Special Bulletin 16-2012


A New Day  
by Rick Joyner

    Why was it “the best of times and the worst of times?” We are living in precisely that situation now, and the best will get better, and the worst will get worse. Both are preparing this world for the age to come, and we are here to be the messengers, so we must understand our times.

   Every new day is filled with potential and challenges. When we learn that the challenges are where some of the greatest potential is, we are on the path to a great and truly victorious life. The Apostle Paul went “strengthening and encouraging the churches, declaring to them that it was through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God” (see Acts 14:22). Basically, he was saying that in every trial there is a door to the kingdom. That’s how we must approach the trials that come our way, looking at them as a door for us to enter the kingdom in an even greater way. This is why “the great tribulation” is the door through which the whole earth will enter the kingdom of God.

   Now we are going to have some of the greatest opportunities to enter the kingdom. The kingdom is coming, and it is irresistible. Just as true warriors run to the sound of battle and not away from it, we must now run to the point of trouble and not away from it. They are now inescapable, so really there is nowhere to run. If we are proactive, living by faith and not by fear, we can turn every one into a great victory. Soon we will do what we are told in James 1:1-5, to “count it all joy when you fall into various trials” (NKJV). So our joy is about to increase!

   The best news to many from the recent elections is that they are finally over. Even better news is that the Lord wins every election, and He doesn’t even have to run. He is still on the throne, and His kingdom is now closer to coming to the earth where His will is going to be done right here just as it is in heaven.

   This is not to dilute the importance of the elections. This is not just sour grapes because the candidate I preferred did not win. Whenever I was asked who I thought would win, I said Romney, and I thought he would win by a large margin, but I would also say that was my opinion because I never received a word from the Lord about it. The only thing I was ever shown was what it would mean if Romney won and what it would mean if Obama won. Now that Obama has won, the following is what I will share with you.

A Divided Nation

   For about ten years, thinkers and writers in Russia have predicted the breakup of the United States into four or more separate nations. At first I thought this was just sour grapes on their part because of the breakup of the Soviet Union, but I also felt that there could be truth to this. I do not believe that it is absolutely determined, rather it is the direction we are now headed. As the saying goes, “If you do not change your direction, you will end up where you are headed.”
Truman was President when I was born, and I’ve witnessed many elections in my life. I don’t think I have witnessed one that resulted in so much jubilation on one side and so much angst on the other. We are a much divided nation right now, but we have been at times before, and we’ve made it through. We’ve faced threats to our continued existence before, and we came through stronger than ever. This is still possible for us as a nation, the United States, but not without a radical change of direction.

   Though I am hoping and praying for the best and will do all I can for peace and unity, I will now be preparing for the worst. We must make very serious preparations for the times, and they will be addressed in future Bulletins.
Let’s briefly look at the winners and losers, and why they were winners and losers.


#1) President Obama

   Obama won reelection with the worst economic record of any President since Jimmy Carter. The Federal government is dysfunctional, and by accepted accounting standards, it is bankrupt. Gridlock has dominated the last two years, and he won while giving the American people almost no plan for how he intends to fix anything during his second term. One would think that Obama must be one of the most remarkable campaigners of all time, but his campaign was not that sharp this time. So how did he win?

   The pundits and analysts will un-package this election from every angle over the coming weeks, and I do not want to address those here. One is now being discussed that I believe is true, and it is a sign of inevitability. The theory is that we, as a nation, have crossed a Rubicon. Half of all Americans now receive some kind of benefit or income from government on some level. These will likely vote for the one who promises to protect this, and vote against anyone who threatens it.

   Our Founding Fathers were just as afraid of the tyranny of the masses as they were the tyranny of the king. They had witnessed in the French Revolution what happened when the masses ruled, and they established in our Constitution firewalls against the tyranny on both sides. Both of these firewalls have been breached or torn down altogether now, and as the Founders warned, the Republic cannot now long survive.

