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Dear Oak Members,

     Last week I sat on a small panel discussing Shariah Law that was open to the Christian media at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in Nashville. Also on the panel was James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA, and Frank Gaffney, Jr., former Asst. Sec. of Defense for International Security Policy and the acting President of the Center for Security Policy. We were also joined on the panel by Tom Smith and another lawyer who are on the frontlines of the battle against Shariah in the U.S., and a remarkable rabbi who had been an ambassador from Israel.

     This was an interesting and rich discussion on this crucial subject and how it affects our security. We were each given a few minutes to make a statement and then we all took questions from the media present. I was impressed and encouraged by the content and insight the questions revealed. Christians are no doubt starting to realize that we cannot understand our times without understanding Islam and Shariah.

     The three crucial points that were clearly made and well-established at the NRB press conference are something every American must grasp:

1) Radical Islam and Shariah is not just a religion but a totalitarian government, legal system, and economy, and this conflict is not an issue of religious liberty.

2) Shariah is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution and that the two cannot co-exist.

3) The third is the well-documented intent of the Muslim Brotherhood and all radical Islamists to destroy America and Western civilization.

     James Woolsey and Frank Gaffney are professionals on the highest level, and their presentation was professional, concise, and authoritative. I was on the panel representing a Christian leadership perspective, which I used to appeal to my fellow Christian leaders that we would all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and we would not want to stand there as shepherds who did not protect God’s flock that had been entrusted to us, or be watchmen who failed to sound the alarm against this ultimate threat in our times. By the immediate response, it seems we did accomplish our purpose.

     Both James Woolsey and Frank Gaffney were a part of putting together the “Team B II Report,” SHARIAH, the Threat to America. This is a second exercise in competitive analysis into the nature of a major threat to America. The first “Team B Report” was produced by U.S. intelligence and defense officials to do “an exercise in competitive analysis” on the threat of the Soviet Union in 1976. This was an internal exercise to find any holes in the threat analysis of our intelligence and defense organizations at the time that had led to the policy known as Détente. This first “Team B Report” led to some basic changes in this policy and the understanding that then led to a brilliant strategy implemented by President Ronald Reagan that likely helped unravel the threat of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union itself.

     This new Team B Report, SHARIAH, the Threat to America, is a brilliant and remarkable study done by some of the top professionals in threat analysis, who have no purpose in being biased. It is clear, articulate, and easy to understand. Certainly every Christian leader should read this, but I also think every Christian should. If this happens, possibly half the battle against this ultimate threat would be won. The main power of the devil is to hide in darkness, doing his work where he can remain hidden. I don’t think there has been another publication that so well unmasks the threat of radical Islam and Shariah.

     A contention that I have had, and certainly many others are raising also, is that any person who has taken an oath to defend our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic and does not seek to understand radical Islam and Shariah are either basically incompetent or they are guilty of treason. It is that serious of a threat. One of the most basic principles of warfare or defense policy is that you simply cannot defeat an enemy that you do not see. Every law enforcement officer takes this oath, as does every elected official. It is a dereliction of duty not to understand this ultimate threat.

     The better we understand our foe, the better the chance we have of defeating them. This is an enemy that has publicly declared that they will destroy us. They have been effective already at doing great damage to us, and to not take them seriously, cannot be anything other than incompetence or treason.

     Many think that we could not possibly be under a threat by those who compose such a tiny portion of the population. That is the big mistake which has led to the overthrow of some of the most powerful and established governments in history. The Bolsheviks in Russia only numbered twenty thousand in a nation of over one hundred million. That is just a tiny fraction of one percent. The word Bolshevik means “minority,” and anyone who took their threat as serious was considered somewhere between out of touch and paranoid—until this minority took over the country. Seditionists well understand that it does not take large numbers for a government overthrow and consider small numbers an advantage that helps keep them and their purpose off the radar screen. Radical Islamists in America far outnumber the Bolsheviks in Russia, are much better organized and funded, and are a serious threat to our continued existence.

     Understanding Islam and Shariah will no doubt be a major factor in the next Presidential election and could very well determine it. The economy will likely remain the main issue, but understanding and being on the right side of confronting Shariah will be near the top and will be a major factor in American politics in 2012 and thereafter.

     With the unfolding of events now in the Middle East, and where these are likely to lead, will make this an ever increasingly important issue in international affairs as well. Many in Europe are starting to wake up and are becoming increasingly vocal about what is happening to that continent. Key leaders in Russia and China understand the issues much better than it seems our present leaders in America, but that is beginning to change.

     As Christians, especially those who have any position of leadership in the church, we have a responsibility to understand this threat which not only wants to wipe out America and Western civilization, but also Christianity, and every other religion on the earth. In fact, if radical Islam were able to prevail and establish Shariah throughout the world, which is its mandate according to its book, then every non-Muslim in the world would either be a slave or dead with the exception of those who could pay a tax to stay alive and would leave them with virtually no rights.

     Will we let this happen to our country on our watch? No doubt there are Americans, who when given the choice between life and liberty, will choose life at any cost, even slavery. Even so, I think many more will never submit themselves to slavery, and they will not let it happen to their children, their children’s children, or their country. It will take the kind of courage, boldness, and willingness to sacrifice to save our country as it took to found it. The longer we delay in confronting these ultimate threats, the more costly the victory will be, but we will be victorious. Now is the time to take a stand.

     Please read SHARIAH, the Threat to America. It is available at Amazon.com, and should be in most bookstores by now. You can get a discounted copy by ordering from The Oak Initiative. Please consider getting at least one additional copy to give to your pastor or any police officer or elected official you know.

     We will soon have in stock Nicholas Papanicolau’s new book, Islam vs. the United States. This is a hard-hitting analysis of this issue from one of our Oak board members, and one whose international experience is vast. Nicholas is a co-host of The World Public Forum on Civilizations and Religions, which draws top government, religious, and academics from the major nations of the world each year, and had one of the top Islamic scholars read and authenticate his thesis. This is an important work and done so concisely that it can help anyone to understand the basics of this issue in just a few hours. This should be available as an e-Book on Amazon this coming week.

     I have also finished my book, I See a New America, which is now available as an e-Book at Amazon and will soon be available in hard copy. The initial feedback I’ve received from those I asked to read it has been most encouraging, saying this could go viral. Perhaps, but some of the talking points are already getting into the news, so I know it will have impact, and it is on time.

     Above all, we are here first as emissaries of the King whose kingdom will surely come. Let us do this with the dignity and class with which the representatives of our great King should always conduct themselves. Many of the things that we now know are crucial issues for the times we ourselves did not understand just a short time ago. Therefore, let us have patience with those who do not yet understand, but also be bold and clear with the truth we have been entrusted with.


In His Service,

Rick Joyner

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