Team B II Report - Shariah: Threat By Section


     It is not possible to understand the present world and the times we live in without understanding Islam. As part of our devotion to have all Oak Members as informed as possible about these times, we will release this most important report, "Shariah--Threat To America" to you one section at a time over the next quarter. I am confident that you will find it not only very interesting reading, but that this was done by some of the top intelligence officers and professionals is obvious. Those who have read it have called it one of the most important works in recent times. I agree. It is a remarkable work, and just by spending an hour or so a week you will very soon have both a very good foundation about this important subject that is already in our news and in our face virtually every day.

     Please send me any insights, or comments that you have about this. I have no doubt that in just a few weeks you will comprehend how vitally important understanding this subject is if you do not already. It is one of the encouraging signs that America is waking up by how books on this subject have become so popular, but this one is the only one that has such a remarkable list of authors and contributors, and is so professionally done.

     If you decide that you want your own physical copy of this report we have them available on our website, and as a member you get a 20% discount on everything. Please do send any comments you have. However, I ask you to reserve questions until the entire report has been sent because the first sections do raise questions intentionally, but answers them later in the study.


Rick Joyner



The items below are presented in PDF format. One document for each chapter or key section of the book, 'Shariah: Threat to America'. Also known as The Team-B II Report.


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