Special Bulletin 09-2016

The China Trump Syndrome
By Marc Nuttle


In 1979 a popular movie based on a book called The China Syndrome, warned of uncertain dangers of new protocol, applied through government services, to provide benefit to the people. The basic premise was that a nuclear meltdown, where a reactor would melt through the containment structures into the underlying earth, could melt all the way to China. The question asked was: What if it happened?

The questions being asked today are: What will happen now that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States? And what if he meant what he said that he was not going to be held captive by business as usual? And what if he applied business acumen where possible to government services and political structure?

The results and the answers are presenting themselves.

The Nuttle Report this week is being brought to you literally on the fly. However, the Trump Transition committee is even more extended. Instead of waiting to be sworn into office and discussing immigration policy ad nauseam with other elected officials, he dispatched a team overseas to first-hand examine successful immigration programs. Donald Trump is acting like a businessman. Go talk to anyone who has been successful in solving a problem with which you are confronted. Determine options, choose one that facilitates a plan, and move forward. Extended debate and pontification does not produce new alternatives. Such dialogue often deleteriously prolongs the selection of the obvious choice.

A new immigration policy will be established. The wall will be built. Those who thrive on indecision are going to find that their world has changed.

China has diplomatically demanded that Taiwan not be recognized as a sovereign nation. They even frowned on official, casual contact. This dates back to the 1950s when Chaing Kai Shek, then the leader of China, escaped from advancing communist Chinese armies to reestablish a government on the former island of Formosa, now called Taiwan. Mainland China has never recognized Taiwan’s independence. Yet the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the Taipei Stock Exchange are coordinated. The issues facing the United States today in reference to mainland China are currency management of the yuan, military expansion in the South China Sea, and a banking system operating outside the formal protocol of the World Bank. By taking a call from Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan, Donald Trump reset the negotiating standard that all elements of interest are on the table. China is not our enemy. They can and should be our economic and military partner.

Negotiations are facilitated when nothing is held back, everything is on the table, and truth is not denied.

Talking heads on the major news shows hilariously opined right after the election that Donald Trump would meet his match when he was forced to negotiate with the government establishment. What rendered this opinion is beyond any logic. Donald Trump, through the primaries, the general election, and now the transition, is resetting the rules of engagement. His selection for the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the Attorney General of Oklahoma who has valiantly sued the EPA for overreach of bureaucratic edicts. Donald Trump is committed to eliminating regulations that are not cost effective and suppress the creation of jobs. In the outcry of this appointment, no progressive made any mention of the necessity to create new jobs. Government bureaucrats are so accustomed to producing government regulations without any consideration for government balance to business that they have abandoned all reason in purpose in the government’s role to serve the people.

Boeing, a great American company competing successfully against subsidized aerospace companies abroad, has been challenged on their cost estimates for producing the next Air Force One jet. Immediately, critics complained that such costs can’t be challenged. Why not? The immediate reply should have been a classic business answer: The costs are justified pursuant to the contract terms and deliverables defined.

In the future, businesses contracting with the government will be held accountable for cost overruns and services rendered.

The stock market is at an all-time high. The dollar is gaining strength against foreign currencies. Investors are actually beginning to see new hope that Donald Trump means to eliminate unnecessary, burdensome regulations that in calculation to job creation produce little benefit to citizens. Further, taxes will be cut and investor confidence is rising that new laws will not be passed to break promises for tax stability. Worldwide investments are not only flowing into dollar denominated assets, but in the United States equity markets.

After the colonies won independence from Great Britain in 1781, there were several years of turmoil generated by change in a vacuum creating uncertainty. The Constitution established the framework for peace, prosperity, and government stability among the new states. That Constitution is still capable of guiding us today through the change needed for our country and demanded by the people by the election of Donald Trump as President.

Many more examples of the result of change are forthcoming. In fact, instead of melting through the center of the earth, the China Trump Syndrome may actually melt through obstacles heretofore believed impenetrable for change needed for the great reset and government restructuring of our country.

My name is Marc Nuttle and this is what I believe.

What do you believe?


Marc Nuttle is a lawyer, author, consultant and businessman who's had a varied career. He has represented and advised Presidents of the United States, leaders of foreign countries, state officials and corporations. Marc has worked on government policy and has predicted economic trends. 



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