Special Bulletin Burning The Koran 090910


By Rick Joyner


     The Ground Zero mosque controversy has opened up a very important dialog on Islam in America. It is simply not possible to understand these times without understanding Islam. This controversy has sparked such emotions that books on Islam, which had been only modestly distributed in the past few years, are now rising on bestseller lists. This is an important and positive development. A major factor why 70 percent of Americans oppose the Ground Zero mosque is no doubt due to more people becoming educated about Islam. This is an astonishingly high percentage for any issue, and the trend is that it could go even higher as more become educated on Islam.

     However, it has been the commitment and resolve of The Oak Initiative to treat those we disagree with respectfully, regardless of political, social, or religious issues. Though we do fundamentally disagree with the teachings of the Koran and that the fundamental principles of Islam are primarily opposed to the U.S. Constitution and the liberties we hold dear, we are appalled by the burning of the Koran and the disrespecting of Muslims everywhere by this misguided demonstration scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 11 in Gainesville Florida, or anywhere for that matter.

     Just because something is legal under our Constitutional right of freedom of speech does not make it right, and it can be very wrong. This burning of the Koran is wrong. If this is carried out, as a Christian minister, I will contact every Muslim leader in our city to apologize for what I consider to be an unchristian and un-American act.

      Even so, a violent response to this act is not the answer either and will only ratchet up the influence of extremists on both sides. We need to pray for wisdom and moderation in the face of such extremes. We can and must have a free debate about the fundamental differences that we have with Islam, or with anyone, but we can do this without being disrespectful. This is the resolve of The Oak Initiative.

Posted: 09/09/10 10:00AM

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