Special Bulletin 11-2014

The Second Law of Thermodynamics
& Bedlam On The Border

by Rick Joyner


     What could the Second Law of Thermodynamics possibly have to do with the chaos on the U.S./Mexican border? It explains almost everything.

     The Second Law of Thermodynamics is also called “The Law of Entropy.” This deals with energy, but also the principle that everything in nature trends toward disorder not order, unless acted on by an outside, intelligent source. Basically this explains why your house, car, body, and everything else will break down if not intelligently built and maintained. If you want to prove this law, just leave your yard alone one summer. Your nice carpet of grass will quickly turn into weeds and other brambles. ”

     So what does this have to do with the border?

     Any organization that does not have wise, intelligent, proactive management will trend toward chaos. This includes companies, governments, the military, schools, churches, and ministries. If anything is just left to its own it will begin to disintegrate. Our national government is unraveling because of a lack of leadership and management. Most of the crises that are cascading down upon our country are the result of this vacuum.

     Of course, biologists will likely be the last to admit this, but this law also proves that there was intelligent design. Everything in nature is moving toward disorder unless acted upon by intelligent design. Nowhere in nature has there been found anything moving toward order, which includes coming together in the incredible order required to compose a single living cell.

     If someone is inclined to think we have this incredible order in nature, it is because the Holy Spirit moved upon the chaos as we are told in Genesis. Without Him moving as He did, we would still have a planet in chaos like the rest of the planets. The odds of anything in nature coming together in even a basic order by random chance is too great to compute, and the fact is there is not a single observed example of it.

     Now back to the border. In Scripture, this is a very important issue, and to change or remove boundaries was a great offense. As Isaiah prophesied concerning the boast of the wicked King of Assyria in Isaiah10:13:

“By the strength of my hand I have done this, and by my wisdom, because I have understanding. I removed the boundaries of nations, I plundered their treasures” (NIV).

     The intent of the removal of boundaries is almost always for the purpose of plundering the nation whose boundaries are violated. It is also the plundering of the treasures of America that are doing this to us and who are letting it be done.


The Main Thing

     Peter Lord said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” The main thing our Federal Government was established for was defense. Defending national borders is the main thing defense is for. All other responsibilities are secondary to this. When any government in history could no longer defend its borders, then its time was short. Without a major change of direction very fast, our time as a Republic will soon be over.

     The collapse into lawlessness on our southern border is the result of a leadership that either does not want to defend our borders or is not competent to do so. If this is the result of our leaders not wanting to defend our borders, it is treason and a most basic renunciation of their oath of office. If this chaos is the result of incompetence, they are in violation of U.S. Federal Law that requires anyone who takes a position in the U.S. Government to be competent for the responsibilities of that office. Either way, the refusal to defend our borders is not only an impeachable offense, it is a criminal offense.

     Justice is not just about punishment, but also about accountability. The three branches of our Federal Government were intended to be counterbalancing. For this to happen, there must be strong enough leadership in the positions of government that were designed to be the counterbalances to the one that goes awry. Our Republic was designed for the House of Representatives to be the strongest, because it most basically represented the people and was answerable to the people every two years. To maintain this power, the Congress was given the power of the purse. The weakest of the three branches was to be the Executive because that is where the tyranny was most likely to come from. Now these positions have been reversed, and we are paying the consequences with increasing tyranny.

     However, every branch of our government is unraveling into increasing dysfunction, so even their function as counterbalances to each other is beginning to break down. Without a major change in their trajectory, we are headed for increasing chaos and lawlessness, or tyranny.

     So what do we do? First, never lose hope. All is not lost until all is lost. There is still time to change our direction, recover our losses, and become better and stronger than ever. However, if we do not understand what got us into this crisis, we will not have the wisdom to get out of it, or stay out of it in the future.


A Culture of Incompetence

     The President was quick to blame the Republicans for the border problem because they would not give him everything he wanted in his proposed immigration legislation. Let’s think back a little to how it worked out for America when he was given just about everything he wanted in the healthcare legislation.

     The Administration spent hundreds of millions of dollars just on the website, and that did not even work. Most companies could have easily built a website that would have worked for a million or two. This is just another example in a long line of unmistakable signs of the increasing dysfunction and incompetence of our leadership in the Federal Government.

     If the government cannot even build a website gateway for the healthcare system, how can we expect it to actually manage the healthcare system? With its recent track record, how can we expect them to actually manage anything right? Try to think of a single part of our government that is now operating more efficiently and effectively than it was five years ago. Think of one other nation that we have better relations with now than we did five years ago.

