Special Bulletin 22-2015


President's Speech Confirms
USG Still Cannot Identify Enemy




Sunday night President Obama spoke to the nation about the threat we face from ISIS/ISIL and confirmed for us that our government still cannot identify our enemy or their threat doctrine, and therefore no strategy can be successful.


President Obama said we must “counter the vicious ideology ISIL promotes” but he fails to acknowledge what that ideology is.


100% of the jihadis we face, either on the field of battle or in places like Boston, Little Rock, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, and elsewhere all state they are “jihadis” waging “jihad in the cause of Allah” to establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under Sharia (Islamic Law).


American war-fighting doctrine requires our analysis of the enemy to begin with WHO he says he is and WHY he is fighting.


That means Sharia is the enemy's threat doctrine.


Our enemy calls themselves the “Global Islamic Movement.” Yet, nowhere in the government is this taught nor are there any courses taught on Sharia that are not provided by Muslim Brotherhood organizations like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

ISIL says it is fighting to establish a caliphate under Sharia until the entire world is under Islamic rule. This is the same objective of Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizollah, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Abu Sayef, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all of the other jihadi organizations.

In the past three days, the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security have spoken at Muslim Brotherhood events and made comments affirming that the U.S. Government stands with them—i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood—i.e. the jihadis.

The President also said that “ISIL does not speak for Islam.” The next logical question must be, “Mr. President, what Islamic Law have you read?”

100% of all authoritative Islamic Law obliges jihad until the entire world is under its rule. Jihad is only defined as “warfare against non-Muslims” in 100% of all authoritative Islamic Law.

When someone says there are many interpretations of Islamic Law, they are wrong. They are either lying or ignorant. In any case, they should not be a part of any professional national security discussion.

Islamic doctrine divides the entire world into two parts: the Dar al Islam (House of Islam) where Sharia is the law of the land, and the Dar al Harb (House of War) which is the rest of the planet. Islam states its purpose is to eliminate the Dar al Harb until the entire world is the Dar al Islam—via Jihad—and then you have “peace” as defined by Sharia.

The fact that our President, Attorney General, National Security Advisor, and Secretary of Homeland Security do not know this is evidence of their negligence as professionals to do their duty.

Americans are dead in places like San Bernadino, Boston, Chattanooga, and elsewhere because these leaders have relied on Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and sometimes Al Qaeda advisors to tell them about Islam instead of picking up just one book of Islamic Law and reading it. This is evidence of criminal negligence and we put doctors and lawyers in jail for this behavior.

With regard to the jihadi attack in San Bernadino, California last week the President said, “So far we have no evidence the killers were directed by a terrorist organization overseas or that they were part of a broader conspiracy here at home.”

Here the President is simply incoherent. Jihadis do not need to be linked to any group to be jihadis. Sharia is the link and individual jihad is a part of the Law of Jihad.

These people are not “lone wolves.” They are jihadis following Sharia.

Finally, the President uttered an often repeated yet absurd comment: “If we’re to succeed in defeating terrorism we must enlist Muslim communities as some of our strongest allies.”

The first problem with this statement is that all of the Islamic advisors and organizations our government relies on to interface with the Islamic community are Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas, and we have seen how much “help” that has garnered for us—none.

In fact, as an FBI agent, I met and worked with Muslims that had access and the ability to help us refuse to become official “confidential informants.” They knew our leaders were working with Muslim Brotherhood leaders and did not want to have their names in our databases. They also knew Muslims working for the FBI would likely expose them to the MB leaders.

Since 9/11, not only has the Islamic community not helped us find jihadis in their midst, leaders of the prominent Islamic organizations (which all happen to be MB/Hamas) continue to deride all U.S. counterterrorism efforts and encourage Muslims NOT to talk to law enforcement.

The reason tens of thousands of Muslims have not condemned Al Qaeda, ISIL, Hamas, and others—in fact polling data shows strong support for these groups among Muslims—is because it is a capital crime in Islam for a Muslim to spy/inform on another Muslim or to speak ill about him/her.

But our leaders do not know that because they do not read Sharia.

Our enemy operates on the blueprint that is Sharia. In the fifteen years since 9/11, our national security apparatus still hasn't looked at it. Yet, we continue to create strategies to defeat an enemy based on who WE want him to be instead of who he says he is.

Our leaders parrot the same nonsense—“No religion condones violence against innocent people.” Except under Sharia—only Muslims are “innocent.” But you would have to read Sharia to know that.

There can be no victory for us nor can we defeat the enemy without knowing the enemy. Right now at a leadership level we are strategically clueless because we do not analyze the very thing the enemy says drives him in this war: SHARIA.

The enemy's defeat mechanism can only be understood in terms of the Sharia. We cannot know how to defeat him if we do not know Sharia.

The American Government has catastrophically failed to do its most basic duty of knowing the enemy and defeating him.

Now the battlefield will be the streets of America, and the tough decisions are left to the states and local communities.

The Federal Government should make its first good decision and stay out of the way.


This article was originally published on December 8, 2015 on Understanding the Threat here: https://www.understandingthethreat.com/presidents-speech-confirms-usg-still-cannot-identifyenemy/

John Guandolo is the Founder of UnderstandingtheThreat.com, an organization dedicated to providing strategic and operational threat-focused consultation, education, and training for federal, state and local leadership and agencies, and designing strategies at all levels of the community to defeat the enemy.

Mr. Guandolo is a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who took a commission as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. He served with 2d Battalion 2d Marines as an Infantry Platoon Commander in combat Operations Desert Shield/Storm. From 1991-1996, he served in 2d Force Reconnaissance Company as a Platoon Commander, Assistant Operations Officer, and the unit’s Airborne and Diving Officer. During this time, he also deployed to the Adriatic/Bosnia. He served for one year as the Unit Leader for the CINC’s In-Extremis Force, directly reporting to a Combatant Commander in a classified mission profile. Mr. Guandolo was a combat diver, military free-fall parachutist, and a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School.

To learn more about Mr. Guandolo, visit his website https://www.understandingthethreat.com/about/

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