Tea Party consists mostly of moderates. They are now considered extremists because of propaganda and because the nation has been pushed so far to the left that they seem extreme. However, in general, the Tea Party is mostly moderate, and they are mostly right.


     Chris Matthews, the MSNBC pundit that most would consider an ultra liberal, had amazing praise for David Brat, calling him a sophisticated intellectual. Then he defended the Tea Party as having some valid positions deserving to be heard. There were a lot of discussions about his motives for saying such things, but I think it could well be evidence of the level of illumination now coming to the nation.


     Though we may be losing our rights and liberties fast, at this writing, the people are still the ultimate authority in America. The government is supposed to be for us and to work for us, not the other way around. Believe it or not, like it or not, there have been some snakes in the Republican and Democratic Parties, and there are some noble souls in both. A new political party could very well draw the best of both parties and filter out the snakes.


Foreign and Domestic Threats


  Actions do speak louder than words. The following is an interesting perspective from Christopher Holton (chris@christopherholton.com).


To put current events in Iraq in perspective, Obama refused the Iraqi government's request for air strikes on ISIS before the Jihadists rolled into Mosul. Now US personnel are evacuating Iraq and the Iraqi government, which the US installed via elections, is in serious danger of falling.


In contrast, a few years ago, in 2011, when the Muslim Brotherhood asked for air support in Libya, the USS Barry, the USS Stout and the USS Florida fired nearly 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles on targets in Libya. These strikes were followed by air strikes by US B-2, F-15E, F-16, AV-8B, A-10 and AC-130 aircraft on Libyan targets in Operation Odyssey Dawn.


     We also have the case with Egypt. Obama gave almost unlimited support to the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohamed Morsi, even when it began its campaign of suppression and persecution of anyone that opposed it. Then, when Morsi’s Sharia imposing government was overthrown by the military leader Field Marshal el-Sisi, Obama cut off aid to Egypt. The present military government of Egypt has since done more to eradicate Islamic extremists in the region, most of which declare their ultimate aim as the destruction of America, than any other nation in the Middle East with the possible exception of Israel. The el-Sisi government has even sent troops into the Sinai to cut off the supplies of the Islamists attacking Israel and has reestablished its devotion to its treaty with Israel. Yet our foreign policy remains one of shunning Egypt.


     This agenda of the Obama Administration is too obvious not to see. Just try to think of one nation in the world that we have better relations with since Obama took office.


     Now try to think of one way that America’s stature in the world has risen under the present Administration.


     I’m just sayin’….


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