     Now consider the President’s proposal for dealing with the border crisis. It is basically to maintain a wide open southern border where no one will be turned away, and everyone who enters illegally will be given food, housing, an education, healthcare, even X-Boxes for entertainment—luxury like most have never dreamed of ever having. Then think about how they won't even have to work to get it! How many more hundreds of thousands do you think will be here very quickly with that kind of program in place? How about how many millions?

     It may be debatable whether this is being done with intent or not, but one of the basic Marxist strategies for bringing down capitalist governments was to overload their welfare systems until they collapsed. Every welfare system we now have is already on a trajectory of certain collapse, and the adding of millions more people to the roles will only speed this up.


The Children

     Everyone seems to be touched with the plight of the unaccompanied children, except the President. How could he ever claim to really care about them if he will not go to see for himself what is happening to them, or even visit the border? He said he didn’t want to go just for a photo op, but that is not the reason for going—it is to see the crisis firsthand. Every leader will tell you that you cannot really understand a crisis without seeing it with your own eyes. Without firsthand knowledge, your solutions are not likely to be wise ones.

     The President’s startling aloofness is obvious, but to the rest of the country this is one of the most heart-wrenching problems we have faced as a nation. These children have likely all been abused, raped, and in some cases tortured, while getting here. Some we know were killed. The number of those who did not make it to the border is hard to ascertain, but it could be a very big number. Others were likely sold into slavery before they could get to the border.

     This is a terrible human crisis. One thing America will always do is respond to a human crisis, regardless of where it is in the world, so we can be sure we’ll deal with this one. Without question we should do all that we can to protect these children. However, the fastest and most effective thing we can do for them is to secure and defend our borders so that those nations will not send their children on such a dangerous journey again.


Failure by Fiat

     Remembering the Second Law of Thermodynamics, let’s briefly review the staggering crises America has been subjected to under the Obama Administration. The main ones are:

  • Fast and Furious: The U.S. Government sold thousands of powerful weapons to drug cartels and terrorists. This was supposedly done to track who the weapons went to, but no tracking mechanism was ever devised before selling them the weapons. With what is now happening on our border, it is likely many Americans will have one of these weapons pointed at them very soon. No one has been fired or held accountable for this incomprehensible madness. At the same time, the government began moving to take guns out of the hands of its citizens, a basic Constitutional right “that shall not be infringed.”
  • Economic Stimulus: Nearly two trillion dollars spent with little or no effect. Billions are unaccounted for. Economy not stimulated. Good stewardship is basic to good leadership. Bad stewardship is called “wicked” and “evil” in Scripture.
  • BP Oil Spill Crisis: Millions of gallons pumped into the Gulf for weeks while the ability to cap this well was available from the beginning. Cost of this mismanagement devastated the Gulf Coast region and the offshore oil drilling industry in a way that we will still be paying for at the pump for years to come.
  • IRS Scandal: This is likely the worst abuse of power in the nation’s history, and one of the scariest. Missing emails of IRS and Administration officials is many times worse than the seventeen minutes of missing tapes that got Nixon impeached. No one has yet been held accountable by being charged for this terrible crime against our most basic liberties.
  • The Release of Lawlessness: With the Administration declaring that it will not enforce laws it does not agree with, or prosecute such obvious violations of the law as we have with the IRS, why should any American have to keep the laws they don’t agree with? If the IRS cannot produce its records that it is required by law to keep, then why should any citizen have to produce their records for the IRS? Wait and see the ultimate chaos this will bring.
  • NSA Spying: Domestic and foreign spying on a level, and with an apparatus, even Orwell could not have imagined. This has opened the door wide to the greatest corruption of power and totalitarian control every imagined.
  • Benghazi Attack on U.S. Consulate: Every Embassy and Consulate is U.S. territory. Failure to defend Americans and American territory from attack is a dereliction of duty. We had military assets available that could have very likely saved our ambassador and the other Americans killed that night, but they were told to “stand down.” The already known cover up of this shameful scandal rivals Watergate, and there is obviously a lot more to come out.
  • Arab Spring Backfire: This was the result of an incomprehensible U.S. backing of the wrong side—the Muslim Brotherhood—that has declared one of its basic missions to be the destruction of the U.S. Every aspect of the Obama Administration’s Middle East policy has not made sense, and has led to much worse problems and much greater instability in this crucial region.
  • Obamacare Rollout Fiasco: Obamacare continues to be the biggest hindrance to U.S. economic recovery, and the disastrous rollout chaos promises to only be the beginning of woes. Obamacare will not only drain the treasury, it will ultimately drain the personal assets of every American family. Yes, provisions for this are in this bill. You just need to know how to read the code that it’s written in. It has already cost multitudes of Americans their health policies that they were promised they could keep, but much worse than that, it is already costing lives, and will cost many more.
  • V.A. Scandal: Those who have made the greatest sacrifice for our country and deserve the best treatment from a grateful nation have gotten some of the worst. Nearly two hundred veterans that we know of died because of mismanagement. If you want an example of what our healthcare is going to be like managed by our government under Obamacare, then this is it. Shame on us if those responsible for this criminal negligence are not brought to justice and this system fixed so that those who deserve the best, get the best.
  • Five terrorist leaders exchanged for one alleged deserter, Sgt. Bergdahl: You can’t make this stuff up—it’s too bizarre. This unimaginable and shocking deal made the world much more dangerous for every American, and especially every American serviceman or woman.
  • Marine Corp combat veteran languishing in Mexican prison: Look what the Administration did to free Sgt. Bergdahl, who his entire unit says was a deserter, but our President won’t lift a finger to dial the phone and get back this honored veteran. How many thousands of Mexican illegals now cross our border every day, many with weapons, and we welcome them and even give them better benefits than our veterans are getting? Yet we let them take one of our own, who accidently made a wrong turn and crossed their border, to be held in prison for months! Obviously, American citizens and American veterans don’t mean enough to this President for him to make a phone call.
  • ISIS takedown of major regions of Syria and Iraq: The U.S. spent thousands of lives and trillions of dollars to rid the world of Saddam and break the power of the Taliban over Afghanistan. Then we give it all back in a few weeks and get nothing in return except for many more enemies empowered and many more friends who won’t trust us.
  • U.S. Southern Border Meltdown: Every American is going to pay a very high price for this most basic and devastating dereliction of duty on the part of the present Administration.


