Special Bulletin 13-2015


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Saturday August 22 – National Protest
Against Planned Parenthood

By Robin Rowan


     On Saturday, August 22 there will be protests across the United States at virtually every Planned Parenthood clinic.Robin Rowan

     Pro-Life groups around the nation are pulling together for a major outcry against Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and their reported selling of organs and “baby parts.” The four primary groups sponsoring the event are Created Equal, the Pro-Life Action League, 40 Days for Life, and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. Many other national pro-life groups have joined in unity.

     The protests are a result of outrage resulting from a series of horrific videos of Planned Parenthood executives and abortion doctors openly discussing over lunch the manipulation of a baby in the womb to end its life without damaging the organs and negotiating for the price of the body parts.

     The goal is to raise awareness of the heartless and even illegal activities of Planned Parenthood by going to where the killing and harvesting of body parts from aborted children takes place.

     The group has listed every Planned Parenthood clinic around the nation, organized by state and city, where a protest will be taking place from 9am to 11am, but may vary by location. It is very well organized and there is a group leader attached to each location. The locations can be found at this link.

     The protest organization site, using the hashtag #PPSellsBabyParts National Day of Protest, also has a “Resources Page” that details types of protest, how to organize, how to advertise and promote more involvement, as well as what to bring with you and ideas for signs.

     The Oak Initiative Michigan is mobilizing Oak members across their state to participate in the protests. Other Oak groups and members across the country will be participating as well.

     We want you to be aware and have the information to unite and mobilize on important issues. You can take photos at the protests you attend and send them to us. Please let us know what is happening in your area.

     If you are interested in starting a local OAK group in your area, please email Members@TheOakInitiative.org.


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Note the flag at the top of the mast that reads, "Appeal to Heaven."  This was our first national flag, and yet now prayer is banned in most public places.

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