The Extraordinary Faith of Our Fathers

The Socialist Takeover of Healthcare

The Left’s Attack on Christianity

Cast Your Eyes to the North

The Grace & The Hyper-Grace Movement Part 1

The Grace & The Hyper-Grace Movement Part 2

Constitutional Studies - Amendment XVI
Constitutional Studies - Bill of Rights
Constitutional Studies - Articles
Constitutional Studies - Preamble
Constitutional Studies - Introduction
Nikki Haley to UN on Jerusalem - 12/21/17

Transforming Communities 101 (Part 5) - The Making of a Transformer

Transforming Communities 101 (Part 4) - Engineering the Blueprint

Transforming Communities 101 (Part 3) - The Building Process

Transforming Communities 101 (Part 2) - Think Like a Builder

Transforming Communities 101 - Introduction

Distinctions Between the Presidential Candidates
Hurricane Election 2016 and Hurricane Matthew
The Economy, Foreign Affairs, The Presidential Campaign
A Meeting with The Donald Vid
Former JAG Exposes Another Seal Team 6 Cover-up Pt2 Vid
Former JAG Exposes Another Seal Team 6 Cover-up Vid
Don't Target Our Daughters Day Vid
Ted Cruz on the Iran Nuclear Deal-Video
Incompetent Government Spending Vid
Discerning the News

The Yale King Story - General Motors Takeover
Equipping Christian Youth for an Atheistic Education Frank Turek
Are Christians Legislating Religion - by Frank Turek
Marxism in America
Marriage Attacked
Christ's Love
Top 5 Reasons

'The Oak'

Sen Paul Kanjorski $500 Million

Holy Land Foundation Trial

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