     I apologize if I left any major crises out. There are so many it is hard to keep up with them all. It is likely that every one of these crises would have called for a vote of “no confidence” in a parliamentary republic. There would have been swift change at the top, and likely throughout any related ministry. In our system we have no recourse except impeachment, and you can hardly blame the reticence to do this considering we would be putting Biden in Obama’s place.


So What Do We Do?

     Prayer should always be the first thing we do, not the last. We are now in a free fall that is beyond human remedy, but is an easy thing for God to fix. Even when we abandon Him, He promises that He will never leave or forsake us. He stands ready to help and can very easily fix every problem we have. It is the supreme arrogance of thinking that we don’t need Him that is at the root of every problem we have. Turning back to Him can fix every problem we have.

     Restore the foundations, The Constitution. The Founders of our nation warned us about virtually every crisis we are now facing—why and how it would happen. They were right. Many of our most desperate problems can be fixed and future ones avoided by really defending The Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

     There are laws on the books for prosecuting those who do not keep this vow, as they should be prosecuted since they have broken their most solemn trust with their country. We should also require everyone who takes this vow to defend The Constitution to actually read it before taking the vow.

     Get engaged and stay proactive. I first said in 2000 that every subsequent election, including midterms, would be more important than the previous election, and it has been proven accurate. The elections coming up this year are even more important than the 2012 elections. We must get mobilized and engaged.

     Though turning to God is the basic answer, we must not forget that He sent the Holy Spirit to be the Helper, not the Doer. “Faith without works is dead” (see James 2:20 NKJV). The Lord will help us, but He won’t do our part. We choose our leaders and have to take ultimate responsibility for the ones we choose. We also choose them by failing to vote. It is a true statement that the only thing required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

     Follow leaders, not politicians. We must identify not just leaders, but leaders with strong character and distinguish them from politicians so that we only vote for and support leaders. You can have the best form of government and still have bad government if you do not have good people in it. The whole world is now asking how America elected someone to the most powerful office on the planet who had no previous leadership experience.

     Remember the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the Law of Entropy. Whatever is not intelligently managed will deteriorate. Just because something is going well does not mean that we can disengage from oversight and management. We should look at everything we are doing to see how we can do it better.

     Proactive management of the economy would have foreseen and avoided the economic crisis of 2008. Real leadership and quality management would have foreseen and avoided almost every crisis we are now facing.

     We must open our eyes to see. We can’t keep verifying Einstein’s definition of insanity by continuing to do the same thing but expecting different results. If we do not change our direction, we will end up where we are headed, and no one who loves his or her country could ever want that.


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