Special Bulletin 17-2014



The Oak Initiative 2.0
New Initiative with a Renewed Strategy

By Rick Joyner


     The Oak Initiative is poised to enter 2015 with serious traction. Even though we were hamstrung by the IRS’ illegal delay in granting our tax-exempt status, we did not waste our time, but laid the groundwork for being a force for the future. Now we’re ready to engage on a broad front with a new resolve and a renewed strategy. Our goals are lofty, but the great challenges of our times require boldness.

     The Oak was founded by a broad spectrum of Christian leaders to illuminate and seek sound, biblical solutions for the most threatening crises of our times. There were initially five major crises we felt especially called to address, and then two more were added. They are:

     1) Spiritual & Moral

     2) Economic

     3) Government

     4) Media

     4) The Environment

     4) The Constitution

     4) Islamic Extremism

     Every one of these is a major crisis, and any one of them threatens not only our Republic, but our most basic liberties and way of life. Through videos and articles, The Oak has done much to illuminate these crises, with considerable impact. However, every one of these crises has gotten worse, and some much worse, since The Oak was founded. WE CAN RETREAT NO FURTHER!

     Even when the IRS unlawfully delayed granting our status, we did not sit back and do nothing. We produced videos and communications that reached millions, waking them up to the great threats of our time. Now we are resolved to wake up the rest, but even that is not enough. After awakening, we need to get engaged in the great issues of our times. The Oak is developing action plans with onramps for getting into the fight.

     The American Republic and Western civilization are in jeopardy. The lack of understanding the threats, or the lack of will to confront them, has enabled these threats to grow much stronger. Our goal is nothing less than to reverse this trend and to defend the freedoms that are the basis of the greatest civilization, by reestablishing and strengthening the values and morality that these freedoms are moored to.

     As small as The Oak has been, with a staff of only one part-time person, we have been able to contribute to some national and international talking points. Now we are seeking the resources to fully do the job, to help ignite another Great Awakening and to awaken those who will engage in the great issues of our times. We need more than talking points. We need action plans with clear objectives. We also need leadership that will accomplish these objectives.

     One reason for The Oak’s amazing impact has been our devotion to the principle of “multiplication of forces.” This is how we leverage all that we are trusted with for maximum impact, borne out of our devotion to obey the Lord’s Parable of the Talents. Whatever we are trusted with, we want to multiply so that we can be trusted with more. Presently, we are not aware of any organization that has done so much with so little. While we were happy for the experience to learn this, now the times are requiring much more.


A New Initiative

     You will be hearing more about our specific strategy in the coming weeks. However, I do want to sow into your thinking one aspect that is unfolding that may have some of the greatest potential for saving our Republic. County sheriffs have remarkable constitutional authority; in some ways, it eclipses Federal authority. Sheriffs were a key to mobilizing the militias that fought the American War of Independence and then formed the Republic. They are a key to saving our Republic now. Many are awakening to this, and we are working with some to devise ways that we can help mobilize and assist them.

     However, do not think that we are joining with anti-government groups. Those are a basic form of lawlessness that we will have no part of. It is true that the 2nd Amendment was to protect the ability of local militias to stay armed so that they could resist tyranny from our own government if it began to exceed its authority and threaten our basic freedoms. Even so, a greater threat is rising within our country from terrorist infiltrators coming across our Southern border. New militia movements are arising that are not composed of extremists, but simply citizens who are resolved to protect their families and communities as it appears our government will not. We want to help connect these to lawful leadership, such as sheriffs and state governments that are resolved to defend their citizens.

     To date, our Federal Government has abdicated its basic responsibility to defend us by ignoring the dangers of porous borders. Thankfully, there are many others in law enforcement that are not ignoring it. They need our support to be prepared for what could be our greatest threat if our borders are not secured immediately. You will be hearing much more about this in the future too.


You Can Still Be a Founding Member

     If you are not yet a member of The Oak Initiative by being a regular monthly or annual donor, please consider it. All who are members by the end of 2014 will be considered Founding Members with special recognition and privileges. There is no set amount that you must contribute, but we trust you to do whatever you can do.

     The Lord said that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21), we know that those who are investing in The Oak want to do this because your heart is with us, and you believe in what we’re doing. We don’t want to just look to you for financial resources, but we want to see you as true partners and co-laborers. We know that some who give what may appear to be a small amount are making a sacrifice to do this. Others can give much more, but we only want those to give whose hearts are really with us.

     According to King David “those who stay with the baggage receive the same reward as those who go to the frontlines” (see I Samuel 30:24). This is a biblical principle, that those who support a mission receive the same reward as those who may be leading a mission. Leaders cannot do what they are called to do without their supporters, so all are equally important. We are in this together. We are honored that you would consider us worthy of your support, and we want it to be one of the best investments you could ever make.

     There are special member benefits, and some of considerable value, but these dues will be used for accomplishing the mission of The Oak, and therefore, they are a donation and not just dues. You can become a member easily. The instructions are at the end of this letter.


New Chapter Initiative

     We are also going to be standing up our local Oak Chapters with much greater definition. Biblically we know that where two or more are gathered, the Lord joins the company. We are also told that where one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight. With unity, there is a multiplication of authority. Therefore, we will be promoting strong chapters as a basic part of our strategy for building The Oak. This will also enable us to financially support highly effective local Oak Chapters in a much greater way. Details of how we will be doing this will be given in a future Oak letter to members.

     We will also be sending you information about an Oak Summit to take place this coming February. This is for members only. It will be powerful and exciting, and we will also be unveiling a major initiative for the 2016 elections that could be historic.

     Again, thanks to all of you who have stood with us during these difficult formative years, which were also remarkably fruitful in some amazing ways. We are not discouraged by the great and increasing challenges of our times, but consider it one of the greatest honors of all time to be alive now and able to confront some of the greatest darkness of all time. There may be an increasing dearth of wise, principled leaders in the world, but we have a Captain who is the Lord of Hosts, who will always lead us in His triumph. We have not yet begun to fight! Now watch The Oak grow.



     1) Filling out the membership form (click here to download and print) and sending it to:

           The Oak Initiative, 375 Star Light Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29715

     2) Call 1-803-547-8217 or 1-803-802-5544 with your credit card ready and tell them you want to become an Oak Member today.

     3) Go to our website at http://www.theoakinitiative.org and Click ‘JOIN’ in the upper right-hand corner or click here.



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