   Thomas Jefferson warned that the Republic could not last if the people learned that they could vote for themselves the resources of the national treasury. That was breached a long time ago, and we are now at the point where the entitlement mentality it has created in the masses is about to destroy us. We were led down this road by both the Democrats and the Republicans. This is not sustainable, but one is not likely to get elected to office if they even talk about trying to correct this. We are now very close to collapsing the whole system. Then elections will no longer be held at all and we will face a terrible tyranny. We will first face the tyranny of the mob, and then we will face the tyranny of the tyrant.

   Even the former Labor Party British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is now warning everywhere he goes that the entitlement mentality that has been created will destroy Western civilization if we do not stop it now.

   Could Obama become one of our greatest Presidents? Interestingly, President Obama, who many think is purposely trying to weaken America and Western civilization, may be the only one who can now turn this around and pull us back from the precipice. Obama does not have to run again, and he can do what is right regardless of the political consequences. He has the potential to be one of our greatest Presidents if he is given the illumination, and then has the courage and the support to follow it. That is how I will be praying. He is in the best position of all to save us from the pending economic doom, but if he doesn’t change course, he will go down as the worst President of all time, because the meltdown will begin on his watch.

   President Clinton, along with the Republican Congress, started to turn us around on this road to collapse. They made brilliant choices and remarkable progress. As Christians, we are commanded to pray for our leaders, not just those we wanted, but those we have. I for one will be praying that President Obama be given the wisdom and understanding to save us instead of destroying us. He could do either. If he does the right thing, we will all be winners. If he does not, we will all be losers.

#2) The Democratic Senate

   The Republicans had a chance to capture the Senate, but continue to pick candidates who find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Instead, the Democrats gained seats. This is critical because of the Senate’s authority to approve appointments, judges, and ratify treaties. However, they still do not have a filibuster proof majority, which could save us. For this reason, a focus on the Senate in the midterms of 2014 is crucial.

#3) The Republican House

   The Republicans remain in control of the House of Representatives. Even though the House and Senate have had much of their authority usurped by the Executive and Judicial branches, the House is the part of the government and the most direct representation of the people. It could be the stopgap that prevents our government from being completely derailed. Pray for the leaders of the House!

#4) Latino Americans

   This is the one block of voters that is emerging as the determining factor in national elections. They are overwhelmingly social conservatives and natural allies of conservatives. Romney was perceived as hostile to them, and this was one major factor that cost him the election. Had Romney acquired the support from this group that McCain did, the outcome of this election could have been different.

   The Democratic Party has been able to easily win their allegiance because of the tone of the Republican Party, which has been a serious folly. After this election, this important block of voters, an important part of American culture and strength, should create competition for their allegiance, which can be good for them and for America. Neither party can win on a national level without a very large percentage of Latino Americans backing them. This is a good thing for America—these are great people.

#5) Pollsters

   After Obama won the reelection, the biggest shock of the night for me was how accurate so many of the polls turned out to be. They have obviously figured out some things and will no doubt get much more respect in the future.

#6) The Church

   No election in my lifetime woke up the church like Obama’s election in 2008, but many then hit the “snooze” button and went back to sleep. This election should wake us up and now keep us up. When we elect the one for President that we think is “God’s man,” we tend to expect him to do our job. Now we no longer have a “Plan B.” Another Great Awakening is our only hope, and we will have one.

Big Losers

#1) Mitt Romney

   The more we got to know Mitt, the more likable he became. He certainly ran a better campaign than McCain. Like McCain, Romney was the establishment’s candidate. The establishment’s “play it safe and keep it in the middle of the road” philosophy was another major factor that likely cost their candidate the election.

   No one wanted to say it until after the election, but we are in desperate need of bold, decisive leadership in these times, and Romney never showed it. If he was a too cautious candidate, it is likely he would have been a too cautious President as well.  Romney failed to exploit the multitude of targets that Obama’s Administration presented. Jobs are the critical issue, but his “jobs, jobs, jobs” message started to sound as superficial as Obama’s “hope” and “change” message. In this information age, you just have to have more substance than that.

   Granted Obama had even less substance to his campaign, but a challenger has to do better than this to unseat an incumbent, especially one that has a high likability factor like Obama. The unpopularity of Obamacare, the Fast and Furious debacle, or the Administration’s mishandling and then cover-up about Benghazi were targets too big to miss. However, you can’t hit a target if you don’t take a swing at it. Romney did not go down swinging; he just went down.

