Special Bulletin 12-2014

Special Bulletin Correction and News

by Rick Joyner


     Thanks for the comments I’ve been receiving on the more recent Oak Bulletin, The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Bedlam on the Border. They are very encouraging.


     Also, thanks for overlooking a major mistake (the 4th paragraph). It was somehow interjected from the previous Bulletin during layout, and has now been corrected in the Bulletin posted on the website. For those of you who are forwarding this to friends, please go to the website and download the corrected version to send.



Big News


     The Oak Initiative just received our 501(c) 3 status letter from the IRS. We were one of the organizations targeted by the IRS and have our own story to tell in this frightening abuse of power by our government. Even though this did cripple us for a time, keeping us from being able to raise the resources needed to accomplish our mandate, we have survived! Now we’re ready to move forward with even greater resolve and focus.


     Of course, it is now official that your contributions to The Oak are tax deductible. We can sure use them too! Thanks to all who have been so faithful to keep us going. Every little bit helps. The need is great for expanding our ability to address and mobilize for the major crises of our times, which is the Oak’s founding mandate.


     According to our research, The Oak Initiative has put out videos in the past that had more views in a day than all of the news networks combined. Not all of them do this, but our goal is to be high-impact “force multipliers.” We seek to be the good stewards in the Lord’s Parable of the Talents, multiplying all that we are trusted with. We do not want to do this with sensationalism, but with the power of the truth. It is the truth that sets us free and will keep us free.


     Next month we will be releasing news of a major new initiative of The Oak Initiative. We are also planning a Summit for all Oak Members that will be like none we have had before. Details will be sent out next month.


     Again, thanks to all of you who stuck with us through the desert we’ve been through, but it’s now time to take the land, and in our case in the U.S., to take our land back.



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