Spiritual and Moral Resolutions


          BE IT RESOLVED:  that any one of the officers and members acting for or on behalf of this Organizationis authorized and empowered on behalf of said Organization


          1. PROMOTE CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP.  It is a biblical mandate to be the “oaks of righteousness” described in Isaiah 61:3. A healthy oak tree has a root system as expansive below the ground as it has branches above the ground. Likewise, our resolve is to help promote Christian leadership with a corresponding depth and outreach.


          2. PROMOTE CHARITY AND COMPASSION.  Charity is a basic Christian duty, but when charity is institutionalized it becomes cold, inefficient, and ineffective. Therefore, it is our belief that this is the responsibility of people, not the government, to address this mandate.


          3. PROMOTE AND DEFEND FREEDOM. It is the devotion of The Oak Initiative to maintain and defend individual freedom based upon the eternal law that God is sovereign and grants all rights, and that all men (and women) are equal under the law, regardless of race, creed, culture, financial, or political affiliation.


          4. PROMOTE RELIGIOUS LIBERTY.  It is a basic devotion of The Oak Initiative to establish, maintain, and defend religious liberty in every place and for all people, and to challenge all attempts to inhibit this basic liberty.


          5. PROMOTE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT.  It is the conviction of The Oak Initiative that the development of the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States were guided by biblical principles and morality. These are the basis of legitimate government of the United States, and any who seek to void or circumvent these must be opposed.


          6. PROMOTE JUSTICE FOR ALL.  It is the resolution of The Oak Initiative to seek solutions for healing moral offenses, racial prejudices, and basic justice for all.


          7. PROMOTE RESPECT FOR CREATION. It is the resolution of The Oak Initiative to promote respect for and good stewardship of the creation as a basic biblical mandate.


          8. PROMOTE THE STEWARDHIP OF LIFE.  It is our conviction that it is a basic responsibility of those on “the path of life” to defend and protect life, which is a “womb to the tomb” mandate. It is also our conviction that because mankind was given stewardship of the earth that all life is sacred and includes all species, and our guardianship of the earth includes the stewardship of all life on it.


          9. HONOR OUR FATHERS AND MOTHERS.  Because it is a commandment from God found in both the Old and New Testaments, we must have a basic resolve to “honor our fathers and mothers.” Honoring them includes making every effort for them to live out their days with the dignity, peace, and comfort they deserve.



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