#2) The Republican Establishment

   The establishment forced their nominee on the party for the last two presidential elections. As the saying goes, “There is no education in the second kick of a mule,” or in this case, a donkey. The base did their best to support the establishment candidate; now it is time for the establishment to support the base’s candidate.

   A third party is starting that could very well get some traction. It has the potential to draw from both of the present dominant parties. We will discuss this more in future Bulletins.

#3) Governor Chris Christie

   An exit poll conducted by Fox News questioned more than 20,000 people about how important Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy was to them. An amazing 40% said that it was important to them, and 15% said it was “very important.” This was more than enough to give Obama the win in this close race.

   Many Republicans expressed shock by Christie’s fawning, effusive praise of the President’s handling of the disaster. It was too much, and it made Christie look naïve, at best. Whether it was Christie’s mistake, or just the storm, it at least blunted Romney’s momentum going into the last few days of the campaign. So many Republicans are talking about this that it will not be easily forgotten.

   Many Republicans believe that if Christie had just told Obama to go somewhere else for his photo ops like Mayor Bloomberg did, it is possible that we would be talking about President-elect Romney right now. Then, a few days later when Romney asked Christie to join him at a campaign stop just twenty miles away, Christie refused his party’s nominee. What was up with that?

   If there is any defense of Christie’s lack of judgment, it would come from those who have been in such a disaster area. It can easily overwhelm you to the degree that any relief, or promise of relief, is magnified many times over in its impact.
The irony is that the relief of the government for the victims of Hurricane Sandy is now approaching the mismanagement suffered by the Hurricane Katrina victims or worse. Obama may have looked better at being “presidential,” but as of yesterday, it seems he accomplished little for the disaster victims. Some are already calling Hurricane Sandy, “Obama’s Katrina,” but don’t expect it to get nearly the media coverage as Katrina because the media will not go negative on Obama.

#4) The Unborn

   There will likely be two Supreme Court justices appointed during this coming term. With the Democrats now holding such a solid majority in the Senate that has to ratify them, they will unquestionably be pro-abortion and could begin a liberal leaning court that lasts for decades.

It is never right to give up on overturning such a bad decision as Roe vs. Wade, but this election setback could lead to a greater victory over abortion. If we cannot win this by changing the law, then we will have to change people’s hearts.

#5) The Constitution

   Our Constitution is now hanging by a thread. With the Senate so solidly in the hands of liberals, we can expect activist judges to be appointed throughout the Federal Courts, and likely take control of the Supreme Court for decades to come. For a long time, the Constitution has just been ignored, but now it is under a systematic attack and may not last much longer.

#6) Healthcare in America

   With Obamacare certain to be implemented, the Federal Government will now be in charge of your healthcare. If you want to know how this will work, just think about how you would like to have FEMA running your hospitals and clinics. Our lives are now in the hands of bureaucrats.

   One possible stopgap here is that the confused Supreme Court decision on Obamacare did at least strike down the penalties the government had planned to impose on the states that did not comply. Some states have already said they simply will not comply with this mandate. This could actually cause the states to rise up and take back the rights and authority that the Constitution gave them but has been usurped by the Federal Government. This will take some uncommon and courageous leadership at the state level, but there are some uncommonly courageous governors now. As I started saying last fall, governors may be the most important government position in the land now, and I think this is proving to be true for what is unfolding.

#7) The Economy

   There has been much behind the scenes talk that whoever won the presidency this year would be taking the poison pill. We are facing possibly the greatest economic challenges of all time. We are in increasingly desperate need of someone who understands the economy to lead us. If Romney had won, we would probably have had a little more time to deal with this crisis, but now we need to shift to survival mode.

   As stated above, I for one will be praying harder for President Obama to help navigate us through this. It will take the wisdom of Solomon to do this, but we know the One who gave Solomon his wisdom, and we are in danger of unprecedented economic tragedy. However, we should know which way he is going very soon, and if he continues down the same path he has been on, we must start thinking survival.

