Special Bulletin 16-2014



What Are We Thinking?

By Rick Joyner


     You can have the best plan fail if you don’t have competent people implementing it. You can have the best form of government, but have bad government if you do not have capable leaders running it. The U.S. Federal Government’s effectiveness and efficiency has been spiraling down for decades, but now it has descended into full meltdown. The result is that our Republic has never been in greater danger of collapse, or our people in greater danger from a multitude of threats.

     This is a brief examination of very important issues that have been making the headlines for the last few days.


The Climate Change Treaty with China

     This will have to go down in history as one of the most bizarre treaties ever crafted. Whether you are a climate change believer or not, this has to be the most thoughtless, naïve treaty ever made by any nation. Here are the bullet points of this treaty:

     ► The U.S. cuts its carbon emissions immediately and substantially.

     ► China, the worst polluter and producer of carbon emissions on the planet and far worse than the U.S., gets to go sixteen more years before “capping their emissions.”

     For the Administration to tout this as a diplomatic success is a revelation of how far we have fallen and how impotent we have become diplomatically. The whole world has to be laughing at us. This is like having your house robbed, but boasting that you had a few things hidden the thieves did not find.

     Do you remember the commercial about the Chinese saying that Americans now work for them? We must already be there. How could such a great nation, with the economic and military power we still have, act so foolishly?

     How many trade agreements do we have with China that we have faithfully kept, yet they have never even pretended to keep? China has already overtaken the U.S. as the biggest economy in the world, and they will soon overtake us militarily. Much of this has been because of the foolish and naïve treaties we have made with them that are so one-sided.

     Treaties need to be approved by the Senate, and it is highly unlikely that this one will ever pass, but it is an embarrassment that it was ever proposed. It is understandable that most nations do not like America, because no nation tends to like other countries that are powerful. However, most countries did respect us.

     After Desert Storm and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, even the countries that disagreed with our actions respected our resolve and our ability. Respect is the capital of diplomacy, and under Obama we are being diplomatically bankrupted. Can you name one nation we have better relations with since he took office? Is there a nation anywhere that respects us more?

     When the world sees how tepidly we confront ISIS, how impotently we dealt with Russian aggression, and how we are now trying to buy Chinese friendship by giving so much without getting anything in return, how can they respect us? Russia is now saying they are going to have bombers patrolling in the Caribbean. At the rate we’re backing up, they are soon going to be patrolling over Miami, and we’ll still be threatening them with sanctions.


Immigration Reform

     This is a very important issue. We need immigration reform. However, if the President tries to do this by Executive Order as he is threatening to do, the damage to our country from the constitutional crisis, and the immigrants, legal and illegal, can be devastating.

     Such an Executive Order would be a blatant violation of the Constitution and would need to be confronted by Congress and the courts. We could also expect a large number of states to rise up against it, and it could very well lead to the impeachment of the President.

     Executive Orders are for use with the Executive Branch of government, not for legislating the law of the land. The Constitution does not give the President the authority to legislate; this is reserved for Congress. The President can propose legislation, and he can veto it, but Congress must pass any law of the land. The kind of Executive Order he is proposing would basically change the law that we already have on the books, which he has refused to uphold and is in basic violation of his Constitutional duties. This kind of blatant disregard of the Constitution would need to be confronted or we will have discarded it.


Factors and Possible Solutions

     ► We are a country of immigrants. Immigrants have built this nation, and those who are coming now, including most of the illegals, have been a major blessing to our country. Our economy needs a steady stream of immigrants.

     ► It is not true that this would cost a lot of American jobs, as most are already working, which is why they are here. But it would cost some. Our economy needs a steady stream of immigrants, but to thrust millions of people suddenly into it could break the back of our presently fragile system, not only because of jobs lost but because of the welfare, healthcare, and other entitlements they will suddenly be using.

     ► However, as a part of the Executive Order, the plan is to give the illegals, who are suddenly made legal, government jobs. To do what?

♦ Government employees are paid by the taxes of working Americans. We have one of the most inefficient, ineffective bureaucracies now, with this incompetence in government being a major cause of our deficits. What are we going to do with six million plus more suddenly working for the government? What skills do they have? What will this accomplish?

     ► The majority of illegal immigrants have been law-abiding, family-oriented, moral people who are great to have here. Most illegals do not want to be illegal. However, to go through the system legally can take years or even decades because of the archaic system. 

♦ With today’s technology, any application should be processed in days, if not hours, which would include a thorough background check.

     ► Amnesty has been tried before and has failed. It is the root of the problems we now face. Amnesty should not be an option, but there is another alternative that could work. We should provide an effective pathway to legalization of their status.

♦ Because they remain illegal until they have followed this path, they would be far more inclined to take it.

♦ All who submit to this process should be considered guests as long as they are on the path, and not threatened as illegals.

♦ They should be given a temporary right to work until it is replaced with a legal right to work, after completion of the process.

♦ Through this registration, we would know who they are and be able to sift out the undesirables.

♦ The completion of this simple but effective program should result in them receiving a legal “guest worker” status.

          • Guest workers should have a percentage of their income set aside and maybe pooled to pay for their healthcare or other social programs needed.

♦ After adequate time has been given for all to apply for this pathway to legalization, any illegals caught should be considered criminals, making them ineligible for immigration, and they would be immediately deported.

♦ There should also be very stiff penalties for anyone hiring illegals at this point.

♦ Those without criminal records who have followed the path to legalization should be allowed to apply for citizenship.

          • The process of becoming a citizen is good for laying a foundation for being a good citizen, but this could be strengthened.

          • Immigrants who become citizens tend to greatly appreciate their citizenship and become great citizens and neighbors.

 ►   Any Immigration Reform that does not begin with a secure border has not really fixed any problems.

♦ A secure border does not stop or hinder immigration, but just like all of the other advanced, civilized nations, it controls who is allowed to immigrate.

♦ Securing the border will allow for a fast and orderly opening to those seeking guest worker status in the U.S. and could even help them get placed where there are jobs.

♦ Not securing our borders will continue to leave all who are in the U.S. in grave and increasing danger.

     Done rightly, immigration reform could greatly strengthen our nation. Done wrongly, we will likely suffer serious and dangerous repercussions that will shake our nation to the core.




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