   The fiscal cliff is much more than raising the taxes by the failure to renew the Bush Tax Cuts, coupled with the massive cut in spending. We can expect these to get settled by Congress before they let this happen, and there are many more bogeys on the radar than these. The biggest threat of all to our economy is the deficit, which is hanging over the dollar like the sword of Damocles. It is sucking all of the oxygen out of the room, taking not only from other governments, but the investment income needed for the private sector to grow as well.

   Another huge threat is having the dollar replaced as the world’s reserve currency, which several nations are now trying to do. Once that happens, there is very little to keep the dollar from going the way of the German mark in the 1930s. This can almost instantly wipe out the middle class and open the door for the worst forms of tyranny.

   Again, “If you do not change your course, you will end up where you are headed.” Since the election at this time is pointing to no change in course, it is not likely that there will be a course change, so we are headed for a meltdown of our currency. We already have a much greater rate of inflation than the government is reporting, and our direction is toward hyperinflation. Even so, we can still recover, but it will be much more painful every day that we wait.

#8) Job Seekers

   Just the threat of Obamacare being implemented has held many back from hiring, as well as the continual hostility of the Administration toward business. Now that Obamacare is sure to be implemented, and “the rich” attacked and taxed more, expect layoffs. Another major factor pointing to a drawback is the economic uncertainty we’re facing. This Administration has not even kept its Constitutional duty to provide a budget in four years. Any one of these factors can be devastating to job creation. Together they are a “perfect storm.” Our true unemployment right now is between 14 – 16% when we include those who are no longer looking for work. This could go much higher.

#9) Israel

   When the Twin Towers fell on 9/11, there were celebrations in every Muslim nation. The Israelites wept in the streets. They have been our best friend in the Middle East, and one of our best friends in the world, not just out of political expediency, but they love America and Americans. They have been treated poorly by other Administrations, including Republican ones, but never as badly as they have by the Obama Administration. Now they are feeling more alone in the world than ever before. Let’s pray that God uses this so that they turn to Him, as He is the only one any of us can truly trust in.

   It is time for Isaiah 19:19-25 to be fulfilled.   

Potential Winners

#1) The Republican Party

   The Grand Ole Party (GOP) now has an opportunity to become the Grand New Party (GNP). The Republican farm team of leaders is deep. If the party that was created to set men free can find its soul again, it can capture the future. Now is the time for a fresh new leadership with fresh new vision. If this does not happen, it is time to look elsewhere for leadership.


   Obama was reelected. The people have spoken, and they chose to let him continue. Christians are commanded to pray for our leaders. Obama is our President for another four years, and I intend to pray for him every day. I will especially pray that he is given wisdom and wise, righteous counselors. More than anything, I pray that he will bow his heart to the King of kings. I will pray that he will love the truth and pursue it.

   Congress remains divided and so does the nation. With a Democratic Senate and a Republican House, we will have gridlock. It’s good to hear each side saying they want to work together. Let’s not give up hope for this, but until we see it, we have no reason to believe it will happen.

   Obama won the election, but he did not win a mandate. Neither party has a mandate, and neither party has much of the confidence of the American people. Christians are called to be peacemakers. Could there be a place for this in the healing of our nation? We do not have to compromise our convictions, but we do have to stay in the right Spirit.

   In a Republic, the government works for the people, not the other way around. That means that when we pray for our leaders, we should above all be praying for the American people. I will be praying the same for the people that I will be praying for the President—that we are given wise, righteous teachers and counselors, that the American Republic would again bow its knee to the King of kings, and that we would love the truth and pursue it.

   To date, I believe that Obama has fulfilled in many ways what the Scripture calls a wicked leader. He has sided with and promoted what the Bible calls wickedness, while attacking what the Bible calls righteousness. Even so, I think at this time he is an accurate reflection of the heart of the nation that has been turning away from God since the 1960s. More firewalls of the righteousness that our nation has walked in were breeched in this last election. So let’s be praying for our President and the people to turn back to the Lord.

   Let us be sure that we ourselves never let our hope in men eclipse our faith in God, keeping Him as our first love by growing in our love for Him. Let us also be vessels of that love for this troubled world. It desperately needs it.

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